Peer Pressure (Don’t be the lesser when dealing with peer pressure) rhyme to heal the mind


Don’t be the lesser when dealing with peer pressure. Have to contend with your friends? Are you afraid of losing them in the end? Do you go with the crowd because it makes you feel proud? Well, start speaking up nice and loud. You’re an individual with principles. You have a choice. Voice your opinion. Shout and stand out. Whether you know it or not, you’ve got clout.

Copycat, copycat, tit-for-tat who wants to be a rat? Children look up to their peers and sometimes they’ve got fears. Maybe things are not too clear, but why string along? Whether you’re right or wrong you have to be strong. Take life in stride and never lose your pride. Live each day with your head held high.

You want to lead not follow. Be the head why swallow? Bow down and you’ll wallow. Be different, don’t be the same. There’s never any shame. Only a lame duck gets stuck and is buried in all the muck.

Can’t get out of that hole? Mull over meeting goals? Don’t be a weary soul. Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you’ve got to give in. Wake up and do what’s good for you. Draw the line and feel sublime.

Set your sights. Remember, you have rights. Aim for the best and you’ll go far. Never forget the person that you are.

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