DREAM SCENE (American Dream Fading? (Get on the scene and start living your dream)


Get on the scene and start living your dream.  Stop sitting around with a big frown.  Play the part.  You’re a work of art.  Get ready to shout or scream.  Head to the scene.  You’ve got to try.  Have to survive.  Keep your head above water.  Get things in order.  You’re too damn strong to let anything go wrong.   You don’t want to grow old before putting a show on the road.  Daring and raring to go.  You’re a hard-working artist.

They said you couldn’t do it.  Knew I’d strike it rich.  Racked my brain to get some fame.  Call, call till I fall.  They say I’m small, but I sure stand tall.  Go to Public Relations.  Hope to be a big sensation.  Hello, what’s your name?  I’m not ashamed.  No way am I gonna wane.  Gimme a glance.  Take a chance.

Introduce me to the crowd.  I’m proud.  I’ll put on a pair of jeans.  Get on the scene.  Slip on some sneakers.  I’m not gonna weaken.  People swarm to 42nd Street.  Hear the beat.  It’s damn neat.  Do some Rap.  Everybody claps.  Won’t hesitate, I’ll be great.  Made a big splash, not gonna crash.  It’s gotta last.  Won’t die.  Will survive and satisfy.  Why should I be sad?  Gonna be glad, glad, glad.

Never give up on your dreams no matter how difficult life seems.  Don’t stop even if you flop.  Want the limelight.  What’s in sight?  Who knows, but gotta fight with all my might.  Up half the night.  Not gonna be crude or rude.  Got determination, not termination.  Live for the day when I can say hurray.  Hey, I did it my way.  So get on the scene and start living your dream.

Lights, camera, action!  Here’s my satisfaction.  Living that dream.  Could crème in my jeans.  Life is now what it seems.  Shocked I didn’t flop.  Can’t stop.  Now I’m in the movies.  Everything’s looking groovy.  Doing what I like.  Fought day and night.  I’ve won, it’s done.  I’m living that dream.  They say dreams never seem.  Well, I tried and survived.  Proved I could set the mood and didn’t get screwed.

I have dreams, you have dreams, we all have dreams.  Now you know exactly what this all means.  When the going gets tough never give up ‘cause right around the corner could be lady luck.  And when you get stuck just pick yourself up.  Remember, you’re in it for the real stuff.

So get on the scene, put on a pair of jeans and start living that dream.  You’re definitely in the midst of things.  You got the best of everything.  Yeah, you got the best.  The only thing left is to look forward to the rest.  So start living that dream and get on the scene. Live that dream.  Live that dream.  Come on start living your dream.

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Lyrics created by (FRANCKE) the Yankee/Poetic Rap

May all your dreams come true

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