Sexual Offenders and Predators (sex crimes in rhyme against children)


Sexual offenders and predators should be castrated for their behavior. Sooner is better than later. They’re like slimy alligators. Maybe we’ll cut it off so they don’t walk or stalk. We’ve got to defeat these low-down creeps. Keep them off our streets. Stop them in their tracks so they never have a chance to come back.

© Copyright 2008

Lyrics created by (Francke) the Yankee

All Rights Reserved

This poem is dedicated to the Memory of Jessica Marie Lunsford – 9 years old

{October 6, 1995February 27, 2005}

Fight to change legislation – Jessica’s Law across the nation

(February 13, 2013 – Jessica’s Law shot down in Colorado once again.  Colorado lawmakers say there’s no need to increase penalties for people who attack young children.  What’s known as “Jessica’s Law” named after a Florida girl sexually assaulted and killed, won’t become law in the state.  This bill has failed four times in Colorado.  Democrats opposed it so much they sent it to the “kill committee.”  Still, Jessica’s father Mark Lunsford, who traveled from Florida to Colorado begged lawmakers to pass the bill.  “I kneeled down and I hugged her and I kissed her and told her I’d see her later said Lunsford.  Mark Lunsford cried before Colorado lawmakers as he recounted his darkest hour.)

(June, 2006 Gov. Mark Sanford of So. Carolina signed bill for Jessie’s Law)

Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation, Homosassa Springs, FL

Listen on – “When You Come Home” (Jessie’s Song) by Tom Bradley

Listen on – “Living for the Night” by Stravos Band

Listen on – “A life taken too soon”

Listen on – “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley

(See Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006)

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(Missing and Exploited Children/HelpingChildren in Crisis)

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Teacher’s Sex Pet – True Story (sex crime satire/rhyme)


This is the sensational true story that rocked a nation.  How Mary Kay Letourneau was the “talk of the town” when she turned her life upside down.  A teacher’s love affair with an elementary student that rattled Seattle.

Mary and “little Vili” were attracted sexually.  Mary is having Vili’s babies. They decide to get married.

Pretty Mary Kay and Vili who’s all grown up and now a DJ will host, roast and toast “Hot Teacher Night” at the wild Fuel Bar in Seattle while “The Battle of the Classroom Sexes” spoon under the blue moon.

©Copyright 2008

Lyrics created by (Francke) the Yankee

aka The Jester from Westchester (Satire)

All Rights Reserved

A witty satirical piece on how two lovers never stopped caring for each other. They fought the court system to the bitter end. The teacher who wanted a teenage boy to be more than her friend.

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For the Record

In the City

(A Sex Crime in Rhyme)

Episode I

In the silence of the night with no one in sight a murder is committed in the city. It’s a pity that a young girl is murdered and raped after her boyfriend took her out on a date. This is one of many stories of a crime in the big city where most murders occur after dark while walking or jogging through a park. The boyfriend decides to return to his girlfriend’s place, but it’s too late for she was murdered and raped. A police officer is now interrogating the boyfriend on last time he saw his girlfriend. The scene is set for a sex crime in rhyme.

OFFICER: Sir, would you please state your name for the record.

TOM BLAKE: Wait a second officer.  What’s going on here?

OFFICER: Where were you tonight? I need to write down your name?

TOM BLAKE: But why am I being blamed?

OFFICER: Just want to get the record straight. First, I need your name, I.D. and numbers off your license plate.

TOM BLAKE: Officer, what happened to my date?

OFFICER: Just give me your ID and numbers off that license plate.

TOM BLAKE: My name is Tom Blake. Can I jot everything down on this slate?

OFFICER: Sure, as long as it ain’t fake. I’ll also need times and dates.

OFFICER: I need to know when you left your girlfriend’s place.

TOM BLAKE: All I did was take my girlfriend out on a date. I thought she looked great. She had a sweet smile on her face. When I kissed her she didn’t smell like sour grapes. I asked her to wait, but she said “It’s getting late.” For goodness sake she insisted on being dropped off at the front gate. Officer, what happened to my girlfriend Linda Drake?

OFFICER: She was murdered and raped. That’s her body on the sidewalk draped.

TOM BLAKE: There must be some mistake. How could this be her fate? Me and Linda were soul mates.

OFFICER: We’re looking into all possible suspects to get the record straight.

TOM BLAKE: Are you trying to implicate me in a murder date-rape?

OFFICER: Like I said, “I’m only trying to get the record straight.” Where did you go after dropping off your date at the gate?

TOM BLAKE: I went to have a bite to eat at this place called “Steaks Are Great.”

OFFICER: I take it that you never returned to your date.

TOM BLAKE: Well, it was getting rather late so I headed back to where I work packing crates.

OFFICER: Just where are they located and what’s the name of this place?

TOM BLAKE: It’s “We Make Crates” on First Avenue down near the lake.

OFFICER: Is that next to the place where they bake cakes?

TOM BLAKE: No, you must be thinking of another place.

OFFICER: Listen, I need to get this record straight. You may be in for some court dates.

TOM BLAKE: For heaven sake officer this is definitely a mistake.

OFFICER: No, you better not be late for these court dates.

TOM BLAKE: I can’t believe you think I killed Linda Drake.

* * * * * *

Episode II

Let’s set the record straight

Judge Broome presiding over

murder-rape case of Linda Drake

* * * * * *

CLERK: All rise for Judge Broome entering the courtroom.  This is the arraignment date for defendant Tom Blake.

JUDGE BROOME: Mr. Blake is an attorney representing you?

TOM BLAKE: Yes sir, he’s here in the courtroom.

ATTORNEY MR. FLAKE: Judge Broome I’m representing Tom Blake and he is pleading not guilty.

TOM BLAKE: I did not kill Linda Drake.  She was my soul mate.

JUDGE BROOME: Mr. Blake your next court date for a first appearance has been rescheduled from September 8th to 9:30 a.m. on October 8th.

* * * * * *

Episode III

Judge Broome

presiding over

murder-rape case of Linda Drake

where the First Appearance will take place

at 9:30 a.m. on October 8th

* * * * * *

CLERK:  All rise for Judge Broome entering the courtroom.  This is the first appearance for defendant Tom Blake on alleged murder charges of Linda Drake.

JUDGE BROOME: Is Tom Blake present in this courtroom?

ATTORNEY FLAKE: My client Tom Blake must be late.

JUDGE BROOME: I’m issuing an arrest warrant with no bond since Mr. Blake has not presented himself in my courtroom.

* * * * * *

Episode IV

Stay tuned to the pending outstanding arrest warrant of Tom Blake not showing up for his court date

* * * * * *

© Copyright 2015

Created by (FRANCKE) the Lyrical Yankee

In the City (A Sex Crime in Rhyme)

All Rights Reserved

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TEACHER’S SEX PET (Mary Kay Letourneau) True story that rattled Seattle/Teach show me where to reach/Screw the school rules/Mary, Mary quite contrary/Mary and Vili celebrating tenth wedding anniversar/Sex crime rhymed in satire time

Sex Crime in Satire and Rhyme

(True Story of Mary Kay {Katherine} Schmitz Letourneau Fualaau}


Mary is born into a dysfunctional family

Mary (Katherine) Schmitz was the kid destined to hit it big.  Soon to be called “Mary Kay” this cute baby girl with blonde curls came into the world on January 30, 1962.  She was the first daughter of Mary and John Schmitz of Orange County, California.  They were a close-knit devout Catholic family bearing seven other children.  When Mary was growing up she was as sweet as pie and the apple of her daddy’s eye.  Because of Mary’s loving traits her daddy nicknamed his little girl “Cake.”  The two got along great.  Their father-daughter relationship was so perfect.  Mary seemed to be closer to her father than the mother, but they all loved one another.

Mary an 11-year-old’s tragedy

Mary was supposed to be looking after her three-year-old brother, Phillip.  It was a family party that turned into a disaster.  The boy strayed as Mary failed to pay attention.  Many children at this young age have no retention.  Her father and mother found the younger brother dead in their swimming pool.  The boy’s death was ruled as an accident.  Although the parents never blamed her, Mary felt the shame.  She somehow went on with her life in spite of the terrible tragedy.  Mary grew up to be a bright, attractive and very popular young lady.

Mary follows her dad’s shadow

John Schmitz, a college professor, set his sights on a political career which brought his family into the limelight when he became the “1972 Presidential Candidate.”  As time went on it would be a scandalous childhood for Mary with her daddy’s infidelity whose political career ended in 1982.  The father’s student-mistress had two boys that would later serve under the Bush administration.  Mary Kay had a wonderful father-daughter relation.  She aimed to go to college one way or the other.  Her father and mother stuck together.

Life with Steve would soon be history

Mary eventually meets the handsome and dashing Steve Letourneau at Arizona State University in Tempe.  He was a student who hailed from Alaska.  It didn’t take Steve much time to nail Mary.  They began dating and she soon carried his baby.  Naturally after Steve scored he married Mary on June 30, 1984, but Steve was not the love of her life.  Mary’s needs were never fulfilled as his wife.  Money problems were constantly affecting the family.  As their marriage failed and things got stale, Steve started to have extramarital affairs.  Mary became aware of her husband’s cheating and began looking elsewhere.  It would be her student love affair to rattle Seattle.  Steve’s company transfers him to Washington where he loads tons of cargo.  Mary decides to apply for a teaching position at the Highline School District which suits her to a “T.”

School days, school days, good old golden rule days

In the fall of 1989, Mary begins her teaching career at Shorewood Elementary School where she would greet her students with either a handshake or a hug.  Mary was called “Mrs. Love Bug.”  She had a habit of being late for school and couldn’t stick to the golden rule.  Problems at home had taken its toll, but her love for children took on a different mold.  It wasn’t long before she met her second grade student at the school, Vili Fualaau a talented child with an eye for art.  Mary thought he was pretty smart.  The school kids asked to be in Mrs. Letourneau’s class.

Vili, a Samoan-American kid lived in a poor neighborhood

Vili Fualaau, a Samoan-American born on June 26, 1983, came from a very poor dysfunctional family.  A mother that struggled desperately to keep everything going while the father was put in prison for armed robbery made it extremely difficult for her to make a decent living.

Teach meets Sex Pet

They first met when Mrs. Letourneau a twenty-eight-year-old schoolteacher and an eight-year-old Vili Fualaau was her second grade student at Shorewood Elementary School in Burien, Washington.  The two had a lot of fun and developed a close relationship because of Vili’s artistic characteristics.  He’s a dark-skinned boy with a somewhat coy attitude, but not at all rude like Mary’s husband, Steve who was constantly badgering.

Vili and Mary are attracted sexually

Mary Kay knew what she wanted to do with “little Vili” when he was a student at the elementary school.  Of course Vili couldn’t wait to screw Mary.  She was his “good fairy.”

Mary is promoted due to her love and devotion

In 1995 Mary Kay Letourneau gets a big promotion to teach both fifth and sixth graders due to her love and devotion for children at the school.  The rest is history as she once again meets Vili Fualaau where the two planned a rendezvous.

Ah teach show me where to reach.  I just love your blonde bleach.  Teach you’re such a sweet delightful peach.  So where can we meet to play hide-and-go-seek?  Then you can take a peek-a-boo because I love you.  I’m teacher’s pet.  She gives me lots and lots of sex.  It’s nothing but the best as my teach fetches her favorite pet.

Mystified by Vili’s big brown eyes

Mary is mystified by Vili’s “big brown eyes.”  She never thought about his age.  Mary felt Vili had grown up ways.  They both went through a crazy stage.  Their lives intertwined.  The child-teacher fantasy would soon become reality as Mary is daring and Vili was pleasantly willing.  The sex got extremely thrilling.

A Rendezvous for Two

During the summer months of 1996, Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau had a rendezvous after school.  Mary had reached the ripe age of thirty-four and little Vili her “boy toy” had just turned thirteen.  His wildest dream was finally a reality.  Vili thought Mary was sexy and pretty.  Mary saw Vili as a man who can love and understand.  The two had sex in her van, the gym, girl’s restroom and classroom.  It was fate that brought them together as “soul mates.”  It got “harder and harder” for Vili to stay away from Mary Kay.

Ah my teach is real neat.  Of course she’s a special treat.  We love to cuddle up and go to sleep.  I’ve always tried to be discreet.  Oh do I love my teach.  She’s tall and very sleek, not at all weak.  Before I met the teach perhaps my classmates thought I was a real creep, but Mary swept me off my feet.

Ah my teach is so sweet.  Sometimes she weeps.  Mary only wants to keep me on a leash.  Told my teach I liked math not history so Mary invited me to sleep at her house overnight and said she’d strip one piece of clothing for every answer I got right.

Mary’s Infidelity

In February of 1997, Steve Letourneau discovers his wife’s infidelity.  He quickly tells his family after reading Mary’s sweet love notes to Vili.  Steve couldn’t believe what was happening.  The affair was immediately reported to authorities.

Mary arrested on child rape – She claimed it was an innocent date

On February 26, 1997, Mary was arrested and felony charges were filed for the rape of thirteen-year-old Vili Fualaau which Mary claimed was an innocent date.  It was a cloudy day for Mary Kay when the judge ordered her to stay away indefinitely from Vili.

Uh-oh, teach got caught by breach.  This rap is hard to beat.  It was supposed to be an innocent date, but far too late for Mrs. Letourneau who was sentenced on August 7, 1997 to a maximum of seven and a half years on two counts of second-degree “statutory rape.”

Registered Sex Offender

The judge was concerned when suspending Mary Letourneau’s prison sentence to a six-month county jail term. Mary received three years of counseling in a sex offender program for having intimate relations with her sweet thirteen-year-old sixth grade student.  She was now labeled as a “sex offender” unable to see her lover Vili.

In January, 1998 Mary was released for good behavior on the terms that she would never see Vili, but in February Mary and Vili her former student who should have been prudent were discovered in a parked vehicle caught in the midst of a sex act sending Mary right back to serve her original prison term.  The police found a lot of cash stashed in Mary’s car together with her passport and the teenager’s clothing indicating that she and Vili might flee to some foreign country.

Steve wins custody

In May, 1999 while Mary was in prison her husband Steve fought for a divorce over his wife’s sexual relations with a minor.  A scandalous sensational affair that rocked the nation.  Custody of their four children was given to Steve who remarried.

Steve relocated to Alaska where he found a different life for his new wife and family.  Steve Letourneau tried to block all visitation rights of his former wife.  He was unsuccessful as Mary won the fight.  Steve eventually left his newlywed wife for another life.

It’s solitary confinement for Mary

It wasn’t hard for the prison guards to put Mary into solitary confinement for six months once they found the sweet love notes she wrote to Vili.  Mary, Mary is certainly “quite contrary” and very daring.

Vili Fualaau’s family sues

In 2000, Vili Fualaau’s family sued the township in which the boy attended school for loss of wages, the cost of raising the two babies, and the emotional stress in failing to protect Vili from Mary Kay Letourneau’s illicit disturbing sexuality.  Vili said he was no longer in love with Mary.  Maybe he found her quite contrary.  The jury never believed Vili’s story and did not award family a single penny.

Mary’s Daddy Dies

In 2001, John Schmitz a man who once ran for the Presidency and definitely the most important person in Mary’s life dies from Cancer, a dreadful disease.  Mary who was still in prison at the time requested to attend her father’s funeral, but it was denied as she cried and cried with tears rolling down her eyes.

Mary is released from the maximum facility

On August 4, 2004 at the age of 42, Mary Kay Letourneau after serving a maximum of seven and a half years was released from prison on charges of second degree child rape which is a class “A” felony.  It’s unknown whether Mary is to continue therapy.  She remains on probation and cannot leave the State of Washington.  Her battle has yet to be won.  Mary hopes to be the bride of Vili.  Some people might think it’s silly.

Vili can see Mary

On August 6, 2004, Mary and Vili were hopin’ the doors would open.  An official court order finally granted Vili contact with Mary.  The two lovers were as happy as can be.

Bipolar Disorder

Mary has a bipolar disorder.  It’s not easy for people with this deficiency to distinguish between right from wrong which makes it very difficult for Mary to carry on a normal life.  She still wants to be the “perfect wife.”  Manic depression brings on abnormal behavior characterized by changing ideas, exaggerated sexuality, decreased sleep or irritability.  Someday Mary would like to teach at a college or university.  She is well-versed in her field.  It would be ideal.

Vili is a high school dropout at fifteen

Vili Fualaau is now 21, a kid that left the high school scene at fifteen.  It’s hard for any dropout to count on getting a job, but Mary and Vili won’t have to worry once they get a book or movie deal which should definitely appeal to the public.  Selling such a love story can only profit Mary and Vili and put lots of money in their pockets.  Vili who has become a tattoo artist is barely making a living.

Drinking, substance abuse/depression ruled over finishing school

Vili’s drinking and substance abuse problem robbed him from graduating high school.  Depression ruled over his chaotic childhood life.  He’s always been afraid of his mother, Soona who was a maid and wife to his two children while Mary Kay was sent away to prison.  Soona or later this grandmother will accept Mary Kay as her son’s children’s mother.  Vili’s father’s infidelity blossomed into a family of eighteen from five other women that he was screwin’.

Amber Alert

An “Amber Alert Team” has expressed their strong animosity in a moral standing for the making of any entertainment movie or story.  All about Mary, “quite contrary” was made into a documentary, biography, TV movie and a True Hollywood Story.  “The Blonde Girl” who soiled her name for fortune and fame.

Mary and Vili intend to marry

Vili’s bride-to-be gave birth to two babies.  The news is out on the street.  Now everybody looks at us like we’re freaks.  They think me and the teach are cheap.  When this all blows over me and the teach will meet.  Take that leap down “Matrimony Street.”  Get married by a priest and live happily ever after just me, our two babies, Audrey, 8, Alexis Georgia, 7, and the teach.  We’ll make all the love we want on some beach.

Joined together in holy matrimony at the winery

On May 20, 2005, Mary Kay, 43 and Vili, 22, were happy as can be as they were joined in holy matrimony.  Their wedding was held at a Seattle winery in the city of Woodinville.  The couple was thrilled by all the fancy frills.  They still had to dodge the “foxy paparazzi.”  Mr. & Mrs. Fualaau were paid $750,000 for the exclusive television rights to film the ceremony.  The newlyweds are entitled to their privacy so let’s stop gossiping.

People say this whole affair stinks, but Mary Kay Schmitz Letourneau Fualaau and Vili Fualaau don’t care what anybody thinks.

Mary Kay spent over seven years in the clink.  As for Vili, he will be tried for a DUI while taking a joy ride on December 22, 2005.  The laddie was driving his wife’s “1999 Caddy.”  On June 16th, 2006, Vili could be carted off by the paddy wagon for his shenanigans.  Mary intends to stand up for her man till the end.  How can she possibly part from her sweetheart?

Celebrating their First “May” Anniversary

Nowadays Mary Kay spends most of her time in the nursery thinking about having more babies.  Looks like the two celebrated their first “May” anniversary.  We’re happy for their sake that everything turned out great in light of the terrible disgrace.  They say love is blind.  A fine example is Mary and Vili who seem to have a meeting of the minds.

Vili must pay for his drunken-driving escapade

Vili who is now 23 had his DUI suspended on June 16, 2006, except for one day in the pokey.  He will be spending the rest of his time driving a straight white line while on two years’ probation including alcoholic testing.  Vili was fined $350 for having a drunken time.  He paid $2,100 in court costs and “toes the line.”  Mary was relieved that Vili didn’t go to the “pillory.”  Gone are the days of public scorn and torturing.

Love conquers all for this boy and girl.  Life is about a “good fuck” especially when you get the “big bucks.”  Why not wish Mary and Vili lots of luck.

© Copyright 2008, Lyrics created by (FRANCKE) the Yankee

Brought to you by: The Jester of Westchester (Satire)

All Rights Reserved

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