Sexual Offenders and Predators (sex crimes in rhyme against children)


Sexual offenders and predators should be castrated for their behavior. Sooner is better than later. They’re like slimy alligators. Maybe we’ll cut it off so they don’t walk or stalk. We’ve got to defeat these low-down creeps. Keep them off our streets. Stop them in their tracks so they never have a chance to come back.

© Copyright 2008

Lyrics created by (Francke) the Yankee

All Rights Reserved

This poem is dedicated to the Memory of Jessica Marie Lunsford – 9 years old

{October 6, 1995February 27, 2005}

Fight to change legislation – Jessica’s Law across the nation

(February 13, 2013 – Jessica’s Law shot down in Colorado once again.  Colorado lawmakers say there’s no need to increase penalties for people who attack young children.  What’s known as “Jessica’s Law” named after a Florida girl sexually assaulted and killed, won’t become law in the state.  This bill has failed four times in Colorado.  Democrats opposed it so much they sent it to the “kill committee.”  Still, Jessica’s father Mark Lunsford, who traveled from Florida to Colorado begged lawmakers to pass the bill.  “I kneeled down and I hugged her and I kissed her and told her I’d see her later said Lunsford.  Mark Lunsford cried before Colorado lawmakers as he recounted his darkest hour.)

(June, 2006 Gov. Mark Sanford of So. Carolina signed bill for Jessie’s Law)

Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation, Homosassa Springs, FL

Listen on – “When You Come Home” (Jessie’s Song) by Tom Bradley

Listen on – “Living for the Night” by Stravos Band

Listen on – “A life taken too soon”

Listen on – “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley

(See Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006)

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(Missing and Exploited Children/HelpingChildren in Crisis)

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Teacher’s Sex Pet – True Story (sex crime satire/rhyme)


This is the sensational true story that rocked a nation.  How Mary Kay Letourneau was the “talk of the town” when she turned her life upside down.  A teacher’s love affair with an elementary student that rattled Seattle.

Mary and “little Vili” were attracted sexually.  Mary is having Vili’s babies. They decide to get married.

Pretty Mary Kay and Vili who’s all grown up and now a DJ will host, roast and toast “Hot Teacher Night” at the wild Fuel Bar in Seattle while “The Battle of the Classroom Sexes” spoon under the blue moon.

©Copyright 2008

Lyrics created by (Francke) the Yankee

aka The Jester from Westchester (Satire)

All Rights Reserved

A witty satirical piece on how two lovers never stopped caring for each other. They fought the court system to the bitter end. The teacher who wanted a teenage boy to be more than her friend.

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