WAR ON GREEDY STREET VS. MAIN STREET INEQUALITY (OWS MOVEMENT/MAY DAY HISTORY) 99% vs. 1%/In Defense of 1%(One-Year Anniversary)”Occupy Unmasked” “Occupy Sandy” SATIRE

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OCTOBER 28, 1886

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(99% vs. 1%)

“OWS” movement began on September 17, 2011 at Zuccotti Park located in New York City’s financial district initiated by a Canadian activist group named “Adbusters” led to protests to be non-violent, picketing, internet activities and demonstrations globally.  The main issues are social and economic inequality, greed, corruption and the undue influence of corporations on government, in particular banking reform and the financial services sector.  “OWS” slogan “We are the 99%” addresses growing inequality and wealth distribution in the United States between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population.

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No dough – No jobs – No homes – No cars – We’re not slobs!

Government bails out AIG the insurance boss who took a huge financial loss and Goldman Sachs Global Banking and Securities on the backs of taxpayers’ money.  Middle Class get it up the ass while the poor are trashed.  If this is equality then what is democracy?  When Wall Street and banks run the country with their Democratic and Republican cronies.  “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

“Occupy Wall Street Beef”

The economic catastrophe began on September 17, 2011 as thousands of U.S. activists and anti-war demonstrators camp out and march in Zuccotti (privately-owned) Park while “Occupy Wall Street” is spreading across the country and globally protesting corporate greed, jobs and poverty.  Police arrest 700 protesters for rallying on Brooklyn Bridge while motorists are ticked off waiting in stalled traffic.

Teamster labor unions and Democrats backing Wall Street protesters.  Republican candidate Herman Cain says protests are anti-American.  He tells them to go home, get a job, get a life but protesters still continue to fight for their rights.  Will this infringe upon Cain’s presidential nomination?  President Obama says he understands American’s frustration.  Feisty Minority House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says “God bless them for their spontaneity.”  VP Joe Biden sees the protesters much like the Smarty Tea Party.  U.S. District Rep. Barney Frank from Massachusetts, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sympathize with testy protesters.  Mayor Bloomberg says the mobs of protesters are trying to ruin NYC jobs, but it’s okay for them to stay as long as they behave.  Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor refers to protesters as a “mob squad.”  Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney does not condone protesters and says it’s the wrong way to go.  Glenn Beck former Fox newscaster says protesters are like “killer capitalists.”  Filmmaker Michael Moore and Obama have become whores of the poor.  While they both agree with protesters’ economic distress, Moore in the 1% category has made millions from his films and President Obama’s bailout policy for greedy Wall Street.  Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani says “OWS” movement is for bums and hippies.  When asked about “OWS” protesters conservative republican candidate Newt Gingrich said “Go get a job after you take a bath.”  Protesters dressed in white bath robes react to Newt’s crude attitude.

Jay-Z on “Occupy All Streets”

Producer and Hip-Hop Rapper artist Jay-Z says he doesn’t mind paying more income taxes for education and people in poverty as long as there’s transparency where the money is going.  However Rapper Jay-Z  “Scrooge this Christmas” by selling “Occupy All Streets” t-shirts on his Rocawear company website was told by a spokesman of “OWS” that profiting  from social cause is an insult to it’s fight for economic civil rights.  The “Rocawear” company who has since taken the t-shirts off its website had no intention on donating any proceeds to “OWS.”

Brokers celebrate “Let them eat cake”

Wall Street brokers celebrate with champagne and wine which seems to indicate “Let them eat cake.”  Protesters told to clean up is canceled, but they won’t shut up!  “Occupy Wall Street” movement grows from lower Manhattan to the elite east side of Park Avenue Millionaires Row.  More protesters are arrested as they head to Times Square for allegedly defying police authority. NYC protesters march to Office of District Attorney.  Rowdy protester throws powder on Geraldo Rivera Fox newscaster. Violent protester uprisings, crimes, drugs, rapes and killings are seen in a number of American cities and foreign countries.

“Attack Goldman Sachs”

On Friday, October 14th in Milan, Italy hundreds of protesters attacking Goldman Sachs financial district building came storming into hallways with their anger posted at Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi screaming “Give Us Money” when they were confronted and arrested by police and security.  Now that Economist Mario Monti has been nominated as Prime Minister after Berlusconi resigned hopefully the country will be on the road to recovery.

“Clean Up Zuccotti”

On Thursday, October 20th protesters finally clean up “Zuccotti Park” in lower Manhattan with actor Alec Baldwin pitching in.  Neighborhood residents hold meetings complaining about protesters noisy and unsanitary conditions affecting them and their school children.

Brookfield Properties the owners of  Zuccotti Park tell protesters they must leave before Friday, October 21st so they can do some maintenance and cleaning.  Protesters believe it means they will be stopped from demonstrating.  New York City Mayor Bloomberg reminds them that under the First Amendment clause there’s freedom of speech for every American citizen.

“Thousands Rally Against Seedy Corporate Greed”

Thousands of demonstrators wearing all kinds of “OWS” getups with police in riot gear rally against corporate greed in NYC’s Times Square and theater district.

“Delivery for Corporate Greed”

On Friday, October 28th some 400 Zuccotti Park marching protesters, activists and homeowners deliver thousands of letters individually and via website occupytheboardroom.org addressed to Wall Street executives and banking institutions across New York City stating “corporate greed” that caused homeowners into foreclosure and loss of jobs from your bad policies.

“Irate Manhattan Lawmakers Objection to Protesters”

Manhattan lawyers representing downtown neighborhoods and Zuccotti Park owner send letter to Mayor Bloomberg stating their objection to “OWS” protesters’ demonstrating with excessive noisy drumming, public urinating and barricades preventing pedestrian traffic.  Bringing their grievances to City Hall a group of people and businesses are planning counter-protests against Zuccotti Park “OWS” protesters.

“Tax the Rich Bitch”

While “Occupy Wall Street” movement has been hollering “Tax the Rich” as their main cause the group has received donations totaling more than half a million in tax exempt dollars.  “Alliance for Justice Global Group” backing protest movement says those  donating to “Occupy Wall Street” can deduct the amount from their federal income taxes.

“Occupy Globally”

On Friday, October 21st from marching around London’s Stock Exchange protesters are seen camping out and shouting their grievances near the historical landmark St. Paul’s Cathedral which had to close their doors to the public due to noise, rubbish and protester’s use of the church as a latrine inside and outside the building.  Employees had to take mops to clean up the slop.  Cathedral and authorities halt filing legal action for protesters’ eviction as anti-capitalists agreed to leave.  Tents and sleeping gear were supposed to be removed, but protesters have done nothing to alleviate conditions so authorities and the Cathedral are initiating legal proceedings.  On Wednesday, January 18, 2012 London protesters finally lose court battle on eviction.

“Occupy Chicago”

On Sunday, October 23, 2011 noisy and shouting anti-Wall Street demonstrators “Occupy Chicago’s Grant Park” are ordered by police to remove themselves from the streets.  130 people were arrested and charged with criminal trespass after defying Grant City Park closing time.

“Occupy Greed Street”

On Monday, October 24th “Occupy Greed Street” protesters tell big banks to “take a haircut” as barbers leave their shop and go to Zuc-cutti Park clipping their beards and locks.  What this means is that a bank takes a loss when a homeowner defaults.  Guys wearing plastic ponchos displaying bank names and logos in white lettering shouting how institutions punish people who don’t pay their bills including their ill-will towards people not being able to borrow money.  Protesters want banks to help people that made loans not lose their homes.

“Occupy Slam Oakland”

On Wednesday, October 25th thousands of peaceful protesters took to streets of Oakland, California after a violent confrontation on Tuesday when hundreds of protesters camping out in a downtown City Hall plaza were told to remove themselves threw objects at officers were arrested after clashing with police who dispersed plastic bullets and tear gas.  A two-time Iraq war veteran was injured in the incident by an alleged shot to his head from a police projectile and taken to the local hospital in a critical state then upgraded to fair condition.  Mayor Jean Quan apologizes for another Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran who received lacerated spleen injuries and inappropriate treatment from protesters.  Nearby neighborhoods have had enough of the rowdy drumming protest stuff.  The protesters intend to hold a citywide strike on November 2nd and support for Scott Olsen, Iraq war veteran who suffered brain damage still unable to talk.  Many Oakland businesses like “Men’s Wearhouse” stand behind the “OWS” 99%.  On Monday, November 12th eviction of protesters by police in riot gear arrested 33 people and took down tents in the encampment.  It’s far from over for more than 400 protesters were arrested Saturday January 28, 2012 for their violent behavior injuring police officers, breaking into a vacant convention center, YMCA, breaking glass at City Hall and burning American flags.  Mayor Quan and other city officials are fed up with the testy occupiers.  On Monday, February 27, 2012 law enforcement officers suffered minor injuries, but one was hit in the face and taken to the hospital during a clash with members of occupy movement at the Sacramento State Capitol.  Police were escorting 35 members of the South African Project to a parking garage after their protest.  50 members of Occupy Oakland threw bottles and cans at officers and South African group.

“Occupy Rattle Seattle”

On Wednesday, November 3rd hundreds of protesters are pepper sprayed while multiple arrests were made by police after pounding on cop cars and storming into JP Morgan Chase Bank Building screaming “Destroying the American Dream.”  After dark protesters marched to the downtown Sheraton Hotel where CEO Jamie Dimon of Chase was a keynote speaker at a business leadership dinner as chanting began “Banks got bailed out – We got sold out.”

“Peaceful to Violent Occupy D.C.”

On Tuesday, November 8th top D.C. police brass visit McPherson Square where they talked to protesters about their first amendment rights and protecting pedestrian safety in the streets and walkways.  Protesters preach for peace, but police are assigned to mounted horses making sure demonstrators march on sidewalks not in the streets.  An incident on Friday, November 4th sees demonstrators blocking traffic and acting violently,  Then a 75-year-old lady was knocked down cement steps coming out of the Washington Conference Center holding special event on “Americans for Prosperity Dinner.”  Mayor Vince Gray and D.C. Police Chief Kathy Lainer tell protesters they will not tolerate jeopardizing public safety.  On November 22nd “Occupy the Highway” protesters who left Zuccotti reach D.C. after marching 231 mile stretch of cold concrete meet in McPherson Square to rally.  On Sunday, December 4th protesters in McPherson Square Park since October 1st built a pavilion called “The People’s Wooden Structure” are asked to dismantle it defying police orders were arrested and taken into custody.  On Sunday, January 29, 2012 after months of posting fliers on Federal rule banning tent camping in two city parks defiant protesters will be violators.  On Sunday, February 5th occupiers do not think it is fair as police in hazmut suits take down tents in Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square.

“OWS Veterans Day Concert”

On Friday November 11th “OWS” protesters will be honoring the heroes who fought for our country with a “Veterans Day” concert in New York City.

“Occupy Portland Protesters Ticked Off By Eviction”

On Sunday, November 13th thousands of protesters and homeless people looking for food and shelter who have not left a city park are told by police in riot gear to leave on eviction notice signed by Mayor Sam Adams due to unhealthy conditions, drug users and stealing.  Protesters say they have been “peaceful” yet 50 people were arrested.

“NYC Police Remove Protesters from Zuccotti”

On Tuesday, November 13th around 1:00 a.m. hundreds of NYC police with flood lights make a clean sweep of Zuccotti.  They removed and arrested 200 protesters who refused to leave.  Protesters sang Beatles song “Revolution.”  City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says every effort was made to avoid confrontation, but after two-month encampment there were safety and quality of life issues which was prime decision to clear protesters from Zuccotti. While private park was supposed to reopen for protesters at 8:00 a.m. a court order prevented them from entering.  Protesters head to old Trinity Church near Canal Street and then to Tribeca and Soho district where they previously rallied for protesters in Oakland.  In the meantime New York Lawyers’ Guild have obtained an injunction against Brookfield Properties setting Tuesday for a hearing on the grounds that City officials had no right to establish rules after protesters began camping and marching in the park.  Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman cancels restraining order with a revision that protesters can march, but not camp out with sleeping bags, generators or tarps inside the park.  Judge agrees with Mayor Bloomberg and other city officials including U.S. Representative for New York’s 3rd Congressional District Peter King that safety and unsanitary conditions were an issue.  Mayor Mike Bloomberg says the city will still be fighting to get protesters out of Zuccotti.  “OWS” protesters go to police station to pick up their stuff.  On Wednesday, November 14th a protester is arrested after posting YouTube video threatening to fire bomb the city.

Shut down “NYSE” D-Day on Two-Month Anniversary

On Thursday November 15th around 7:00 a.m. thousands of protesters meet to shut down NYSE at 11 Wall Street.  They intend to be inside subway stations when the morning rush hour leaves the underground.  Service Employees International Union join protesters and go down to City Hall and then the Brooklyn Bridge with its festival of lights onto a pedestrian walk where they’ll be marching and chanting.  In the early morning hours a protester threw some type of liquid which might have been vinegar at the faces of 4 policemen while another cop got hit in the hand with a piece of glass and received 20 stitches were all taken by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital.  New York City police say 400 protesters were arrested when they blocked traffic and trucks making deliveries near Pine, Canal and Liberty.  Mobs of protesters were heard shouting “F**k You Bloomberg.”  Oscar-winning “Fargo” actress Frances McDormand seen among the crowd of protesters did not speak with reporters.  Brokers and office workers were also blocked from entering 40 Wall Street the Deutsche Bank building.  Demonstrators threw down barricades at Zuccotti then made their way to Foley Square where hundreds chanted “All day, All week Wall Street.”  Others shouted we need work wearing “99″ t-shirts.  San Francisco protesters stormed into a Bank of America branch located in the city’s downtown financial district and in Los Angeles 500 protesters paraded in front of Wells Fargo Plaza shouting “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out.”  The “OWS” movement in Portland, Houston, Chicago, St. Louis, Arizona, Miami, Tampa, Boston, Philadelphia and D.C. rallied for economic inequality while protesters at a Dallas camp were evicted.  In Denver 17 people were arrested at Civic Center Park and three activists charged with felonies.  San Francisco’s University of California Police Chief on leave after two campus policemen pepper spray peaceful protesters which is now under investigation.  University of California Chancellor Linda Katehi apologizes to protesters for pepper spraying.  Victims’ medical bills for pepper spraying incident will be paid by the university.  There were many rallies, evictions and arrests held in at least 30 U.S. cities including foreign countries.

“Kicked out of Zuccotti”

On Sunday, November 20th “OWS” protesters made their way uptown to Mayor Bloomberg’s swanky Fifth and Madison Avenue mansion chanting, but were blocked by police from drumming.  Neighbors had to show I.D. as police put up barricades surrounding the street so protesters could not enter.  Mayor Bloomberg says protesters should vent their anger at Capitol Hill not the banking industry.  It’s estimated that protesters have cost the nation’s taxpayers $13 million.

“Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade”

Whoppi Goldberg of “The View” says protesters should not interfere with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Float Parade.  This holiday is where every girl and boy look forward to celebrate and enjoy spectacular helium balloons with Santa strolling down the avenue.

“Hearty Thanksgiving in Zuccotti Park”

This time instead of protesting Thanksgiving meals with all the trimmings were given out to 500 people by volunteers near Zuccotti.  It was a festival of entertainment with music and guitar playing, but police stopped the drumming.  You could hear the chanting “Shop small businesses on Black Friday – Stay away from major retail chains.”

“Now Occupy This Album” to Benefit Movement

Legendary music artists released an album dedicating “99 tracks and 99 artists for the 99 percent” with Bob Dylan singing his 1964 protest anthem, “The Times They Are A Changin” supporting and benefiting protesters.  They hope to raise $1 million for the cause.  The money will be donated to “Occupy Wall Street” Fund and other major occupations across the country.

“Tea Party Activists vs. Occupy Nation Movement”

“OWS” protesters are at the crossroads after being tossed out of Zuccotti and other city parks, but dismantling tents is not the end of 99 percent.  Their movement has just begun, a war against the political rich that must be fixed.  Tea Party and “OWS” both agree that things cannot get done either by Democrats or Republicans in Washington.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says President Obama is just a “bystander” not a “leader.”  Boston Tea Party movement has been around for awhile starting with our Founding Fathers in the 17th century.  It still stands for controlling government spending while OWS protest greedy bankers and Wall Street.  The time has come for everyone to get together and select a candidate who will get the job done leading America into prosperity.

“From Zuccotti to Manhattan Office Buildings”

With donations pouring in the “OWS” movement has set up office space in lower Manhattan.  They are also considering an Art and Cultural Center somewhere in Brooklyn.

“Irate Protesters on Obama’s Manhattan Fundraiser”

Irate protesters came marching and drumming in front of the Sheraton Hotel in NYC where Obama had a fundraiser for $1,000 to $36,000 a plate.  Protesters chanting “That money should go toward job creation not campaigning.”

“Occupy Wall Street Uses its Might for Trinity Hunger Strike”

Occupy Wall Streeters is using its might by going on a hunger strike in an effort to convince Trinity Episcopal Church to use a vacant piece of land it owns on Canal and Sixth Avenue in lower Manhattan.  Should they be arrested the protesters will continue their hunger strike behind bars calling on occupiers to join their cause across the nation.

“Brookfield Properties Owe Tax Money”

It seems that Brookfield Properties owe the City of New York a whopping $139,000 in unpaid businesses taxes from 2006 to 2009 so it would be wise for Mayor Mike Bloomberg to distance himself from the owners of Zuccotti.

“Occupiers Shout Take Back the People’s House”

From December 5th-9th the 99% will vent their anger at Washington’s congressional leaders on Capitol Hill.  With unemployment benefits ending, payroll tax extension expiring, some 14 million people out of work who have lost everything including homes they once owned protesters march the halls for justice sitting outside or inside Senate offices shouting you must represent us not greedy corporations and the wealthy.

“Protester Gets Foot in the Door”

Tracy Postert, a 30-year-old Upper West Side resident “OWS” protester since October with a PH.D in Pharmacology was serving sandwiches and cleaning sidewalks around Zuccotti.  Tracy pounded the concrete streets for 15 days carrying a sign “I need a job, ask me for my resume.”  A passerby with the John Thomas Brokerage Firm on Wall Street hired Tracy as a junior analyst.  She’s now making a five figure salary.

“Occupy Movement Force Shut Down of West Coast Ports”

From Anchorage to San Diego the Occupy Movement marches to shut down West Coast shipping facilities.

“Protesters disrupt Iowa Republican Caucus Headquarters”

Eighteen protesters were arrested and given misdemeanors when they demonstrated and disrupted the Iowa campaign Presidential headquarters of Republican candidates Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

“Occupiers’ set American Flags on Fire “

On Friday, December 30th four male occupiers were arrested at a Charlotte, North Carolina encampment after setting two American flags on fire.  It is not illegal to burn an American flag, but the fire caused damage as firefighters were called in to douse the flames occupiers were jailed and charged with misdemeanors.

“Actress threatened on New Year’s Eve by NYPD”

57-year-old Ellen Barkin renowned actress who happens to live in the downtown area tweeted that on her way home she was stopped and shoved by a New York cop when 68 occupiers were arrested on New Year’s Eve taking down barricades as they tried once again to invade Zuccotti Park.  There were mounted police on the streets.  One police officer was stabbed and taken by ambulance to a hospital.

“Occupiers’ Octopus Float Jolts Pasadena Rose Bowl”

2011 ended with some 200 occupiers marching and chanting “We want economic justice” planned to jolt Rose Bowl Tournament of Roses Parade attaching a replica of the Constitution on an Octopus float made of recycled plastic tentacles representing Wall Street greed.  Occupiers were told by police if there was any parade disruption they could be arrested.  It was a peaceful demonstration.

“Occupy protesters trash Christie & Romney at N.H. rally”

Hard core “Occupy Wall Street” protesters at New Hampshire rally yelling at Christie and Romney how they kill jobs were promptly escorted out the door.  The 99% spoke out against Mitt Romney as a wealthy millionaire which Christie quickly attacked right back.  Gov. Chris Christie pointed out that he created 60,000 jobs in his State of New Jersey and Mitt Romney has always been for jobs and private industry.  Christie put one girl protester in line by saying “Sweetheart if anyone killed jobs it’s Obama’s administration” not the Republicans.

“Wall Street Protesters take back NYC’s Zuccotti”

On Tuesday evening, January 10th security guards working for the owners Brookfield Properties took down metal barricades at Zuccotti.  More than 200 protesters re-entered the park, but were not allowed sleeping bags or to lay around on the ground, although some were seen lying down.  The Civil Liberties Union fighting for their Constitutional rights as lawyers had filed papers with the city.

“Protesters praise Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy”

On Monday, January 16th protesters marched across the nation in celebration of civil rights leader Rev. Marin Luther King, Jr. and  his legacy on his 83rd birthday.  A man who stood for peace, the underprivileged, unions for all classes and poor people in foreign countries.  Today things have greatly changed with a worldwide depression that has brought economic inequality for millions no matter what color or creed.

“White House alarmed by apparent Smoke Bomb”

On Tuesday, January 17th hundreds of occupy protesters gathered outside the White House protesting Congress when some kind of a smoke bomb was thrown over iron gate which luckily President Obama and First Lady were out celebrating her “48th” birthday.  White House and the grounds went into lock down.

“Occupiers Dump Condoms in Rhode Island”

“OWS” protesters vent their issues as they crashed and trashed a “Pro-Life” event dumping condoms from a third floor balcony on Catholic school girls in a Rhode Island Capitol building.  People had a tough time speaking at the rally with all the protesters shouting,  Police were outnumbered so no one was “arrested or busted.”

“Smart to Trademark”

Long Island, New York couple thinks it’s a smart move to trademark “Occupy Wall Street” and are planning on putting the logo on bumper stickers, umbrellas, hand bags, back packs, underwear and footwear.  We’re capitalizing just like other people around the country and globally with “We are the 99%” and “Occupy D.C.”  Filed under the name “Diane Maresca” the registration was abandoned in early November.  The month of November saw new trademark registrations using the words from  “Occupy” to “Occupy Hip Hop”  “Occupy Any Wear” “Occupy United” “Occupy Together” and “Everywhere I Occupy I Go.”  So what’s next?

Android App “I’m Getting Arrested”

This app was designed with protesters in mind.  Got handcuffed in Zuccotti?  Arrested during a demonstration in Times Square? Notifying everyone of your whereabouts quickly tap the app.

“Wall Street Jobs Disappear in the New Year”

15,000 finance jobs will disappear from Wall Street in the new “2012″ year.  Fear lingers in the minds of young people that are putting their nose to the grind trying to find a job for the first time.

“Feed the Greed”

“Feed the Greed” The Real World (MTV) “Occupy Wall Street” protesters can tell their stories by applying online.

“Occupiers March Protesting Banks in Ten Major U.S. Cities”

Occupiers are marching in ten major cities across the country.   In NYC OWS are protesting “Bank of America” home foreclosures, but these “attention-getters” have no real message.  Some are homeless, jobless and others wannabee hippies.  No one has stated their goal and stepped up to the plate.

“OWS Mark Sixth-Month Anniversary at Zuccotti”

Spring is in the air – Occupiers are here

On Saturday, March 17th celebrating a St. Pat’s Day Parade hundreds of people descended on Wall Street’s financial district which began with marching on lower Broadway and ended with 73 arrests made by police who setup barricades around Zuccotti Park due to protesters installing now-illegal tents and sleeping bags and other encampment equipment.   Many demonstrators sat down locking arms and chanting “we are not afraid” saying they were “pushed and shoved” while some said they were beaten.  Police denied beating anyone as they cleared the streets.  Protesters were loaded onto an MTA bus.  “Occupy Spring is Here” as filmmaker Michael Moore spoke at yesterday’s march telling reporters “This park is sacred ground for millions of people across the country.”

“Michael Moore Draws Hecklers”

Millionaire Michael Moore heckled by occupiers for being too rich  signed autographs during six-month rally at Zuccotti.

“Grabbing Bull by its Testicles”

It was a spectacle when OWS removed barriers grabbing bronze bull’s testicles.  We’ll show you what mighty greed feels like.  In spite of the yelling and screaming no protesters were arrested.

“April Fools Day Marks Six-Month Anniversary”

A rainy Sunday was “April Fool’s Day” but no one was joking as hundreds of 99% protesters held up “Health Care” signs marching across the Brooklyn Bridge celebrating six-month anniversary.  The first protest resulted in 700 people being arrested for blocking traffic.  This time it was peaceful and no one was arrested.

Sean Hannity interviews Occupier Organizer

Harrison Schultz occupier organizer tells Sean Hannity host of Fox News that capitalism to him means “everything should be free.”  Hannity asks occupier so you believe people shouldn’t work for a living and the government pays for everything?  Schultz blames NYPD for rapes, drugs and violence in the parks where occupied movement set up an encampment by sending infiltrators.  Confronting an egoistic, lazy Schultz, Hannity does not believe any of this.  America!  It’s time to wake up and see that these are the kind of adults Obama has promised to deliver if he gets re-elected.

“LA to NYC marking “May Day” around the world and country”

No work – No school – No shopping – No banking!

Outside the USA, May 1st is “International Workers’ Day” in observance of speeches, rallies and demonstrations.  It originated in the U.S. labor movement.  Since 2006 American unions and immigrant rights activists have resurrected May 1st as a day of protest.  In the wake of Occupy Wall Street, a national movement for social justice will take to the streets giving their voice for democracy and equality.  It all began right after the Civil War when capitalism ran rampant across America.  Then came the “Glided Age” increasing wealth and growing political influence by corporate power brokers known as the “Robber Barons” (were businessmen John Jacob Astor (Fur, Real Estate) Andrew Carnegie (Steel) James Buchanan Duke (Tobacco) J.P. Morgan (Finance) John D. Rockefeller (Oil) Cornelius Vanderbilt (Water transportation and Railroads) industries generated great riches as the fortunate few grew, but at the expense of workers which many of them were immigrants working long hours under dangerous conditions with very little pay struggling through each day.  As the gap widened between the rich and the poor workers began to resist.  In the late 1800s there were strikes by thousands of railroad, factory and mine workers which shut down major industries demanding decent working conditions and actions for living wages.  By 1884 the Federation of Labor adopted that “eight hours shall constitute a legal day’s labor from and after May 1, 1886.”  Unions and radical groups orchestrated  strikes and large-scale demonstrations across the nation and globally establishing “May Day” as an international holiday continuing the struggle for an eight hour day, workers’ rights and social justice.

With hundreds  of OWS demonstrators marking “May Day” on first Tuesday around the country, protesters on a rainy day in New York City marched and rallied in lower Manhattan from Bryant Park to Union Square with signs, bullhorns and other paraphernalia objecting to Wall Street corporate greed, foreclosures and the war which has taken the lives of many soldiers.  Some protesters looked for a meetup at the Brooklyn Bridge while nothing violent happened.  While most protesters were peaceful police had to arrest more than 50 people for disorderly conduct.  About 80 Occupy Wall Street organizers gathered in a stuffy basement of a lower Manhattan office building discussing final stages of the movement’s yearly action.

There were huge “May Day” marches across Asia and Europe.  Thousands turned out demanding higher wages in the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan while around 100,000 marched in Russia’s downtown Moscow and 2,000 in Greece with its weak economy.

In Defense of 1%

Who is Edward Conrad?  Retired at 51 he’s part of the 1% and a man that worked as a business partner at the private equity firm Bain Capital for Mitt Romney helping to build it into a multi-billion dollar business says having a small elite with vast wealth is good for the poor and middle class of this country.  Of course the Occupy Movement would disagree.  Edward Conrad’s book “Unintended Consequences: Why Everything You’ve Been Told About the Economy is Wrong, he’s out to prove and persuade the 99% that this is true.  Conrad hopes to change the way we view the super rich’s role in our society.  While most Americans do not realize how the economy really works – that the superrich only spend a small portion of their wealth on personal comforts, the majority of their money is spent on productive businesses that make life better for everyone.  Most citizens are consumers not investors.  For example, let’s take the Google founder who might be very rich, but the world is far richer because of Google.  Conrad concludes that for every dollar an investor gets the public reaps up to $20 in value.  Conrad says we should all appreciate the vast wealth of others more because we’re benefiting proportionally.  It’s the top 1% who are responsible for the well-being of the 99%.

July 4th Rally in Philly

On Saturday, June 30th occupy groups and Tea Party Activists from across the country expecting to total around 2,000 protesters marching, speaking and camping will start gathering on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall for July 4th festivities in unification of their movement against economic inequality.

Philadelphia “City of Brotherly Love” is bracing for at least one million tourists to enjoy the fireworks, concerts and celebrations.  Last year most protesters were largely peaceful, but officials became frustrated when some refused to leave City Hall plaza the police arrested and evicted those that decided to remain into late November.

OWS Oakland Crash and Smash

On Friday evening August 3rd between 100 to 200 occupy protesters with police following marched into downtown Oakland, California smashing car windows and throwing a brick at the glass storefront of President Obama’s campaign headquarters.  Luckily several campaign volunteer workers were not hurt.  Occupiers took to the streets after being denied a permit to demonstrate at a monthly art walk public gathering.  Oakland occupy movement has been the most violent clashing with law enforcement.

Marking One-Year Anniversary in NYC

On Saturday, September 15th a small crowd of around 300 people observed the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street in NYC.  Protesters first gathered in Washington Square and ended near Trinity Church across the street from Zuccotti where police took at least a dozen protesters into custody.  The march is the first of a three-day event in which “OWS” will protest against economic inequality spreading to other parts of the country and 30 cities globally.

On Monday, September 17th hundreds of protesters returned to Wall Street and sat down on the ground blocking access to the Stock Exchange, but police quickly intervened arresting 185 people who shouted it’s an unfair economic system that only benefits super rich and corporations at the expense of ordinary citizens.  Other protesters began waving banners, banging on drums, marching, chanting and singing “Happy Birthday” on their one-year anniversary.

Occupy Unmasked (occupyunmasked.com)

Coming to movie theaters September 21st in Memoriam Andrew Breitbart (2/1/1969 – 3/1/2012) one of the filmmakers delves deep beneath surface of Occupy Wall Street Movement revealing its dark anarchist roots.  Film is available on DVD.

Occupy Sandy

From Occupy Wall Street protesters to volunteers, Occupy Monster Sandy group members across the New York area deliver aid including hot meals, food, water, medicine and sleeping blankets to storm victims.

Female OWS Protester Faces Seven Years in Prison

25-year-old Cecily McMillan a female OWS protester following a three-week trial in Manhattan Supreme Court was convicted by a jury on May 5, 2014 of assaulting a cop in Zuccotti Park.  She didn’t remember hitting him, but there was a video of the incident.  McMillan could get probation.  Court ordered held without bail until May 19th sentencing.  Her attorney says she would be appealing.  Wall Street activist sentenced to 96 days in the pokey for assaulting policeman.

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