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SMARTY BOSTON TEA PARTY(July 4, 1776) The Minute-Men/Midnight Ride of Paul Revere/Patrick Henry/George Washington, Father of our country/Abraham Lincoln “16th President” Abolishing Slavery “Thirteenth Amendment” (Rhyming History)


It all began in 1773 with the Boston Tea Party.  Here comes the British Tax Collector.  There were just 13 colonies that wanted to be free and form a separate country from the British Empire that ruled their land with an iron hand.  The Americans rejected Parliament of Great Britain who governed their colonies from overseas.


The colonists of Boston, a British colony of Massachusetts took action.  They refused to return three shiploads of taxed tea to the British and threw it overboard into Boston Harbor.  Colonists objected to the Tea Act as they believed it was “taxation without representation.”  This was the beginning of a protest movement throughout British America against Tea Act passed by British Parliament in 1773.


In April of 1774 King George enforced his authority by shutting down Boston’s commerce until the British East India Company repaid for destroyed tea.  The question arose as to Parliament’s authority to tax colonies.  They were called the “Sons of Liberty” fighting for their country.  Colonists had rights and they intended to put up a fight.  Benjamin Franklin, a British government agent stood up to Parliament.


Before the American Revolution in October of 1774, Provincial Congress of Massachusetts voted to enroll 12,000 men under the title “Minute-Men.”  They were volunteers who would be ready at a minute’s warning taking to the field with arms fighting British soldiers.  When Congress authorized a Continental Army under the command of George Washington and General of the Revolutionary Army later revered as Father of this country and First President of the United States, minutemen eventually ceased  to exist, but history will always remember them for their contribution as an important and significant force as patriots who took up arms to oppose a British army in the Revolutionary War.


The First Continental Congress convened and colonists petitioned British Monarchy to repeal these tax acts.  It would eventually lead to an American Revolution near Boston and freedom of a new nation with the famous April 18, 1775 midnight ride of a prosperous American silversmith, early industrialist and patriot Paul Revere who lived in a small Boston wooden house set out on a journey to Lexington, Massachusetts for a secret mission warning Samuel Adams and John Hancock the British would kill them.  Paul Revere a trusted messenger informed colonists British were coming in “Battles of Lexington and Concord” a legendary part of United States history and signing of Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776 on parchment paper by 55 members of Congress with copies sent to the colonies.


Patrick Henry a planter by profession, then practicing attorney, politician, a founding father who became known as our country’s greatest orator during the American Revolution movement and independence was later Governor of Virginia.  He led the opposition for Stamp Act of 1765 and his famous words “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” but never make me subject to a king heard around the country.  Along with other founding fathers Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry was one of the most influential exponents of Republicanism, promoters of the American Revolution and independence especially in Henry’s fight for historic rights.  After American Revolution Patrick Henry was a leader of the anti-federalists in Virginia.  He opposed the United States Constitution fearing that it endangered rights of the States as well as the freedoms of individuals.  Henry became a landowner and slaveholder eventually owning thousands of acres in Virginia.


Two hundred years have past since the “Confederate States of America” (the Confederacy) to “United State of America” freedom of a new nation, Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation abolishing slavery by “Thirteenth Amendment” effective December 1865, women’s right to vote, anyone can vote as long as they’re an American citizen and eighteen, yet very few seem to know our history.  What we have fought for is an important part of voting.  So how come some people who don’t speak or read English like Latinos do not go to the polls?  There are Spanish interpreters at every voting district.

Remember!  It’s your right to vote as an American citizen.  Presidential election is first week in November.

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Created by (Francke) the Lyrical Yankee

{Rhyming History)

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