BAGHDAD BOB (Mideast Satirical Treat)


Whatever happened to Bob leader of the Baghdad mob?  We know he left Iraq and can never go back.  It’s still a mystery where Bob may be.  Do you think he’s running his own ministry?

Bob claimed he was telling the truth when in fact he never did get to the root.  One would never know just to look at Bob that he was such a brute.  By the way how do you like Bob’s getup the hat, the suit?  This was his disguise to hide from the FBI.

Lately Bob has come out of the closet and took off his beret. Now he wants to show off a new toupee. What is Bob trying to say that he’s meek or perhaps Bob has turned the other cheek? Either way we were told that Bob took off to be the “Sheik of Arabesque.”

He was Iraq’s official spokesman, but half the time didn’t know what he read.   Bob drank so much it went straight to his head.  Here’s a sleepyhead that should have stayed in bed.

Saddam Hussein was a bad man who ruled Iraq with an iron hand. The Iraqi people called him “Mr. Sinister.” Saddam would have never appointed Bob his “Information Minister” if he was not able to speak the truth to the people and Saddam’s troops.

Saddam was captured and hung. The Iraqi people won a great victory. They fought for democracy. It’s still a mystery where Bob is hiding. Will America or its allies ever know if Bob was a friend or foe?

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Lyrics created by (FRANCKE) the Yankee/Jester of Westchester

(Mideast Satirical Treat)

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