JOBLESS WORLD (Rhyming History Apple & Steve) RIP 1955-2011


It all started when Eve took a bite out of Adam’s apple and she conceived.  Life grew from that apple on a tree and so did technology.

Disney’s Chairman of the Board their genius mastermind behind Pixar animation “Toy Story” “Monsters, Inc.” and a great visionary leader, innovator, marketer of technology expanding communicating with Apple iTunes online music store Steve Jobs built an empire who inspired us is no longer living.

Steven Paul Jobs was an adopted child and college dropout which some people might believe this guy will never amount to anything, but Steve knew everything about computer technology and became this generation’s greatest creative inventor.

In 1974 Steve Jobs was first employed by Atari, Inc. the famous video game name.  Steve rose to fame as the designer of “Breakout” Atari’s successful arcade game.  Stephen Wozniak worked on the circuit board and was paid a small fee for helping Steve with Atari.

In the early 1970s Steve Jobs and his pal, Stephen Gary “Woz” Wozniak a Polish American computer engineer and programmer worked hard to build and sell personal computers out of Steve’s garage.

On April 1, 1976 Steve Jobs went on to become CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. and Stephen Wozniak the other co-founder.  This was the start of Apple revolutionizing the computer industry.  Steven Paul Jobs was only thirty when he became a debonair multimillionaire.  His employees say he was not only enthusiastic, but a workaholic.

He later had a liver transplant and thought it was best to overcome the rare pancreatic Cancer disease by trying acupuncture, a vegan diet and herbal remedies before having surgery.  Steve Jobs learned that failure brought success, but Jobs was blessed.

From Apple Computers to Macintosh or Mac desktops to laptops Steve Jobs changed computer activity into the electronic industry with iMac, iPod, iPhones, iPads and upcoming Apple iTV a unique sleek style of technology this world has ever seen.  “App” became part of the Apple Store name.  The products we love have cool colors with application tools easily accessible, useful and reliable.

Jobs pleased the consumer for he knew what they needed.  Steve Jobs you improved the way we see technology.  God bless you Steve for your legacy will live through infinity.

On August 24, 2011 Cook took over Apple’s kitchen.

On September 3, 2011 J. Crew’s CEO Mickey Drexler former CEO of GAP helped Steve Jobs create the highly-successful Apple Store.

* * * * * * * *

Steven Paul Jobs:  Born San Francisco, California USA/Died:Age 56 at his home in Palo Alto, California just six weeks after retiring his position as CEO of Apple.  Death due to respiratory arrest and pancreatic tumor that spread to other organs.

(Feb. 24, 1955 – Oct. 5, 2011) Steve’s biological parents: Mother, Joanne Carole Schieble of American and German descent and Father, Abdul Fattah “John” (took this nickname) Jandali who emigrated to the United States in the 1950s from a very wealthy family in Syria to pursue university studies.  The two met at the University of Wisconsin in Madison when Jandali was teaching classes and Schieble a student.  They had a boy out of wedlock and wanted to get married.  Schieble’s father was against it, but when he died they got married and moved to Syria.  Carole Schieble Jandali was unhappy in that environment.  She decides to divorce Jandali and flies back stateside.  Ironically the couple keeps sister Mona, but puts Steve (unnamed at that time) up for adoption.  In the 1950s people shunned “out of wedlock” and families hid from the relatives what they did.  Carole Schieble Simpson who divorced Jandali in 1962 says she made an agreement with Paul and Clara Jobs that they would send Steve to college.  Paul is a machinist and his wife Clara an accountant.  Steve Jobs has never had any communication with his bio9logical father or mother.  Jandali now 80 years old runs a casino in Nevada has tried to communicate via emails with no response from Steve.  79-year-old Joanne Carole Schieble Simpson is in a Los Angeles nursing home with advanced dementia has no idea that Steve is deceased.

* * * * * * * *

Disowned but never robbed of his childhood – Adopted as an infant by Paul and Clara Jobs living in Mountain View, California gave Steve love and stability.

Survived by his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs spends her wealthy time as an education philanthropist and immigration reform campaigner pushing for passage of the Dream Act had 3 children (one son and two daughters) with Steve who had another child from a relationship.  His sister is an American novelist Mona E. Simpson.  Steve Jobs’ mother remarries: Joanne Carole Schieble Simpson a speech therapist.

Private funeral services held on Friday, October 7th, 2011 for family members.

Apple holding private memorial services on Sunday, October 16, 2011 at Stanford University.

October 16, 2011: On Sunday Gov. Jerry Brown of California commemorates “Steve Jobs Day.”

Apple Stores closing globally for one hour on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 honoring icon Steve Jobs.  The employees at Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, CA will watch live webcast of memorial service for Steve.

October 7, 2011: SONY acquiring the rights to new Steve Jobs’ biography for major movie.

October 24, 2011: Book publishers Simon & Schuster debut of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs’ biography as the year’s #1 best seller.

November 14, 2011: Singer Sting launches free “Sting 25″ iPad App as a digital documentary of a 25-year solo career was introduced at Apple’s NYC Store along with his song “Fragile” is the singer’s dedication to Apple’s co-founder and visionary icon Steve Jobs.

Hollywood may be calling George Clooney to be starring as Steve Jobs’ in an upcoming movie.

November 15, 2011: Apple names Arthur D. Levinson as their new chairman.

December 9, 2011: Apple opens store in Grand Central Terminal.

December 17, 2011: Steve Jobs “Billion-Dollar Hippie” BBC documentary.

January 24, 2012: Steve Jobs’ widow is a guest at President Obama’s “State of the Union Address.”

January 24, 2012: Apple now the world’s most valuable company worth $338 billion surpasses Exxon Mobil Oil by one billion.

February 9, 2012: Peaceful protesters deliver petitions with 250,000 signatures to Apple Store in Grand Central Station protesting working conditions and manufacturing in Chinese factories.

February 9, 2012: The following became public record due to Information Act.  Starting in 1985 information was gathered by the FBI after Apple received a bomb threat and Pres. George H.W. Bush expressed interest in giving the revolutionary corporate leader a presidential appointment on “Export Council.”  Documents revealed that Steve Jobs was indeed a “Hippie.”  One person interviewed shared some info that Mr. Jobs may have experienced “illegal drugs” including marijuana and LSD when they were in college during the 60s and 70s.

February 13, 2012: Apple the gadget-maker hits $500/share making it the most valuable company in U.S. history.

March 9, 2012: A group of Silicon Valley inventors and tech head honchos are banding together supporting education.  Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs is trying to pass “The Dream Act” a legislation which essentially help undocumented students go to college, get jobs, and eventually be legalized.  The group’s work benefits “Educators for Fair Consideration” providing scholarships and internships with an operating budget of $600,000.  They are hoping immigration reform is going to happen.

March 9, 2012: DOJ investigating iPad over ebook price fixing.  Apple denied company’s part in recent claims of ebook price fixing that was said to suppress dominant Amazon Kindle.

March 16, 2012: Neophiles grab iPad’s latest technology.  Three million new iPads sold in 3 days.

April 1, 2012:  34-year-old hunky actor, Ashton Kutcher star of “Two in a Half Men” with over 10 million Twitter followers who also invests and heads up tech companies goes to the big screen in an Indie biopic portraying the late Steve Jobs titled “Jobs” the hippie to Apple co-founder.

April 5, 2012:  Apple’s CEO Tim Cook will settle “Google Android” dispute.

April 20, 2012:  Apple’s worth is now $600 billion falls short of Microsoft’s highest valuation on December 30, 1999 at $616 billion which tech company is now worth $260 billion.

April 11,2012: DOJ suing Apple over alleged e-book price fixing.

May 14, 2012: “Two and a Half Men” star Ashton “bearded” Kutcher photographed on set of “Jobs” biopic dressed as the late billionaire Apple innovator.  TV movie on life of Apple co-founder will be filmed in Jobs’ original garage that would one day become the world’s most valuable tech company.

May 16, 2012: “The Social Network” Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin accepts Sony Entertainment offer to adapt Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” biography for a movie.

June 11, 2012: New details released by Pentagon documents indicate during the 1980s Steve Jobs expressed concern that his  daughter might be kidnapped in an effort to blackmail him.  There are more documents about the co-founder’s drug use as a teenager and a unreported arrest in 1975 for not paying a speeding ticket.

June 15, 2012: A rare commodity and still working 1976 Apple I Computer with original components built by company’s founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold for $374,500, 500 times its worth at Sotheby’s auction house in NYC.

June 29, 2012: Apple wins second U.S. sales ban on Samsung Galaxy posting a $96 million bond immediately for estimated damage sustained by Samsung from temporary sales ban.  An American judge ordered Samsung Electronics Company to stop U.S. sales of its Galaxy Nexus Smartphone (launched in the U.S. market in December 2011) while court considers Apple’s claim that the South Korean company infringed on its patents.  This is Apple’s second victory in a week against Android devices stated by U.S. District Court of Northern California that Galaxy Nexus Smartphone likely infringes on four patents held by Apple Inc. including patent used by the “Siri” voice-activated assistance available in the iPhone 4s .

July 31, 2012: Customers lining up for Apple’s iPhone 5 set to come out in September.

August 20, 2012: Apple is the most valuable company in history.

August 24, 2012: Apple wins jury decision that Samsung violated its patents and must pay them more than $1 billion.  Samsung will appeal the decision.

September 10, 2012: Predicting consumers will purchase around 8 million new iPhone 5 could have a great impact on the U.S. GDP.  200 million expected to sell by 2013.

September 18, 2012:  Apple’s stock hits over $700/share after announcing that orders for its iPhone 5 topped 2 million selling in 24 hours which puts the company’s market value at $656 billion. Some customers not happy with new map app.  Company apology.

October 2, 2012:  Samsung patent battle continues with filing of amended documents requesting adding Apple’s iPhone 5 to its original lawsuit against the Cupertino, California tech company.

October 5, 2012: Tribute to Steve Jobs “MacBook Pro” laptops auctioned for charity.

October 17, 2012: Apple preparing to unveil its new iPad Mini expected to be in stores before Christmas.

October 19, 2012: Feud news for tech giants Apple and Samsung declaring a peace treaty benefiting all users on earth including the universe.

October 22, 2012: As of 2013 Samsung is expecting to end its LCD panel supply agreement with Apple replacing lost business with orders from Samsung’s handset division and from Amazon’s tablet.

October 25, 2012: There’s another apple-shaped logo “Apple Corps” a UK based multimedia corporation founded by members of the famous Beatles.  Now a Canadian IP office has disclosed that the company’s logo has become a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

October 29, 2012: Shipbuilders in Holland unveil one-year after Steve Jobs’ death a beautiful yacht he spent years designing they finally finished for a visionary genius who named it “Venus.”

November 8, 2012: Apple awarded design patent for rounded rectangles specifically for its iPad hardware not software.

November 8, 2012: When in Rome, do as the Romans do “Follow the Leader.”  Samsung’s Galaxy S III dethrones iPhone as the world’s No. 1 top seller.

November 21, 2012: Jobs’ new spaceship-like headquarters in Cupertino, California won’t be completed as planned by the tech company until mid-2016.

November 26, 2012: Is it just a bad Apple?  The legal battle between Samsung and Apple.  Tech company was ordered by a judge to give up some trade secrets about their patent deal with HTC to Samsung who demanded to see an agreement between the two companies.  In response to judge’s ruling Apple had a fit adding a list of Samsung’s new products it wants off the shelves hopefully before Christmas.

November 27, 2012: Apple buys “Lightening” trademark from Harley Davidson, the bike and motorcycle company for its new lightening dock connector.  This trademark was desperately needed for a new charging port on iPhone 5 and future devices.

November 28, 2012: Eddie Cue Apple’s new “Mr. Fix-It.”  As CEO Tim Cook shifts responsibilities Eddie Cue emerges as one of the biggest beneficiaries.  This 23-year company veteran rose through the ranks as co-founder Steve Jobs’ right-hand man for new areas like e-commerce and media companies signing up for Apple’s iTunes services.

December 6, 2012: Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says Mac computers will be made in the USA for the year 2013.

December 17, 2012: U.S. Federal judge makes an important decision denying Apple’s request for a permanent ban on its collection of Samsung’s products.

December 28, 2012: CEO Tim Cook gets $4.2 million in compensation, a modest sum compared to 2011.

January 1, 2013: Masked and armed thieves steal $1.3 million iPhones and iPads located inside a flagship Apple Store behind Paris Opera House while police were assigned to the Champs-Elysees where revelers gather for New Year’s Eve.

January 14, 2013: It’s not a rotten Apple.  Shocking that iPhone 5 sales are decreasing.

February 4, 2013: Let’s get real.  Has Apple lost its tech appeal?  U.S. Appellate Court rejected Apple’s request to fast track their bid for a sales ban on Samsung phones ruling iPhone maker could not argue its case right away.  Both companies have declined to comment.

February 10, 2013: For the first time in history Apple’s iPhone, iPads and iPods facing their biggest challenger-innovator South Korean electronics manufacturer of Samsung’s S III smartphone.

February 13, 2013: Pennsylvania shareholder sues Apple in New York District Court seeking to block tech company from moving forward with a Feb. 27th shareholder vote on two proxy proposals.

February 19, 2013: Apple admits MAC computers were struck by hackers on Facebook.  The company advertised their product with ultimate security over any PC running windows software.  Tech giant is working with law enforcement to find source of malware.

March 1, 2013: New significant developments in court case with Judge Lucy Koh reducing damages by $450 million and ordering a new jury trial on how much of that amount Samsung will pay to Apple in the ongoing Apple-Samsung dispute.

March 5, 2013: Ferrari chairman says Italian automaker is looking to expand its relationship with Apple in car entertainment following Apple’s executive Eddy Cue joining board of directors back in November.

March 13, 2013: Apple’s new tactics.  Its marketing chief  Phil Schiller downplays the competition.  He believes products that run Google’s Android software like Samsung’s phone are inferior to Apple’s iPhone.  Let’s see if Samsung phone owners agree.

March 15, 2013:  A class-action lawsuit has been filed in California’s federal court alleging that Apple has been misleading consumers by not advertising two different types of displays used in its MacBook Pros with Retina displays.  Samsung’s Retina displays are not affected by the same issues.

April 1, 2013: This is no April Fools’ joke folks that Apple’s ipad mini was denied a patent it was using to sue Samsung issued by U.S. Patent & Trademark Office last October reaffirmed the invalidation which covers the “bounce back” users see when they scroll down the screen.  A Federal jury considered it valid.  Apple can appeal, but will it bounce back from the patent attack?

April 4, 2013: Apple’s green-planned “Spaceship Campus” with underground parking to maintain the above-ground foliage while its rooftop will consist of 700,000 square feet of solar panels is reportedly $2 billion over budget.

April 22, 2013: Consumers tell Apple what they really need is a better keyboard.

April 23, 2013: Apple’s earnings fall after a decade due to no innovation and competition.

April 23, 2013: Google has a fight on its hands with Apple patent.  Search engine company’s Motorola unit lost another key battle over intellectual property after the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that a smartphone sensor patent was invalid.

May 9, 2013: While China becomes one of the most important battlegrounds in the smartphone industry, Apple’s iPhone is now fifth-largest smartphone seller in America.

May 21, 2013: The TV living room will soon be a new hot Xbox.  Microsoft is not only beating Apple iTV, but pushing its rivals out of the industry.

May 25, 2013: German auction house Brekar sells a 1976 Apple boxy computer for $668,000 U.S. dollars to an anonymous Asian customer.  It’s one of the first to hit the tech market created by company founders the late Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.  The two Steves assembled the first computer orders in Jobs’ family garage.  The original Apple I sold for $666 in 1976 with only a circuit board, case and keyboard.  The screen had to be purchased separately.  Only 200 were built which are collectibles.

May 29, 2013: Apple working on a “smartwatch” the new booming wearable technology.  Wrist-worn wearables are the future.

June 3, 2013: The tech giant appears for trial in a New York federal courtroom to defend its name that it led a conspiracy with publishers on e-book price fixing.

June 10, 2013: Apple expected to debut streaming music and iTunes radio service with changes to the software behind iPhones and iPads as company opens its annual conference.

June 25, 2013: Samsung wins over Apple’s music synchronizing patent battle.  A Tokyo Intellectual Property High Court upholds lower court ruling that Samsung did not infringe on Apple’s patent.

July 2, 2013: On June 3rd Apple applies in Japan for wrist iWatch trademark.  Apple’s CEO Tim Cook hints that wearable devices might be next interest of new generation for a smart watch version used by iPad and iPhone operating system.

July 3, 2013: Apple Inc. and Time Warner planning to announce an agreement to give subscribers of cable television access to channels via Apple TV the next generation television.

July 8, 2013: Celebrating company’s technology with the fifth anniversary since Apple launched the APP store.

July 8, 2013: First Apple computer sells for $387,750 at Christie’s online-only auction.   The seller who won bid was a Sacramento, California retired school psychologist.

July 10, 2013: Manhattan U.S. District Court Judge Denise Cole ruled that Apple, Inc. violated federal anti-trust laws by conspiring with five publishers to raise e-book prices.

August 13, 2013:  How sweet is this Apple as stock price jumps  when billionaire investor Carl Ichan tweets his huge investment in the company.

August 21, 2013: Samsung takes a big bite out of Apple with its new gold Android Flipphone.

September 20, 2013: It’s iPhone 5s mania as Apple stores sellout new popular gold tone.  Additional shipments for October.  Silver and space gray including colors of the rainbow are available with added feature of fingerprint scanner.  Looks like most consumers prefer space gray.  In just three days Apple sold nine million of its new iPhone.

September 23, 2013: Steve Jobs’ childhood home in Los Alto, California will become an historical site where he and Steve Wozniak built the first Apple computer in Jobs’ garage.

October 15, 2013: Apple hires Burberry’s UK CEO Angela Ahrendts to head its U.S. retail division.  The fashion lady will be reporting to Tim Cook Chief Executive Officer.

October 22, 2013: Apple introduces its new iPhone air light as a feather, faster and more powerful.

November 12, 2013: Apple developing curved screen iPhone coming in 2014.

November 21, 2013: Jury orders Samsung to pay $290 million on patent infringement for copying Apple’s iPhone and iPad features. Samsung will appeal.

November 22, 2013: Apple’s fingerprint scanner a failure!

November 25, 2013: Apple acquires Israeli-based 3D chip developer PrimeSense for about $250 million potentially to be used by consumers as a television.

December 4, 2013: The Chinese largest mobile carrier finally seal iphone deal.

December 5, 2013: Apple’s iphone5 and 5s in the tech race for adding a keyboard case.

December 6, 2013: Apple comes out with Beacon feature to help shoppers in store.

December 27, 2013: CEO Tim Cook’s income for 2013 rose two percent to $4.3 million.

January 7, 2014: Consumers spent more than $10 billion in Apple stores for 2013.

January 15, 2014: Complaints from consumers about Apple who is now refunding $32 million for kids in-app purchases without their parents’ permission.

January 24, 2014: Celebrating Apple’s Mac “30th” anniversary.

February 20, 2014: Steve Jobs’ face slated to be on U.S. postage stamp by 2015.

March 3, 2014: Apple’s CarPlay will be appearing on dashboards in select “2014″ vehicles.

March 5, 2014: Apple patent for a new iPhone design.

April 7, 2014: Samsung and Apple coming out with more affordable iPhones.

April 20, 2014: Apple on the green scene.

April 21, 2014: Apple and Nike get hitched with a partnership.

April 29, 2014: Closing arguments delayed in trial of Apple-Samsung patent infringement.

May 2, 2014: U.S. Federal Court in San Jose, California ordered Samsung to pay $119.6 million in Apple patent smartphone infringement damages when a jury delivered its verdict.  Samsung is appealing.

May 9, 2014: Apple wants to own hip-hop and rapper producer Dr. Dre’s famous music headphones offering him $3.2 billion.  Dr. Dre can’t believe this deal is for real!

May 23, 2014: Apple and Google settle $324.5 million to workers as part of class action.

July 16, 2014: Apple agrees to pay $450 million to settle class-action lawsuits on state and consumer claims for e-book price fixing that the iPad company conspired with five major publishers.

July 20, 2014: Nothing could be finer for Apple then to start selling iPads in China.

September 19, 2014: It’s freaky Friday as customers rush for the nearest Apple store to purchase the bigger and bolder iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus.  In just three days Apple sold ten million iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus smartphones when they went on sale Friday.

October 20, 2014: The new Apple Pay paves the way.

January 3, 2015: Apple faces California class-action lawsuit amounting to $5 million for false iPhone 6 advertising.

February 25, 2015: After Federal Court decision Apple pays $532 million in patent infringement lawsuit.  The tech company will appeal.

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Rhyming history Apple & two Steves created by Francke the Lyrical Yankee

You’re the Apple of my iphone!

(Tribute to the late hard-working Steve Jobs.  Young at Heart – Stubborn and Smart) “To the Crazy Ones Who Think Differently”

“Stay Hungry” – “Stay Foolish”

“Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your inner voice.” Steve Jobs

This generation will never see anyone quite like Steve for his ingenuity and creativity.  May he rest in peace for eternity.  We miss you Steve.

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