Black is black and white is white no matter how it’s sliced.  So who gets the bigger bite?  Those that use their might for what is wrong and what is right.  It’s an endless fight.  Never mind the ones who think things are fine for they walk a very thin line.

Will discrimination be defeated in our lifetime?  If it isn’t someone’s color, it’s their religion.  Most of us cannot make the right decision.  Everyone has to learn to live in harmony and not fight with each other whether it’s a sister, father, mother or brother.  One day we’ll get things straight.  That’s what makes democracy great.

The streets are filled with all kinds of fools.  Money dictates the golden rule and people are constantly using it as a tool.  Social standards have changed yet our lives remain an open range.  The majority rules, no prayer in our schools.  Believe In God We Trust.  Suppose God lost his trust in us?  Then everyone would make a big fuss.  Well, it’s not that hard to believe in God because nowadays who else can you trust?

The halls of justice confront us.  Rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Look who suffers from this horror.  Poverty is no longer the minority.  A vast majority of middle-income families are losing ground in many cities across this country.  The middle class is slowly disappearing due to political backlash.

Americans use their might to protect human rights.  Black is black and white is white no matter how it’s sliced.  If God created every person to look alike then who would be wrong and who would be right?  We all have to get along from morning to night.  It’s not what’s black or white, but simply what is right.

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Lyrics created by FRANCKE the Yankee

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Fighting Discrimination across this Nation

Don’t let hate be your fate

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Hey sister and brother let’s come together and love one another. We’re all God’s creation no matter what the situation. Yeah! But there’s still discrimination interfering with human relations causing bodily harm and massive devastation. Hate is so great that envy becomes frenzy. Strike with all your might because you think this is right. So you wanna fight for spite? Well, we all don’t think alike, but everybody’s got rights. Weak or meek that’s no reason to turn the other cheek. Thin, fat, small or tall, it’s a wake up call for one and all.

For goodness sake do not discriminate. It’s never too late to love one another like a sister and brother.

Accept what you cannot change. Why make life a damn shame. Whether against color, race, or creed, it all comes down to greed. Is this the answer to your need? Power is not our finest hour. Leaves you quite sour. Everything in the way will wilt and fray. Your right to live and say “I’m gay” otherwise it’s downright cruel to have any exception to the rule. Live and work without discrimination in today’s society is the number one priority. Everybody has a right to demonstrate to get it straight. It doesn’t matter if you’re part of the majority or minority don’t get taken away by authority.

The world is in a calamity. What’s gonna happen to humanity? Blasphemy, bigotry and profanity were never meant to be part of our liberty. People want equality when there’s not enough harmony. What the heck happened to respect when all we have to do is reflect? Have to move in the right direction. Gotta give more love and affection. There’s no other way toward a better connection.

We will always be alarmed when terrorists harm, kill and bomb. We’ll put on masks if they use chemical gas. Wars can never last. They only become tragedies of the past. To die for lone causes no one applauds them. There is no pride in the word ”suicide.” Death and destruction is a mere interruption. Peace process will never cease in the Middle East. Dictators are defeated for how inhuman their people were treated. Is there no end to the bitter hate? Every day we all have to face the horrible waste. Why should more and more people have to die? We all want to survive and thrive. It’s a disgrace the state of the human race. Discrimination comes in all forms of alienation, but we as a nation have to fix the situation. Now let’s all come together. You know the next person is no better.

For goodness sake do not discriminate. It’s never too late to love one another like a sister and brother.

© Copyright 2004, Lyrics created by (FRANCKE) the Yankee/Poetic Justice (Auditioned at Apollo Theater)

2009: “75th” Harlem’s Apollo Theater Anniversary

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