Sick “Quarterback” Vick – Tried to get away with it! (rhyming animal cruelty) Satire


Michael Vick had a great quarterback career.  Unfortunately he steered in the wrong direction and got caught in an illegal and brutal arena of pit bull dogfighting.  The writing was on the wall that it would be Vick’s downfall.

It was in summer of 2007 that the Atlanta Falcons suspended Michael Vick after he admittedly stashed the cash from a dog-fighting ring held in the backyard of his Virginia property where blood stains were found around the grounds.

The first thing that comes to mind is anyone who abuses or kills an animal must be mentally ill.  So what kind of a guy is Michael?  He’s a powerful towering individual who has plenty of money and fame.  Then why did he get involved in this dog-fighting game?  I believe Vick thought he could get away with it.  He certainly wasn’t making a lot of money from dog fighting.  In the end, Vick’s dishonesty cost him everything.

Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months, spending approximately 19 months in federal prison with a probation obligation to speak or teach “at-risk” kids around the country on animal cruelty and brutality.  Is this enough of a penalty for a dog’s suffering?  What about the plight of other dogs that were killed because they failed to fight?  Dogs have a right to live their life.  They’re man’s best friend to the end.

Dogs barked, growled and snarled.  If animals could only talk or squawk they would tell their tales of sheer hell.

Of course Michael Vick could be reinstated into the NFL after serving prison time if he showed remorse.

On August 13, 2009 the Philadelphia Eagles spread their wings.  Michael Vick was picked as a home team player with a one-year contract because of his great quarterback tricks, but can he lick the shame over the dogs that were killed and maimed?  It’s just insane to think that “Sick Vick” has “learned a lesson” even after his confession.

Well, people make mistakes and should be forgiven.  Vick served his time in a federal prison.  I’m not going into racism or that Vick did not know any better because of his upbringing.  These poor doggies were treated inhumanely.  Let’s not compare the killing of pigs and other poultry to house pets.

This all boils down to if the youth of this country is served by the words of Michael Vick, then we should not continue to keep beating up this tragedy with a wooden stick.

I am not here to bitch about Vick, only stating some of the facts on his cruel inhumane treatment of animals who were abused and killed.  The disgrace and shame may overpower Vick’s fame.  This is what Michael Vick will have to live with.

And they say, “Crime Does Not Pay.”  I totally disagree.  See Michael Vick’s upcoming BET reality show, “The Michael Vick Project.”  Hey, this guy is gonna roll in dough.  Whataya know the show did not do that well.  It opened on February 2nd with over a million viewers and then fell to over 700,000 for the season finale.  Vick said he turned down a second season on BET as it wasn’t that fascinating.

There’s a new twist to Michael Vick’s animal cruelty.  Vick’s teammates applaud him for talking to kids about his mistakes with a special “Ed Block Courage Award” which PETA and protesters deplore.  It’s definitely not appropriate to award Vick such an achievement.


Nude pics of Michael Vick?  Playgirl wants Vick to strip.  The magazine will be profiting from Vick’s nudity while PETA gets a million dollar donation toward animal cruelty.  We’ll have to wait and see if Vick strips.

On June 25, 2010 Virginia Beach police investigate a shooting one block from a nightclub where Michael Vick celebrated his “30th” birthday party.  Prosecutors want to file charges, but victim is not cooperating.  Vick who is still on probation has to stick to the rules after serving federal prison time for animal cruelty.

The Philadelphia Eagles who have commented on the shooting incident say it is definitely not true that they might be releasing Vick from his contract, but are waiting for a conclusion of the investigation.  Now  it seems that Vick was involved in some type of confrontation, but left before the shooting at his birthday party.  Vick’s co-defendant was shot at the party and convicted of dog fighting.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell who plans to meet with the quarterback voiced his opinion that Vick should be more careful in making the right choices.

This time the deck is not stacked against Vick as he’s been picked for the starting quarterback.  30-year-old Michael Vick shows the Philadelphia Eagles that he can lead their team to victory.

No sooner said than done, Mike “Quarterback” Vick has a cartilage injury after taking two hard hits and sandwiched.  The famed football star might miss the next San Francisco game.


No more shit from Vick.  It looks like his fans have forgiven him.  Man, he’s working as hard as he can.  Michael Vick turned things around with his two feet on the ground.  Since leaving prison, he’s determined to win.

Now Vick would like to get a dog for a pet.  Animal rights group PETA is very upset.  They want him banned from owning a dog for life especially after his dog fighting.  Under probation conditions Michael Vick will be allowed to buy, own or sell dogs in “2012″ as long as the quarterback proves he followed their rules.  President Obama does not want to see Vick banned.  Give him a second chance.  Tucker Carlson animal-rights activist and conservative commentator for Fox News disagrees with Obama’s reasoning.  Tucker believes Sick Vick should have been executed for causing dogs pain and suffering.

The Philadelphia Eagles will be sending Michael Vick including 5 players to Honolulu in 2011.  Vick was at the top of the NFL pro bowl list.


Who’s the winner or loser?  Is it CNN’s Piers Morgan who just took over for Larry King or Oprah Winfrey?  They’ve made a bet that Michael Vick will be their talk-show guest.

Michael Vick is glad he signed a two-year endorsement deal with Unequal Technologies a company that manufacturers football pads.

Michael Vick says “No” to the Oprah Show.  Then he changes his mind and tells Oprah she can set a date and time.  On February 24th Vick is suppose to sit down for a chat with Oprah in Chicago discussing the NFL, his time behind bars and dogfighting crimes.  Vick decides not to go on the Oprah Show due to everything going on with his new contract.  The quarterback is still planning an interview, but doesn’t know when he’ll be appearing on the show.

Virginia African-American arts organization honoring Vick as a hero and example for overcoming life’s obstacles and volunteering for the Humane Society.

On March 2, 2011, top quarterback “Proud to be an Eagle” Vick signed a lucrative one-year contract.  On February 15th he was tagged as the Eagle’s franchise player which means other teams will not be able to make offers to Michael.


On June 11th Michael Vick now a spokesman for the Humane Society spoke at a graduation commencement for senior students from Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center’s Camelot High School with drug and behavioral issues.  Vick discussed his prison time for illegally funding and managing dog-fighting.  For this federal crime he lost everything, his freedom, dignity, money and family.  He told the graduates it was one of his hardest lessons.  Think before you act to avoid the wrong decisions.


Nike told Vick to take a hike after his dog fighting conviction.  Now Nike has signed Vick to a new sneaker sponsorship.


Mr. Vick in Washington with head of Humane Society to back legislation for stiff penalties on those organizing events exposing minors to dog and cock fighting including his criticism of Google’s Android Video “Dog Wars” game which he says glorifies animal cruelty.


Philadelphia Eagles’ Quarterback Michael Vick sticks with Philadelphia Eagles by signing $100 million dollar six-year contract.


Michael Vick and financee’ Kijafa Frink got engaged right before he served 21 month prison term.  Vick got hitched on June 30th with 300 guests at the ritzy Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami.


CNN host Piers Morgan finally gets to sit down with Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and talks about his upcoming autobiography “Michael Vick: Finally Free” which hits bookshelves September 4th a day before the 2012 season for the NFL.  Vick vows to bring the Superbowl to Philadelphia as he wants to give back something to everyone that supported me.  Piers asks Vick if he would ever own another dog after serving prison time and all the controversy.  Vick admits to Piers Morgan he may get a family pet for his children.  I’ll let the kids pick it out, but it certainly will not be a Pit Bull doggie.


Vick lets the press know he has a pet.  As a daddy it’s important that my children not only treat and care for our pet, but all of God’s creatures with love, kindness and respect.  Our well-cared for doggie is a loving member of this family.


Michael Vick made $31 million since filing for bankruptcy and spent $29 million of it going to creditors, lawyers, accountants and child support.  So who wouldn’t mind getting stuck with these big bucks?  I’m talking about his $100 million dollar contract.  Vick is far from a pauper.


Vick still sits on the sidelines after sustaining a concussion.  His doctor prescribes staying in dark quiet places, not watching videos and avoiding exercise.


Michael Vick who will be 33 on June 26th is returning to the Philadelphia Eagles on a reconstructed deal next season with newly-hired coach Chip Kelly.


Quarterback Vick is getting sick and tired of all the criticism from the media since they know nothing about football.  The heat continues for Vick being careless holding the ball too long leaving him susceptible to many big hits translating into turnovers and injuries.  With Coach Chip Kelly’s offense plan, Vick is dedicated to run it.


Michael Vick’s new mission is helping Superstorm Sandy victims.  We all must stick together in bad weather speaking of the devastating Moore, Oklahoma tornado.  Vick who is Atlantic City’s new honorary ambassador joins Mayor Lorenzo Langford wants everyone to know the Jersey Shore boardwalks and beaches are open for business.


Quarterback Vick is Jets new pick signing him up for a one-year $5 million contract.

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04/20/10 – The Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court officially strike down ban on animal fighting videos.  First Amendment “Freedom of Speech.”  It’s unconstitutional.

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