Enron Con Job (Corporate Malfeasance) Martha Stewart: the baker, flower maker and stock taker)


(Executive Crimes in Rhyme)

Tales and Woes of Corporate Foes

It’s never the season for corporate malfeasance.  Despicable acts are now known facts.  The public needs to know about these CEOs who stole and packed up all that dough.

Corporate foes with all kinds of investment tricks to make themselves rich.  They robbed your IRAs and 401Ks then stashed the cash away.  This is not fiction.  These are true facts that led the feds to their indictments and convictions.

Enron, WorldCom and Tyco executives at the top of the pyramid, cream of the crop were supposed to help their shareholders prosper and grow instead these schmoes turned out to be the corporate foes, the “Don Juan” cons.  As blocks of Enron, WorldCom and Tyco stocks hit the rocks investors were left dangling on a shoestring.  On Tuesday, July 2, 2013 former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski 66 years old jailed in $100 million-dollar fraud scheme loses bid for new New York parole hearing.  Appeals court ruled that state parole board acted properly.

On December 2, 2009 a Houston federal judge signed an official order ending an 8-year-old lawsuit by shareholders and investors who accused the Enron Corporation and other companies of fraudulent accounting.

On March 1, 2010 former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling who was caught robbing investors of their hard-earned savings and sentenced to prison for 24 years is appealing his case before the Supreme Court.  On June 21, 2013 Jeffrey Skilling who is now 59 years old makes a deal with prosecutors through his attorney signed off by judge to release him from federal prison as early as 2017 cutting off ten years with a signed agreement to drop ongoing appeals and surrender $40 million claim that the government seized after being indicted for wire fraud, insider trading, conspiracy and other charges stemming from 2001 collapse of Enron a leading Houston company.  Skilling incarcerated at a Littleton, Colorado minimum security facility is waiting for rescheduled sentencing.

Former Chairman Ken Lay who hired Skilling was convicted of similar charges died of a heart attack before sentencing day.

On May 16, 2011 Andrew Fastow former Enron CFO was released from a Louisiana prison to serve his remaining time of a six-year sentence ending December 17th at a halfway house in Houston, Texas when he’ll begin two years of probation.  According to the Federal Bureau Prison system his eligibility is supposed to be June 17th with some restrictions to live in-home confinement where his wife and sons reside in Houston.  The federal/state prison system may not allow Fastow to settle into his Houston home on that particular date.

Richard Causey, Chief Accounting Officer began serving the remainder of his five-year, six-month sentence on in-home detention in April, but did not go back to his residence until May 17th the day after Fastow, a pal and colleague arrived in Houston.  Causey’s final release date when he gets out of the clink is the 15th of October.  He served his time in the same facility where Lea Fastow spent a month at Leidel Comprehensive Center.

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