Mizunderstood N Da Hood (Poetic Rap) Lyrics for Music


I’m bad, I’m good. Why am I mizunderstood? I’m glad, I’m sad I live in the neighborhood. Hang out with the gang that go bang, bang. You’re alive, you’re dead. There’s nothing more to be said. Some days I dread rising out of bed. Need a plan to get ahead.

I’m black, I’m white. See this knife. Want to fight? You’re wrong, I’m right. I’ll use my might. You better be out of sight before I strike.

Man, I wanna be understood not mizunderstood n da hood. Hang around with the crowd. I’m damn proud. I’m from the projects. We’re no rejects. They call us stupid, but we’re smart. We’ve got a big heart. Some of us just need a good start to get out of the neighborhood.

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Lyrics created by (Francke) the Yankee

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Rap n da Hood

The rest of Francke’s neat poetic rap piece offered for sale only with  an interest in “Lyrics for Music.”  Contact Francke before purchasing.

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The Bronx Punk (Poetic Rap)

The Bronx Punk

So you live in The Bronx and want to hang around with them punks. Some are real nasty hunks. They’d like to give you a bump-a-dee bump. Here, take that lump. Stomp, stomp, you slump and then get locked in a trunk. They throw you in the city dump.

Hey punk is you really from The Bronx? Why are you such a clunk? Half the time you’re drunk or on drugs with nothing on your mind but a bunch of junk. All you want to do is hump hump, pump pump the girls in the bunk.

From Fordham Road to the Grand Concourse we’ll show you who’s the boss.

© Copyright 2009

Lyrics created by (Francke) the Yankee

All Rights Reserved

Gang violence is a pity in any city.

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