Chris Brown – Good girls don’t want you around (Celebrity Crimes in Rhyme) Domestic Violence


The girls don’t want you around.  On August 25, 2009 the R&B singer Chris Brown was found guilty to one count of felony battery with the intentional act of great bodily injury on February 8th to his former girlfriend, Barbadian beauty Rihanna (real name, Robin Fenty).  The judge should have put Brown’s ass in the slammer.  Damn to any man who lifts his hands to a woman.

The court ordered Chris Brown to stay 100 yards away from the Barbadian singer and he must be 10 yards from her when they attend upcoming entertainment events.  For a period of five years there will be no girlfriend/boyfriend relationship.  Rihanna wants the restraining order lifted, but so far Chris is restricted.

Looks like some women can’t get enough of the rough stuff.  Rihanna certainly needs counseling.  Chris, an abusive fella, will definitely miss the bliss under his girlfriend’s “Umbrella.”

Because Chris Brown is a celebrity he got away with just five years of supervised probation instead of being locked up in in the pokey.  He must enroll in a one-year domestic violence class and do a six-month stretch of heavy duty labor-oriented community service.  Did Chris get what he deserved?  It’s more like a “slap on the wrist.”

Brown paid $2,500 in restitution, $2,500 probation costs and other court penalties upon sentencing.

Chris flew down to his hometown in Virginia to serve six months of community service and attend a domestic violence class.  Will this help him to erase his abusive past?  Only time will tell if Chris does well.

So why do some men abuse women?  Think they can get away with it.  Hit you until you’re bloody black and blue.  Man wants to rule and screw.  A woman is nobody’s fool.  Hey, she’s human too!

A probation report issued to the court describes how Chris Brown previously roughed up or possibly shoved Rihanna into a wall while traveling in a foreign country.  These overseas attacks were never reported and of course Chris does not remember two other occasions when he lost his temper.

Chris Brown, the mean and nasty brute pled not guilty to clinching his fists into Rihanna’s face choking, punching and threatening repeatedly, then biting her ear because he was pissed.  How could this “love affair” turn into a “nightmare?” Chris Brown’s songs were taken off the air and he lost his endorsements.

On the “Larry King Show” Chris Brown surprised us all by wearing a powder blue pullover sweater with a cute matching bow tie.  Obviously Chris was trying to portray himself as a “nice sweet guy.”  Well, he is far from a “gentle man” after lifting his hands to a woman.

Larry King posed some questions on the evening of the incident, but Chris failed to go into detail in relation to any conversations he had with Rihanna out of respect and due to her privacy.  Chris was very “wishy washy,”  but did state that he was definitely ashamed.

Everyone knows Rihanna could have been maimed.  Shame, shame on a guy with “no brains.”  Chris claims he still loves Rihanna and has made some terrible mistakes which in time he hopes will make him a better person.  Hopefully he has learned his lesson.

Chris Brown’s lawyer, the famous Mark Geragos who attended the Larry King interview put on a good show.  This is the attorney who handled the Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson cases and got a wad of dough.

Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins was also by her son’s side with tears in her eyes telling Larry King she had an abusive husband and at that time Chris was too young and did not understand.  Well, Chris is now a grown man and should know right from wrong, instead the guy is headstrong!

Chris Brown gets a big blow from the Oprah Show.  He doesn’t know why Oprah will not let him slouch on her couch.  Ouch!  Oprah is not the “Queen of Mean”  she just takes domestic assault seriously.

Oprah is very appreciative that Chris went to Africa and performed at her school, but he needs to stick to the court rules.  She hopes Chris Brown straightens himself out by getting counseling which he desperately needs.  Hopefully Chris will start doing some “good deeds.”

Celebrities seem to get away with everything.  Somehow we are going to see Chris Brown’s probation reduced even though he’s a nasty brute.  Chris would like to go out of the country for “The Tribute” honoring the great Michael Jackson.  Rihanna and Chris want to go on a vacation to Mexico.  When it comes to law and order, let’s see if the judge will budge.


Rihanna, the “umbrella singer” from Barbados breaks her silence on “20/20″ interview with anchor woman, Diane Sawyer on how she was battered and bruised.  It was like I never really knew Chris as he hit and bit me.  Dangerously in love, I was ashamed and humiliated by the entire incident.  Rihanna went on to say when she caught Chris Brown in a lie on a text message from an old girlfriend, he lost it and became violent and abusive.  Chris had a blank look on his face with an attitude of nothing to lose as he hit and bruised me.  She wants Chris Brown to get his life together and grow up.  It’s been tough for Rihanna who still loves and cares about Chris Brown.  They can’t be around each other, but Rihanna will always consider Chris a best friend and hopes in time she’ll mend.

Chris Brown sits down with Robin Williams for a scheduled 20/20 special ABC “one-on-one” interview.  He’s definitely truly sorry for this terrible tragedy which has been devastating.  Rihanna and me were very happy.  There were never problems of anger or rage with any girlfriends in the past.  He’s now in an “anger management” class.

Chris posted a “Twitter” fit over certain major stores like Walmart who are not stocking his new “Graffitti” CD.  Then he quits “Twit.”  This guy is really pissed.  He used profanity against the music industry.  Looks like Chris is “up the creek” for his album only sold 100,000 copies in the first week.

On February 18, 2010 there was a court hearing.  Chris Brown finally turned his life around.  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg praised Brown for doing 32 days of community labor and not missing one session of domestic-violence counseling in his hometown.

The judge previously cleared him for traveling to concerts out of the United States. Brown thanked the judge from the bottom of his heart for her nice remarks.  Chris can now look forward to a fresh start.

UK has denied entry into their country for a concert tour due to the fact that Chris Brown was found guilty of felony battery.  Our primary concern is public safety.


Chris has a new hit song “No Bullshit” but are his fans buying it?  He’s trying for a comeback ever since the Rihanna attack.

There’s a new movie coming to your town co-starring Chris Brown.  From an R&B singer to an action star he does some great stunts running and jumping as one of the robbers in “Takers” coming to theaters August, 2010 when Chris will be performing on the big screen.

Chris and his attorney, Mark Geragos attend a fourth scheduled probation hearing.  LA Judge Patricia Schnegg after reviewing Chris’ probationary performance praises him on the great job he’s doing.

Chris Brown’s mom, Joyce Hawkins apologizes for her Michael Jackson harsh tweet remark.  The fans didn’t understand what I was trying to say, “MJ died so Chris Brown could live.”  She has since taken the tweet down and released a statement to USA saying I’m sorry the tweet offended anyone.  What I meant to say is that Chris would carry on Michael Jackson’s musical legacy.

On December 21, 2010 Chris Brown completed a domestic violence course stemming from battery charges to singer, Rihanna.

In April 2011 Chris will head to the land of Outback for a series of  fantastic concert dates with his F.A.M.E. world tour.  What more can his Australian fans ask for?

In the meantime Chris Brown and his attorney, Mark Geragos appear before Judge Patricia Schnegg asking her to lift the restraining order placed when he assaulted his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.  The judge still needs to confer with her attorney.

On Tuesday, February 23, 2011 Los Angeles County Judge removed the restraining order as Chris Brown completed his 52-week domestic violence program which now allows Brown to be around his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna as long as he does not attempt to harass, molest or annoy the Barbados beauty.  He is still on probation for the next 3 l/2 years.  Appearing at the hearing was Brown, his attorney Mark Geragos and Donald Etra, Rihanna’s attorney.


Chris Brown sends an ex-girlfriend a cell phone photo of his frontol nudity.  Shame, shame Chris maybe looking for publicity to promote his fourth album “F.A.M.E.”


On Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 Chris Brown was on “Good Morning America” singing, dancing and promoting his new #1 album “F.A.M.E.”  He drove his fans insane.  Robin Roberts host of GMA interviewed the rapper questioning him about putting his life back together ever since his abusive rage on singer Rihanna.  He tells her “I don’t have to explain nasty issues of the past.  I’m here to promote my album.”  Then hot under the collar Brown went to his dressing room and in a violent rage smashed a window, walking out of the studio with no shirt like a jerk.  Robin Roberts first interviewed Chris Brown and his family in his hometown so it wasn’t her first round with Brown.

Unfortunately, Chris Brown maybe charged with a felony.  He’s still on probation and could be in violation.  Judges are tough.  They don’t stand for any rough stuff.

Chris quickly apologized for his rage.  We hear “GMA” is not pressing charges and has offered Brown another invitation to interview him along with Rihanna, his ex-girlfriend.  There will always be chatter about the rapper and his violent temper.


After a two-year restraining order has been lifted, Chris Brown and ex-girlfriend Rihanna begin an online Twitter relationship.  Should Rihanna be concerned after being burned?  What has Chris Brown learned from his use of violence and abuse?  Chris has undergone court-ordered counseling, but statistics show violent crimes continue over time.  Don’t wait for fate to experience more than a badly bruised bloody face.  Lesson learned – Don’t get burned.


The new video “She Ain’t You” from Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. album which debuted back in March brings a cool sample of Michael Jackson’s hit “Human Nature” as the R&B singer dedicates his song performing MJ moves.


From shouting anti-gay rants the tattooed 22-year-old lands romantic comedy film cameo as a one-night stand with Megan Good based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book “Act Like a Lady, “Think Like a Man.”  Chris also starred in suspense thriller “Takers” about a bunch of robbers.


After Chris Brown screwed up an interview on “Good Morning America” by smashing a window his manager says he will only be focusing on his music career for the new year.


Chris Brown’s last appearance was in 2009 when he assaulted girlfriend, Rhi-Rhi at a Grammy’s pre-party.  Now he’ll be performing at the “2012″ Grammys held in LA Staple Center.  Who knows how much the girls want Brown around when he comes to town.  The assault ended his relation with “Umbrella” singer, Rihanna and he’s presently serving five years’ probation.  With no more restraining order Chris and Rihanna could be dating.  Coldplay and Rihanna will also be performing.  Chris will give “No Red Carpet Interviews.”

F.A.M.E. “2012″ 54th GRAMMY

22-year-old Chris Brown picked up a Grammy for best R&B F.A.M.E. album beating R. Kelly and other music celebrities.  He was also nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Performance with his “Look at Me Now” collaborators Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, but lost out to Kanye West who skipped Grammys.  Chris entertained the audience performing “Turn Up the Music” and “Beautiful People” to dance music with Lil Wayne, David Guetta and Rock Band Foo Fighters.


County singer, Miranda Lambert speaks out about Chris Brown performing twice on stage. a guy with a temper that went into a rage.  She’s pissed that Chris won a Grammy after all the drama on ex-girlfriend Rihanna.  Lambert suggested Chris Brown listen to her song “Gunpowder and Lead” about avenging Domestic Violence Against Women, get his head on straight and “Be put back in his place – Not at the Grammys.”  Lambert joins a slew of others who questioned the “Grammy” move by stating their views on social networks.


Chris tweets a whammy “Hate all U want becuz I got a Grammy.  That’s the ultimate F**K OFF.”  Of course Brown had a second round of tweeting “I’m so over everyone’s opinion which he later deleted and sent a sweet “Valentine’s Day” to all the ladies.  Let today be about u!!  Love you.”  Should Brown have kept his mouth shut or is it time to forgive the beater-sinner?


While three years have passed since Chris Brown’s altercation with Rihanna, Jay-Z is not happy about their reunion.  Jay-Z could never understand how a man can lay his hands on a woman.  He wants nothing to do with Chris.  Rihanna is hooking up with Chris recording a Remix and other songs which Jay-Z believes is wrong.  Rihanna should never forget what Chris did to her.  He thinks it could hurt RiRi’s career, the fans and reflects a bad message.


Girl “Wanna give you a good screw – It’s been a long time missing your hottie body.”  Chris sends sweetheart tweet “Robyn Happy Birthday” on February 20th celebrating with a party at the famous Hearst mansion in Beverly Hills where the two got intimate.


Chris and Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake Mix song continues to be a hit climbing R&B, Hip-Hop Billboard charts.


Rihanna was quite surprised at the criticism she received after getting together with Chris Brown when the two hit the recording studio. She insists it was completely professional.  There’s nothing romantic going on with me and my former boyfriend behind closed doors.  If we ever got back together again then it would be a whole different discussion.


More drama over Rihanna!  On Wednesday evening June 13th at the NYC W.i.P. nightclub in SoHo a fistfight ensued between R&B singer Chris Brown, Rapper Drake and crew who pounded on Brown’s girlfriend resulting in a concussion and his bodyguard injured.  Professional basketball player Tony Parker says he suffered a scratched retina and is suing.  It wasn’t just a fistfight as some bottles were thrown and there were lots of moans in wee hours of the morning as police responded.  Breezy nor Drake were on the scene once the police arrived and no one was arrested.  Brown took it on the chin with a nasty boo-boo from Drake or his crew.  Still there are conflicting stories that Breezy and Drake were fighting over Rihanna.  Drake’s representative insists he did not injure anyone when fight began while police sat down with Brown to tell his side of the fistfight.  New York Police Department have closed SoHo nightclub as well as Greenhouse a club above it for 235 days due to code violations.  Fight Club loses liquor license.  Lawsuits come pouring in from eight injured victims who were taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Celerity boxing promoter offers Brown and Drake $1 million each for the opportunity to punch each other in either Las Vegas or LA with singer Rihanna as the bell ringer.  Promoter will donate the money to a charity for abused woman.

It seems Rihanna misses Chris especially since his new relationship with Karreuche Tran which makes her more jealous and desperate.  “Good Girl Gone Bad” still has crush on beater-singer.


On September 6th at the Video Music Awards Chris congratulating Rihanna after she won “Best Video of the Year” they exchanged a kiss.  Rihanna, “You make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world.”  In an interview with Oprah, Rihanna says their kiss fumed rumors that Chris left Tran, his girlfriend for “We Found Love” singer.  Tran was crushed after listening to Oprah interview.


Upstate New York High School Students in Blackface reenact Chris Brown beating up Rihanna in pep rally skit.  They drew thousands of views.  Many called it racist and blasting the notion of getting laughs from domestic violence.


Chris Brown and Rapper Drake have been hit with a $16 million dollar lawsuit from Entertainment Enterprise which operates two nightclubs in NYC Soho district where these two celebrities allegedly fought and destroyed the nightclub name and valuable property.


On Monday, September 17th Chris Brown returned to Los Angeles courtroom to see if he met the conditions of his probation regarding 180 days of community service for “2009″ felony assault charge on Rihanna who was then his girlfriend.  Chris was allowed to perform community work in his home State of Virginia serving one-third of the hours at a day care center where Brown’s mother once served as director.  At his February status hearing he reportedly completed half of the community service and anger management counseling.  Mark Geragos his attorney commented on Brown making great strides while under probation, but judge orders further review of Brown’s community service.


On Monday night October 1st hottie RiRi and Chris were seen at a NYC nightclub hugging, kissing, pulling up his shirt showing sexy abs then romantically dancing in front of everybody.  Then they slipped into the nightclub bathroom perhaps for a screw.  The lovers left separately, but hours later Chris was seen exiting the Gansevoort Hotel where RiRi was staying.  Chris’ girlfriend Karreuche tweets he sent her roses, a teddy bear and sweets.  Who knows what GF thinks.  Chris admits he still loves RiRi and obviously Karreuche.  Jay -Z is threatening to cut Chris off over Rihanna relationship.


After the two were seen strolling around NYC, they spent sometime hanging out with each other at a Beverly Hills launch party for Chris’ new fan website “Qubeey.”  This time it looked like Chris and RiRi were just friendly.


Winning a Grammy and landing an MTV show “This is How Chris Brown Made It” after assaulting RiRi he asks his fans “Please Don’t Judge Me.”


On Thursday, November 1st in a Los Angeles courtroom 23-year-old Chris Brown and his defense attorney, Mark Geragos attend a progress hearing.  Brown who revealed he is seeing ex-girlfriend Rihanna once again has completed his community service and three years of probation.  The probation officer tested him positive for marijuana use in Brown’s State of Virginia where it’s illegal, but Attorney Geragos told the court pot was consumed while Brown was in California where his client has a medical marijuana license.  Attorney Geragos further stated to the court that Brown will be touring out of the country to Trinidad near Rihanna’s native Island of Barbados.  Brown’s probation officer must approve all international travel.  On January 13, 2013 Chris Brown must report for another probation progress report.


Due to blurry security cameras and an inconclusive interrogation leading to a flimsy investigation there will be absolutely no criminal charges filed against the rappers or any member of their entourages.  If this is justice after innocent people were hit by flying glass bottles maybe these nightclubs should be forced to invest in better equipment.


Chris Brown shuts down Twitter account with 11 million viewers after using vulgar language and calling Jenny Johnson, Houston comedy writer a “hoe” who took a potshot at rapper’s “2009″ assault on then girlfriend Rihanna.  Brown replied, “Just ask Rihanna if she’s mad at me.”  Rapper deleted Johnson’s comments and returned to Twitter after claiming victory.


Feisty Chris Brown allegedly hit gay singer Frank Ocean one of the top nominees for a Grammy outside West Hollywood studio.  Witnesses were questioned by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the incident is now under investigation.  Oceans apart Frank has change of heart and drops charges over alleged Chris’ feisty fists!


LA prosecutors suggesting that Chris after assaulting Rihanna in 2009 neglected his Community Service commitments and could find himself back in the pokey.  Mark Geragos says have the prosecutors gone off their rockers?  Breezy’s attorney swears his client was busy scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets and other dirty duties as per the terms of his probation agreement.  Chris Brown to face the music February 6th with court hearing on revoking singer’s probation.  RiRi supports her lover in court.


Openly-gay and former member of NSYNC Lance Bass slams Chris Brown for his hater-filled comments concerning homosexuals after he got into a fight with gay R&B singer Frank Ocean over a parking space allegedly called him the “f-word” is just like the “n-word” such a derogatory term.


On Saturday, February 9th a day before the Grammys Chris Brown driving in Beverly Hills narrowly escaped injury losing control and totaling his black Porsche that crashed into a wall as he was pursued aggressively by the paparazzi.  Beater-singer is up for a Grammy as best urban contemporary album.  California councilman has sponsored tougher punishment for photographers breaking the law stalking celebrities which has already led to the tragedy of a Bieber chase and death of a paparazzi.  While Chris Brown blames the paparazzi photographers’ agency denies any wrongdoing.

Breezy didn’t look happy winning nothing at the Grammys, but Ocean’s studio debut “channel Orange” did win best contemporary album and best rap/sung collaboration for “No Church in the Wild” with Kanye West, Jay-Z and The-Dream.


On “V” Day, February 14th Chris Brown and Drake who are both Rihanna lovers sue each other from June, 2012 nightclub fight as another claim is filed for damages and/or injuries sustained by plaintiff French Model Julien.  Brown and Drake say they have nothing to do with alleged acts of other individuals.  The R&B superstar singers do not see why they should be liable for Julien’s injuries.


Since Feisty Breezy was already inside Hollywood Playhouse attending an anniversary party for clothing brand Popular Demand, club owners were smart to keep the two as far apart as possible!  Rapper Drake the gentleman that he is made an about- face and left the place.  If it was Breezy he might have been mean and angry.


This time poor RiRi gets attacked not by Chris Brown, but an angry fan at “The Box” nightclub in London.  Somebody who was “bloody mad” threw a bottle (energy drink) at RiRi which scraped her knee and caused it to bleed.  Rihanna and Chris were seen sitting and cuddling together at the “2013″ Grammys.  Her daddy Ronald Fenty forgives Chris Brown the beater-singer for assaulting his daughter.  He believes “Everybody makes mistakes and deserve a second chance.”  Chris and RiRi want to continue their romantic relationship.


Rihanna doesn’t like criticism of Chris relationship yet “Law & Order” has decided to turn the RiRi and Breezy emotional unpredictable connection for a new intense episode.


Chris and RiRi in sunny Hawaii to celebrate her “25th” birthday.  Rumors have it that the couple are making wedding plans, but the only thing RiRi has confirmed is that she’s heading back home even though it’s not great to be alone.  Singer insists she’s standing by her man.


Chris may say “No way!”  RiRi is on tour and Chris wants to play.  Is he getting freaky with the ladies?  RiRi doesn’t want to “Stay” on tour while Chris is really bored.  Why doesn’t he hop a plane before going insane.


Chris is pissed.  Drake and I don’t see eye-to-eye ever since we had that nightclub fight when Chris said Rihanna is the love of my life.  Me and Drake will always have opposing views and issues.  Well Rihanna and I are back together again and lovers forever.  Chris admits doing video with RiRi.


Who’s this blonde chick with Chris?  Hey Breezy are you just plain dizzy!  RiRi replaced by another date.  Chris was seen at Hollywood’s Playhouse Nightclub holding hands with this blonde chick.  He gave her a bottle of champagne.  Does that mean he expects a lay?  Is this for real?  So what’s the deal?


Chris’ new music video for “Fine China” shows Brown pursuing a relationship with an Asian woman despite her disapproving father a Triad leader.  The plot is compared to West Side Story and Chris’ attraction to a heavy influence by Michael Jackson.


You can now listen to Chris’ “Beat It” lyrics which we hope is a hit,  but why did he pick this title reminding us how Chris used his fists!


Breezy celebrating his pre-birthday party with ex-girlfriend Karrueche.  So which is it Karrueche Tran or RiRi?  Well boys must play when RiRi is away.  Rihanna performing with her Diamond tour in NYC.


Chris and RiRi splitting.  RiRi not happy about Chris cheating.  Damn this man.  He needs to be canned.  Rihanna movin’ on with nothing less than 100% loyalty, honesty and respect!!!!


Someone is making death threats against “meanie” Breezy.  Singer’s attorney Mark Geragos received numerous calls threatening his client’s life which he took seriously and immediately contacted authorities.  Hope they apprehend the culprit!


Breezy’s Range Rover hit a Mercedes while he was cruising around town with Karrueche.  Reportedly heated up Breezy gave the other driver wrong insurance information and wouldn’t give up his driver’s license number.  LAPD is investigating the matter and if it is true this “hit and run” could land the singer in jail as he’s still on probation for beating RiRi.


City of LA orders Breezy to cover up his house graffiti or else pay a penalty.  Breezy has responded in legal documents that this graffiti enhances the architectural and esthetic features of his residential property.  Breezy fights for his rights saying, “The murals are a reflection of my esthetic taste and a reflection of free speech, an expression protected by first amendment under United States Constitution.”


What a bummer for troublemaker Breezy who reportedly wants to delete RiRi from his love life and new album.  RiRi can boost records sales, but not what ails Breezy.  Record execs not pleased that Breezy wouldn’t allow the record to be released.


Los Angeles City Attorney has charged 24-year-old beater-singer with  hit-and-run and driving without a license.  Each misdemeanor charge is punishable up to six months in the pokey.  An arraignment is set for the morning of July 15th at Van Nuys courthouse.  Breezy is still on probation for assaulting RiRi leaving her face bruised and bloody while inside a rented Lamborghini on a Hollywood street the evening of 2009 Grammy awards.  The latest charges could result in an additional four years behind steel bars.  Breezy has no desire to wear the color orange!


Lovey-dovey Breezy with his lover coochie-coochie Karreuche seen celebrating at BET Awards party in downtown LA.


Victim opts to drop “Hit and Run” charges while District Attorney wants time to mull over possible probation violation which could land Breezy in the pokey. but it doesn’t seem likely.


From all the controversy including assault on RiRi sponsors are considering dumping Breezy.  Some women’s groups in Canada are boycotting Chris based on his violence.


Breezy dumps girlfriend Karrueche cause he’d rather be friendly with RiRi.  He needs to be single to focus on his singing and dancing career although RiRi and Breezy have been hanging around each other lately.


Chris Brown has a seizure, but says it’s all stress.  He’s just one big mess!  It seems he wants to give up his music.  Chris has got to be sick.


Some guy in a recording studio claims he was punched and kicked by members of Chris’ entourage during fight with fellow singer Frank Ocean says he’s suing R&B singer for assault and battery.  Chris Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos says he’ll have it dismissed.


Hit and run dismissed by district attorney.  Breezy celebrates with partying! He thanks his lucky stars probation wasn’t revoked and agrees to more  community labor.


On Sunday morning October 27th Chris Brown and his bodyguard were arrested on felony assault charges outside a Washington, D.C. hotel for hitting some man with their fists.  This could affect Brown’s probation for domestic violence.  Lawyer says apparently it was the bodyguard who first used his fists.  Chris goes before the court pleading not guilty.  The assault charge is lowered to a misdemeanor.  The judge sets bail and singer is out of jail.  Once again Chris could be “Mr. Lucky,” although his rep says he’s heading to rehab for anger treatment after being let out of the pokey.  Looks like Breezy is catching up to Lindsay.


Rep says singer is out of a Los Angeles rehab pad, but still faces D.C. court date for misdemeanor assault charges.  Los Angeles judge orders Brown to spend 90-days in rehab treatment for random drug testing, mental health issues and take prescribed medication from his doctor.  The “Love More” singer must complete at least 25 hours of community service a week which Grammy-winner had no objection to conditions.  His violent outburst after Washington, D.C. arrest resulted in his discharge from treatment facility.  It has not been decided whether Brown’s D.C. arrest will lead to revocation of his LA probation.  R&B artist has been ordered by LA judge to return to court on December 16th for a hearing on his 2009 assault charges of his then-girlfriend Rihanna the umbrella singer.


This time it’s no joke that Brown’s probation has been revoked, but he won’t land in the pokey.  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge is pleased with his rehab progress and scheduled a February 10th hearing.  The Grammy winner-singer has been diagnosed with “attention deficit disorder.”  Brown is scheduled to appear on January 8th for his October arrest on a misdemeanor.


Looks like Chris and Karrueche are having a lot of fun taking a New Year’s Eve selfie while girlfriend sucks on Brown’s tongue.


Chris Brown along with his bodyguard appeared on January 8th in a D.C. courtroom facing assault charges.  Their lawyers rejected the plea deal citing they need more time to analyze the evidence and agreed to meet again on February 20th waiving Brown’s appearance since he would miss three days of anger management treatment program.


Breezy and his bodyguard sued for $3 mil over Washington, D.C. hotel altercation.  Victim wants the money to cover his medical bills.


Los Angeles judge orders singer back into rehab for another two months because of bipolar-disorder.


Chris and Karrueche breakup, but will there be more Rihanna drama?


Brown booted from Malibu rehab was arrested on probation warrant in Los Angeles and held with no bail landed in county jail.


On Monday, March 17, 2014 at court hearing judge rules Chris Brown will stay in jail for one month due to his “rehab guns and knives” comment.  Brown is not eating or sleeping.  He’s actually weeping!


Federal Marshals take Chris Brown into custody and transport him to D.C. for trial on misdemeanor assault charge.  Singer won’t be attending hearing.  Brown walks a fine line where he could face additional penalties and jail time.


Mark Geragos Chris Brown’s lawyer wants case dismissed because prosecutors abused grand jury process to prepare for trial while judge agreed with prosecutors that they had the right to use a grand jury to assess the strength of their case.  Victim says Brown and bodyguard punched him in the face.  On April 17th a judge will hear the case not a jury when Brown’s bodyguard is scheduled to go to trial before winning-Grammy singer.  During a brief appearance on Friday, April 18th Brown wearing an orange jumpsuit waved in the courtroom to his supporters, mother and rapper Bow Wow. Chris Brown’s assault trial is set for Monday, April 21st in D.C. Superior Court.


Judge Patricia Wynn convicts Brown’s bodyguard Christopher Hollosy of an assault charge he admitted to which Maryland man said singer and his bodyguard punched him.


Chris Brown could be out of the pokey by Monday, May 12th and serve 131 more days of a one-year sentence after admitting to violating probation.  He’ll also be continuing therapy and drug testing.


Breezy and powerful attorney Mark Geragos had the singer released at the stroke of midnight on June 5, 2014 after serving 108 days in the pokey.  His D.C. trial is still looming.


25-year-old Chris Brown is finally settling down selling his bachelor pad in Hollywood Hills preparing to build dream home with lovely 26-year-old girlfriend Karrueche.


Chris Brown dances atop his yacht soaking up the sun while vacationing with friends in Saint-Tropez nestled along the French Rivera.


Breezy pleads guilty and gets time served on misdemeanor assault in D.C.   Singer settles October, 2013 assault lawsuit for $100,000 breaking a man’s nose outside the W Hotel.


On January 15, 2015 Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin revoked Brown’s probation as singer traveled without permission for a concert while failing to complete community service.  The judge said Brown can remain free until March 20th hearing.

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February 13, 2013 – Congress sends sweeping expansion of 1994 “Violence Against Women Act” renewing the law to include gays. lesbians, transgender people, Native Americans and immigrants under its protection.  The bill goes to President Obama for his signature.

February 4, 2013 – Senate tries to move anti-violence bill protecting women from domestic abuse while broadening protections for Native Americans, gays and lesbians.  The Democratic-led Senate and GOP House passed extensions of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, but were unable to bridge a bipartisan divide and reach a compromise.

September 30, 2011 – VP Joe Biden and wife Dr. Jill Biden speak out on tenth anniversary of  “Domestic Violence Act” stating it should be addressed on teen dating in schools and college campuses.

President Obama speaks on Domestic Violence: one-in-every-four women experience domestic abuse in her lifetime.  The President has introduced legislation to fight domestic violence.

(Fighting Domestic Violence Against Women)

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BUNCH OF CRAP JACK! (Fighting Domestic Violence Against Women)


Hey Jack! Get out of this house.  You’re like a squeaky mouse slouched on that couch.  I’m sick and tired of picking up your mess.  Why don’t you get dressed?  All you want to do is smack, smack, slap, slap.  Well, I don’t want you back Jack.  Everything that comes out of your mouth is a bunch of crap!

All you know is to hit.  Man, who else is gonna stand for your shit?  I’m sick and down in the pits.  Can’t wait to split.  We can never sit and talk.  Why don’t you take a walk?  You heard me dork.  Who the hell needs you anymore?  There’s the front door.  What the heck are you waiting for?  You’re a slob with no job.

Hey Jack, get out of this house.  You’re nothing but a dirty louse.  I stood for enough of your crap.  All you want to do is smack, smack, slap, slap.  You low-down dirty rat.  Gonna get out of this trap Jack and don’t want you back.

Every day I see you nap.  I’m caught in this crazy trap.  I’m no sap.  Don’t ever want you back Jack.  Everything that comes out of your mouth is a bunch of crap and I’m no sap.

All you know is to hit.  Man, who else is gonna stand for your shit?  I’m sick and down in the pits.  Can’t wait to split.  We can never sit and talk.  Why don’t you take a walk?  You heard me dork.  Who the hell needs you anymore?  There’s the front door.  What the heck are you waiting for?  You’re a slob with no job.

Hey Jack, get out of this house.  You’re nothing but a dirty louse.  I stood for enough of your crap!  All you want to do is smack, smack, slap, slap.  You low-down dirty rat.  Gonna get out of this trap Jack and don’t want you back.

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Poetic Hell

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February 4, 2013 – Senate tries to move anti-violence bill protecting women from domestic abuse while broadening protections for Native Americans, gays and lesbians.  The Democratic-led Senate and GOP House passed extensions of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, but were unable to bridge a bipartisan divide and reach a compromise.

September 30, 2011 – VP Joe Biden and wife Dr. Jill Biden speak out on tenth anniversary of  “Domestic Violence Act” stating it should be addressed on teen dating in schools and college campuses.

President Obama speaks on Domestic Violence: one-in-every-four women experience domestic abuse in her lifetime.  The President has introduced legislation to fight domestic violence.

(Fighting Domestic Violence Against Women)

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WHY DON’T YOU TREAT ME RIGHT? (All we do is fight) Domestic Violence


All we do is fight every night.  I’m always up tight.  Whatever I say, whatever I do it’s never good enough for you.  Well, I’m sick and tired of you hitting me and mouthing off.  How come you always want to be the boss?  Living under these conditions is giving me the blues.  One day I will say good-bye to you.

Don’t think I can live this way another day.  It’s not right, it’s not okay.  We’ll have to go our separate ways.

Treat me right not wrong ‘cause pretty soon I’ll be gone.  You’ll be sorry and long for me, but I’ll be happy to be free.  I gave you plenty of time to make up your mind.

Who knows if I’ll ever find that special someone to be kind, but certainly have to leave you behind.  Can’t stand the thought of coming home and sitting down to dine.  Arguing is becoming a daily grind listening to you whine and whine.  All you do is ridicule.

Why don’t you treat me right?  We constantly fight.  You’re nasty every night.  Our conversation can never be light.  Everything that comes out of your mouth is tripe.  Your remarks are out of spite.

Don’t think I can live this way another day.  It’s not right, it’s not okay.  We’ll have to go our separate ways.

This is not going to be my plight.  I’ll fight and fight to be treated right.  It’s been far from a delight living with you night after night.  Can’t wait to get you out of my sight.  Good night!

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(Battered Women Prayin’ for a Safe Haven) Domestic Violence

Don’t think things will get better for they only get worse and it’s always the woman that gets hurt.  Run while you can from that abusive man!

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ERASE AND ERASE ALL THOSE TERRIBLE MISTAKES (Domestic Violence) Rhyming True-Life Story


Erase all those terrible mistakes.  Never thought I would make it alone.  Picked up the phone to call my parents’ home.  I tried so many times to stick it out.  Started to cry and pout.  If I could only shout.  Wish there was another way, but I’ve made up my mind I’m not going to stay.  Devised a plan to leave this man and run as far as I can.

I was depressed and all messed up.  Why should I have to fight for my rights day and night?  Have to contend with all this abuse.  Got to cut myself loose from this brute.  I’ve had nightmares from this whole affair.  I’m so frightened and scared, but I’ve got to get out of here and go somewhere.

He was a son of a bitch.  I never should have gotten hitched.  Ask myself all these questions.  There are so many lessons you learn.  Somehow I know I’ll never return.  Realized the lies of a past I despised.  It’s been hell, but I know I’m gonna feel swell.  As I turned the other cheek promised myself not to repeat another bitter defeat.  It took time to mend and start my life all over again.  Bad relationships only fail.  If you hang around you just get old and frail so it’s best to hit the lonesome trail.

Oh God help me to erase all the terrible mistakes.  Please answer my prayer and take away the despair.  I need a good remedy to forget the bad memories.

It seems like only yesterday that I relocated to this new place in the southern part of the United States.  I found a job and worked in a crazy rat race.  I met new friends and got a different wardrobe with the latest trends.  For a while the going was rough, but I made it because I’m tough.  Maybe things felt kind of strange, but my life has changed and I’ll definitely be a smarter dame.

Oh God help me to erase all the terrible mistakes.  Please answer my prayer and take away the despair.  I need a good remedy to forget the bad memories.

My life has been nothing but a haunting melody that repeats and repeats as I toss and turn in my sleep.  Oh what can I do to rid myself of the blues?  Is there something I’ve never done that might be fun?  How about taking a casual walk in the Florida sun?  I can’t keep crying over spilled milk, I’ll just wilt away.  I’ve got to live for today and look forward to tomorrow.  Don’t want to drown in my sorrow.

Perhaps I’ll add up all my mistakes and put them on a blackboard and just erase and erase.  This will help alleviate my heartache.  Let me try and break away from the bad memories I should not have to face now that I’m in a better place.  Never again will I let my life go to waste.  It’s not too late for a person to feel great.  Hope I find the right mate.  Who knows what fate has in store.  God always opens another door.

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True-Life Story

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(Women’s Fight against Domestic Abuse)

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