Peer Pressure (Don’t be the lesser when dealing with peer pressure) rhyme to heal the mind


Don’t be the lesser when dealing with peer pressure. Have to contend with your friends? Are you afraid of losing them in the end? Do you go with the crowd because it makes you feel proud? Well, start speaking up nice and loud. You’re an individual with principles. You have a choice. Voice your opinion. Shout and stand out. Whether you know it or not, you’ve got clout.

Copycat, copycat, tit-for-tat who wants to be a rat? Children look up to their peers and sometimes they’ve got fears. Maybe things are not too clear, but why string along? Whether you’re right or wrong you have to be strong. Take life in stride and never lose your pride. Live each day with your head held high.

You want to lead not follow. Be the head why swallow? Bow down and you’ll wallow. Be different, don’t be the same. There’s never any shame. Only a lame duck gets stuck and is buried in all the muck.

Can’t get out of that hole? Mull over meeting goals? Don’t be a weary soul. Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you’ve got to give in. Wake up and do what’s good for you. Draw the line and feel sublime.

Set your sights. Remember, you have rights. Aim for the best and you’ll go far. Never forget the person that you are.

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Everyday Life – Stress and Strife (rhyme to heal the mind)


Life is not a perfect bowl of cherries. Sometimes it’s sad and other times it’s merry. Today is the beginning of a new dawn. You cannot get the roses without the thorns. Therefore do not expect life to be a path of sunshine and roses.  One door opens while another closes. Leave your troubles behind. They say that time does not heal all wounds, but you can improve your sense of well-being when you find peace of mind.

Enjoy life for what it’s worth. Paradise is right here on earth. Treat others fairly and with respect because this is what you would expect. A special kind of friend is hard to find.  Parents are your best friends to the end. Their love is a treasure forever.

Learning to cope with stress and strife is part of everyday life. Sometimes things are not what they seem. Dreams can become reality. Achieving your goals is to never give up even though there are many disappointments and woes.

Happiness is what you make out of life. Do not let depression be your gripe.  When you’re down it is difficult to come around. Try to forget all the sorrow. The road may be bumpy and narrow, but there is a brighter tomorrow. If you pass but once this way, helping others will make your day.

When things look bleak do not be weak.   Seek God’s strength and guidance for he will be with you for eternity. It is the meek that shall inherit this beautiful earth. Every second women are giving birth. Amen.

© Copyright 2008

Lyrics created by (Francke) the Yankee

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Fraternity Hazing (rhyming the crime)


Rage started when some college students staged a fraternity hazing. Their secret society was a top priority.

The reason they hazed was initiation season. They lashed out at other students and caused them pain.  All of you should be ashamed.

Do or dare is never fair. Beware of getting involved in nasty fanfare. Think before you leap. Don’t be labeled “stupid creeps.”  It’s too late to weep after the authorities found out who hazed and streaked.

It’s always best to analyze before you terrorize. Now open your eyes wide for the day will come when you’ll be surprised naughty, naughty, wise guys.

So whenever you have the urge for another craving like bullying and hazing think of the physical harm that may result in death. Hence, keep in mind hazing is harassment, abuse, humiliation when initiating a person into a group or secret society punishable as a felony crime and possible fine.  Therefore hazing is never the right time.

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Poetic Justice

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09/17/15 – $1.1 million-dollar hazing lawsuit was settled in death of Robert Champion drum major.

10/31/14 – Former FAMU band member 27-year-old Dante Martin, the ringleader was found guilty by jury of manslaughter and three counts of hazing that killed 28-year-old Robert Champion drum major faces fifteen years in prison.

10/12/14 – Sayreville, New Jersey Superintendent cancels high school football season after allegations against seven students hazing based on severity of the sex-crime charges.   All seven students were suspended.

07/24/14 – Ohio State fires Marching Band Director Jon Waters after finding tradition of sexual hazing which he did nothing about it.

08/30/13 – Maryland’s Towson University team of cheerleaders given one-year suspension for hazing.

05/03/13 – 23-year-old Caleb Jackson, 24-yer-old Rikki Willis and 13 others were charged in Tallahassee, Florida in connection with the death of Robert Champion a drum major of the “Marching 100″ deadly 2011 Florida A&M hazing incident plead no contest to a felony and a misdemeanor count of hazing in exchange for prosecutors dropping manslaughter charges.  If convicted defendants could face up to six years’ incarceration.

12/17/12 – Arrest warrants issued for 22 people wanted in connection with an alcohol-hazing death of David Borgenberger a Northern Illinois University freshman.

10/22/12 – No jail for student in FAMU hazing death.  He was sentenced to six months community control, two years supervised probation and 200 hours community service.  Another student, Brian Jones who previously pleaded “not guilty” before changing his plea to “no contest” was sentenced to a charge of “felony hazing.” The judge said if Jones did not abide by the sentencing order he could face up to 72 months in a state penitentiary.  The order falls short of “house arrest.”

09/10/12 – FAMU says it’s not responsible for drum major, Robert Champion’s hazing death.

09/07/12 – Florida A&M University compel all students sign anti-hazing pledge in order to attend classes.

09/04/12 – FAMU suspends student “Torque Dance Team” after an anonymous tip from a parent alleging it had been in an off-campus hazing incident involving alcohol over Labor Day weekend.

09/01/12 – Clark Atlanta Georgia University band temporally suspended over possible hazing.

07/21/12 – While campaigning in Florida President Obama talks about FAMU hazing that resulted in the death of a band member.

07/11/12 – FAMU President resigns as family of deceased beaten drum major, Robert Champion files wrongful death lawsuit against the university.

06/08/12 – Three Rye, New York high school male students have been suspended after being charged and arrested in an alleged “Freshman Friday” hazing that they rounded up eighth-graders brutally paddling them as part of a hazing ritual.

05/04/12 – Criminal charges have been filed against 13 individuals (some remain at large) facing felony hazing charges that led to the “beaten on a bus death” of  Florida A&M University drum major 26-year-old Robert Champion who suffered blunt trauma blows, including one individual charged in another case at the same school surrendered Friday afternoon.  FAMU band director Dr. Julian E. White announced his retirement.  The university extends marching band’s suspension.  Hazing that involves bodily harm is a third-degree felony in Florida.  One defendant claims FAMU drummer wanted to be hazed.

04/04/12 – Darmouth (Boston) an Ivy League black university dropped charges against a fraternity for violating school policy by threatening physical harm to students and new members in fear of their safety and/or engaging in hazing during the fall term of 2011.  They were also accused of providing alcohol and drugs to underage students and/or providing alcohol to intoxicated individuals.  These charges were based on allegations made by Andrew Lohse, a former fraternity member.

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Bittersweet (rhyming life’s treats)


We all enjoy sweet treats wrapped in fancy foils so they don’t spoil. Their heavenly taste and smell makes us feel swell. Savor the delicious aroma and flavor. Sweets come in all different shapes and sizes. Open the box and you’ll be in for some yummy surprises.

When taking off the wrapper of a treat you’ll never know if it’s bitter or sweet. Therefore it’s always wise to take a peek before indulging in that treat for life can be either bitter or very sweet. It’s only after you taste the treat you’ll know which part is sweet or very tart.  So be smart not to be left with an after taste that’s not great.  Select the right treat and you won’t go down in defeat.

© Copyright 2010

Lyrics created by (Francke) the Yankee

Poetic Rhetoric

Inspired by the movie, “Open Range” (Kevin Costner)

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Which part of your life is sweet or tart?  Start enjoying life’s treats.  You’ll be able to purchase the rest of this neat piece shortly.

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