Candidates Face the Nation”Tit-for-Tat” Presidential Rat Race (White House Tour) (Mickey Mouse in the White House) Iron hand of Obamacare law of the land (Political Satire)

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“Tit-for-Tat” Presidential Rat Race

Since the 2004 great debate how will you rate each candidate?  Some people felt that Bush was a pain in the tush while others viewed Kerry as more astute and quite merry.  John Kerry got whipped by George Bush because he flopped and flipped.  Then along came John McCain who tried to beat Obama the charmer, but it was too late for the lame duck candidate.

We’re still in the same old political game of power, fame and blame, but this time around it’s Tea Party Express to the rescue and probably Sarah Palin’s “2012″ presidential campaign.  Will the lady give up her big bucks and political views on Fox News?

Palin is salin’ with her new Alaska documentary series on TLC bringing in 5 million viewers.  Sarah is a smart cookie.  She knows the American people will get hooked on her latest family values book, “America by Heart.”  She’s pitchin’ for millions.

The GOP wants Palin to run for President, but the Tea Party hopes she’ll be Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.  In the meantime Michael Steele wheels and deals hoping to keep his RNC seat.  The controversial Steele is voted out and Wisconsin’s state party chairman, Reince Priebus is in like Flynn.  Priebus’ new leadership will lead the RNC to victory.  Priebus reels in $3.5 million first two weeks as RNC’s new chairman repairing donor relationships that fell apart at the seams under Michael Steele.

There’s always a new twist in politics.  Ex-RNC Chief Michael Steele kicks off a neat deal as an MSNBC analyst.

Former President George H.W. Bush is not sure what the tea party stands for.  Barbara Bush’s remarks were somewhat cruel by stating “Thought Palin was beautiful and thinks she’s very happy in Alaska and should stay there.”

Sarah Palin cancels the Alaska TV series so it does not conflict with her possible run for the presidency.  Maybe Palin’s views have boost Fox News, but her approval rating as a presidential candidate seem to be fading.

Palin is visiting Israel and India to improve America’s future relationship which hinge upon her running for the presidency.  She’s not happy actress Julianne Moore is portraying her in an HBO movie “Game Change.”

According to new voter polls for the “2012″ presidential election Obama’s charm has bombed.  His legacy will be the end of America’s democracy.  Vote to end government bureaucracy.  ObamaCare has turned into ObamaScare.  Beware! “2012″ budget is the year that Obama intends to spend millions of dollars from your tax money for 1,054 IRS agents to enforce health care.  Obama says he’s flexible on the health care bill while millions of Americans are not thrilled.

Federal Judge Vinson of Florida rules the individual mandate is unconstitutional.  Judge Vinson remarks on Senator Obama’s “2008″ campaign that health care reform would not include an individual mandate.  President Obama feels health care should not be repealed.  The battle has just begun in Washington.  By 47-51 votes Senate Democrats defeated Republicans.  Federal judge’s decision will probably head to the United States Supreme Court for review on whether or not the health care bill is unconstitutional.  The GOP intends to stop health care funding.  They feel the health care bill in the spring of “2013″ will be repealed.  Obama appeals Judge Vinson’s ruling that the government does not have authority to mandate that people purchase health care insurance policies.

In light of the Tucson, Arizona shootings and President Obama’s speech to victims and heroes of this terrible tragedy, his overall approval rating has reached its highest peak.

The President’s “State of the Union” speech is a repeat.  It seems to be the same old stuff.  Nothing new – Nothing much.

Bachman Rocks!  Political Fashionista Michele Bachmann, Minnesota congresswoman and founder of the Tea Party Caucus who is considering running for the “2012″ presidency lashes out on Obama’s speech and weak policies.  Bachmann is also against First Lady, Michelle Obama’s ideas on obesity.  The lovely congresswoman will decide this summer on whether or not she’ll toss her hat into the ring.

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin gives his official GOP statement and budgetary guidelines to privatizing Medicare and Social Security.  Ryan seems to be flyin’ high with his raging change for Medicare and Medicaid.

GOP will likely support former Gov. Mike Huckabee from the great State of Arkansas as their “2012″ presidential candidate, but Huck says he’s not running.  Money is one issue and the other is Huckabee not willing to give up his show on Fox.  Get hooked on Mike’s new book.  He tells it all in “A Simple Government” on the best seller’s list.  Huckabee talks about all kinds of political issues including Obama’s health care and how it will fail miserably.

Newt Gingrich throws his hat into the ring for another shot at the presidency.  Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney set up exploratory committees for their decision to run for the GOP.

Libertarian Ron Paul who stands tall got attacked at CPAC by Donald Trump who said he would be the least likely candidate to win the “2012″ presidency.  Texas Congressman Ron Paul and Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana emerged as the only straw poll CPAC winners although the GOP is not likely to select either gentlemen for the presidency.

Donald Trump says he will be running as a conservative Republican for the presidency.  Rep. Allen West, a billionaire real estate magnate who organized the South Florida Tea Party would like to be Trump’s VP.  Donald the fair-haired billionaire is announcing his decision when flowers bloom in June.  This “big wig” signed up for an early mornin’ “Fox” news gig.

Trump shows his official birth certificate in light of the media controversy stating it was “invalid.”  Why can’t Obama do the same thing?  The Donald is investigating President Obama’s official birthplace in Hawaii.  Trump says Obama is definitely the worst President in U.S. history.  Move over Obama – Here comes Donald the blonde charmer.  Comedian Jerry Seinfeld cancels Trump’s appearance for a benefit due to his criticism of Obama’s birth certificate questioning whether or not the President was born in this country.  Donald Trump also offended Robert DeNiro and Rosie O’Donnell with his poorly-conceived focus on Obama’s birth certificate and schooling.

White House adviser David Plouffe says Donald Trump’s pursuit of the President’s birth certificate is a just a bunch of ranting antics.  Trump has no chance of winning the presidency.  American people are focused on the economy and our nation’s security.

Donald Trump mocks with racist remarks about Barack Obama’s Ivy League schooling while Obama releases his long-form live birth certificate publicly.  Trump  takes full credit for Obama showing his birth certificate on national TV and the Internet.

Trump’s profanity is alarming at a Las Vegas rally as he laces it into America’s trade with Saudia Arabia, China and other foreign countries.

Midst rioting and looting in the Egyptian streets people shout they want President Hosni Mubarak out.  Power is not Mubarak’s finest hour.  President Obama would like to see a transitional change while Senator John Kerry says it’s time for Hosni Mubarak to end his reign.  Move over Obama here comes Trump the blonde charmer who is not pleased with your Mid-East policies.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney praises President Obama for taking a stand telling the Egyptian people that America would like to see a transition to liberty and democracy.  In the meantime we are learning that President Hosni Mubarak and his sons are worth $70 billion with assets in London, Sweden and posh properties in California and New York City.  Hosni made many lucrative investments with oil companies while the Egyptian people were suffering.

President Hosni Mubarak finally steps down and the military takes over the country.  Egyptians celebrate and cheer in Tahrir Square as they’ve won their freedom.  Hosni Mubarak is restricted from leaving the country by an Egyptian official.  All assets belonging to Mubarak and his family are frozen in Egypt and other foreign countries.

Egyptian protesters demand authorities prosecute ousted 83-year-old ruler for 30 years, President Hosni Mubarak, his two sons and other officials for crimes against their people.  Meantime Hosni Mubarak has been hospitalized in Amman, Jordan after reportedly suffering from a heart attack.  Still weak and ill Egyptian authorities transport Hosni Mubarak to Cairo’s prison hospital.

Egypt will be charging Hosni Mubarak and his sons for the death of thousands of protesters.  Trial begins August 3rd when testimony will be heard.  Attorney for Hosni Mubarak says he’s “not guilty.”  His lawyer announces that Mubarak has stomach cancer.  He may not be able to attend trial as the former Egyptian President is in custody at a hospital near the Red Sea.

Mubarak is seen in a hospital bed surrounded by a barb-wired cage standing trial in Cairo on charges of corruption and killing 900 protesters which he declares “I’m not guilty.”  Riots in Cairo since Mubarak’s regime was toppled and dictator’s arrest for crimes against humanity.  Egyptians seeking Hosni Mubarak’s prosecution by hanging.

There’s chaos and disorder in Libya as thousands of people flee crossing into the Egyptian border.  Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Gadhafi four-decade rule is in jeopardy as anti-protesters are revolting.  Gadhafi and his son vow they will go down fighting.  Dictators are defeated for how inhuman they treated their people.  When things turn sour power is not Gadhafi’s finest hour.

Daffy Gadhafi tells the people be happy, go dancing, love me.  No wonder why thousands of people are fleeing to nearby countries.  Gadhafi’s aircraft bomb and harm people escaping to Tunisia and Egypt.

Libyan ambassador gets emotional at the United Nations opposing Gadhafi regime’s fighting and killing  the people of his country.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemn the violence and killing of innocent people.  The President sends Clinton to Geneva for international discussions on Libya.  Obama is conferring with Prime Minister of London and the President of France on Libyan strategy as millions of American workers flee for their safety.

On Thursday, February 24th in view of the latest controversy in Libya,  Switzerland’s government orders an immediate freeze of all assets belonging to Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Gadhafi including high-ranking officials and members of his family.  There is the possibility that Gadhafi stashed cash in U.S. banks totaling $32 billion, but so far the information lacks authenticity. Funds in oil revenues estimated at around $70 billion belonging to the Libyan government may be frozen by the United States and European countries.

On Friday, February 25th Obama orders sanctions against the Libyan government freezing $30 billion of Moammar Gadhafi and his family assets, the largest in history.

U.N. Security Council passes resolution imposing sanctions against the Libyan government for attacking and killing its people with a travel ban and arms embargo while foreign countries close their embassies.  Senator McCain wants Obama to be rough, ready and tough.  Obama administration is moving cautiously in light of the humanitarian catastrophe.

Israel joins international community on sanctions for Iran.  Brits make a stand and freeze Libyan dictator’s assets and members of his clan.

Israeli Prime Minister lays out terms of peace settlement with Palestinians.  Prime Minister approves 227 new homes in West Bank settlement.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says America is reaching out to Libyan rebels in their fight against Gadhafi.  Senators are against giving protesters ammunition.  The United States is cutting their ties with the Libyan embassy while Hillary Clinton will be meeting with rebel leaders.  Chairman of Homeland Security Senator Joe Lieberman says the United States together with its allies should arm Libyan rebels not knowing for sure who they are because Gadhafi’s soldiers will definitely continue to slaughter innocent  people.

Former President Bill Clinton’s suggestion is that Libyan rebels should be given ammunition.

Special session of United Nations General Assembly strips Libyan membership in the U.N. Human Rights Council by unanimous resolution.

Daffy Gadhafi launches air strikes as rebels continue to fight.  Gas and food prices spike.  Disturbed by the surmounting Libyan turmoil Obama is seriously thinking of tapping into America’s oil reserves.

Feisty Gadhafi issues rewards for the capture of Minister of Justice and rebel leader.  As Gadhafi is winning he tells rebels to either stay and experience the consequences or run away.

Gadhafi issues “no-fly” warning!  The Arab league unanimously agrees to a “no-fly zone” over North African country with the exception of Syria and Algeria. Britain and France stand alone for “no-fly zone.”  More Americans favor “no-fly zone” than root going into Libya with ground troops.

Finally U.N. Security Council unanimously passes “no-fly” zone against Gadhafi’s military.   The only country not participating is Germany.

U. S. might use air strikes, but not ground forces against Gadhafi’s military who are overpowering rebels fighting for democracy.

Gadhafi defies France’s military planes patrolling Libya’s airspace.  The fate of the Libyan people is in the hands of the international community vowed to fight for their freedom and democracy.

The United States, France and Britain launch 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles disabling Gadhafi’s army. Mission operation “Odyssey Dawn” – Soon Gadhafi will be gone.  Round by round missiles hit Gadhafi’s Tripoli compound.

Gadhafi claims victory as the international community continues bombing his Libyan army.

NATO forces and its allies have taken charge and are now fighting the Libyan army. America’s cruise missiles continue to pound Colonel Gadhafi’s regime in the battle of Tripoli.  Rebels celebrate as they takeover two cities from Gadhafi’s army.

Moammar Gadhafi sends plea letter to Obama asking NATO to stop bombing.

The decision to arm Libyan rebels is still being discussed by NATO and the U.S. Gadhafi’s allies defect while the dictator continues to shell defenseless rebels.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says Arab nations need to address democratic reform due to the instability in Muslim countries.

Speaker of the House John Boehner criticizes President Obama’s controversial Libyan mission.

Rebels manage to takeover the cities of Benghazi and Ajdabiya while Gadhafi asks for a cease firing.  Dictator may be looking for a way to exit the country or leave Tripoli.

Libyan rebels seize City of Misrata forcing out Gadhafi’s army.  NATO forces strike Gadhafi’s building in Tripoli.  Gadhafi insists he is not surrendering.  He’s seen on TV playing chess and enjoying his surroundings.

Yemen’s President Saleh is stepping down in exchange for immunity although deal will not end protesting.  President Saleh badly injured from an attack on his palace seeks help from the Saudis.  Worn-torn Yemeni protesters are on the brink of civil war.

U.S. considering sanctions against Syria for brutally killing and torturing children with citizens protesting their regime.

Obama and EU calling for Syrian President and Regional Secretary of Ba’ath Party, Bashar al-Assad to step aside.

Goodwill International Ambassador Angelina Jolie goes to Turkey to meet with Syrian refugees who fled for safety.

Obama and Senator John McCain are definitely against sending ground troops into Libya in light of Gadhafi’s continuous bombing, but will send armed drones to defend the rebels.  Senator McCain lands in Benghazi to help rebels fighting Gadhafi.  McCain warns the longer we wait al-Qaeda could takeover Libya.

Gadhafi’s son says the regime will never surrender.  They will not stop fighting and bombing.

Moammar Gadhafi pleads over Libyan national TV for NATO to cease firing.  NATO forces continue bombing Tripoli.

Libyan Leader survives air attack on Tripoli house that allegedly killed his youngest son, Saif al-Arab and his three grandchildren which NATO denies targeting Gadhafi.  Libyan people are protesting the killings.

Migrants desperate to flee the fighting in Libyan City of Misrata are heading for Benghazi.  More drone attacks will lead to civilian casualties than killing Gadhafi’s forces.  NATO’s mission is to prevent attacks against civilians while trying to kill Gadhafi and his army.

International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, including his son and intelligence chief for vicious against humanity.

Rebels with NATO inside Tripoli put squeeze on Gadhafi and his army.  Gadhafi’s sons have not been captured and arrested by revolutionary army, but their daffy daddy has gone into hiding.

Rebels leaving compound with ammo and treasures that once belonged to Gadhafi.  Where Moammar Gadhafi once sought shelter the rebels have taken over.  Celebrations in the streets as Gadhafi and his army are defeated.  Rebels will not negotiate with Gadhafi’s regime.  Gadhafi’s family flee the country.  Libyan rebels want Gadhafi’s wife and children back after they flee to Algeria.  Rebels capture Libya’s Prime Minister.

Libyan rebels surround desert town of Bani Walid where Gadhafi regime intend to go on fighting.

The U.S. will not tie up Libyan aid due to case of Lockerbie bomber.

Since the Egyptian uprising more mid-east countries from Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Libya and Bahrain have been protesting.

Syrians fleeing to Turkey due to violent killing.  Saudi women are fighting for their rights.

President Obama lends a hand to Japan after millions of people are displaced by a horrific tsunami and earthquake.

Donald Trump takes a stand on Obama’s oil drilling ban in light of Japan’s disaster.  He also criticizes Obama’s golfing in view of the ongoing nuclear issues.

Libyan rebels to get $25 million from Gadhafi’s frozen assets seized by U.S. NATO forces planning to stay in Libya to win the war against Gadhafi and his army.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is touring Cairo’s Tahrir Square and Tunisia for democratic reform.

Hillary Clinton announces that she is not planning to run for any office including the “2016″ presidency.

Pop stars that performed at Gadhafi’s functions and received millions in compensation are giving their money to charities.

Getting back to our failing economy, President Obama compromised on his campaign promise and seals a deal with Republicans on a two-year tax extension for middle and upper class Americans.  Harry Reid and Senate Democrats take a stand to put it in the trash can.  Obama gets Bill Clinton to give Dems a shpeel on tax-cut deal.  At last it’s passed.

The Dream Act is back on the table, but it does not look very stable for the bill to pass on Capitol Hill.  Senator McCain states that in order to approve this legislation every American demands that our federal government fulfill its Constitutional duties by securing our borders.

GOP slams sweetheart “earmarks” of the trillion-dollar spending bill on Capitol Hill.  Dems kill the bill.  The American people will not stand for wasteful programs.

At last, the $858 billion two-year tax-cut extension for middle and upper class Americans which includes unemployment benefits has been passed not scrapped.  President Obama gives it his official seal of approval.

Former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney feels there’s no hope under present administration for creating lasting economic growth.  While consumers might be spending the job fix is a gloomy picture.  He’s appalled by Obama’s health care plan saying it’s not a “one size fits all.”

Here comes Rand Paul, the newly-elected fireball and Tea Party Senator from Kentucky.  Paul is targeting President Obama’s runaway spending and clean-energy policies.

While President Obama vows deep federal budget cuts for 2012 of $3.7 trillion beginning October 1, 2011 with a projected deficit of $1.1 trillion and to work with the GOP, he is now proposing State-by-State jobless benefits for short-term relief.  The GOP stands tough on an immediate $100 billion in budget cuts.

President Obama yearns for another term in the White House as he tells the nation his plan is for job creation and education while he defends education budget cuts.  Obama’s “2012″ budget to include funding schools for bullying.

The U.S. House of Representatives vote to defund Obama’s health care law.  What’s in store for entitlement programs like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security?  House passes $1.2 trillion-dollar spending bill funding government while slashing more than $61 billion.  The bill now goes before the Senate for approval.  Cuts in domestic programs and foreign aid are on the table.  House panel will initiate a bill to end Obama’s home foreclosure program millions rely on.  Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac maybe on the chopping block.

Sarah Palin weighs in on a government shutdown versus federal spending.  She still hasn’t decided if she’s running for the presidency.  Sarah says, big spenders there’s no more money to lend.  We need to be debt free.  Democrats approve GOP’s two-week spending bill avoiding government shutdown.  White House agrees to an additional $6.5 billion in budget cuts, but the GOP says it’s enough.  Obama appeals for congressional budget deal.  Senators look for new ways to cut the budget.  Republicans are still mulling over short-term funding bill.

Latest news from Capitol Hill is that Obama signed the bill for a three-week budget until April 8th when senators will have to go back to the table and face another debate.  Late night White House “coffee klatch” with Obama, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and House Speaker John Boehner discussing budget cuts.  Democrats and Republicans stop bickering avoiding a government shutdown by agreeing to $38.5 billion in spending cuts through the end of September.  Congresswoman Bachman and Tea Party are not happy with budget cuts.  Democrats and GOP have not cut back enough to satisfy the crippling national debt affecting our country.

As states continue their budget battle to shutdown schools, layoff teachers and curb union bargaining, Obama says he will not interfere in the fight for workers’ rights.

President Obama wants gun control overhauled due to ongoing violence in our American society.

Barack with Michelle Obama and family visiting Central and South America countries to strengthen relationships in the international community.  Obama pledges $200 million to El Salvador fighting street gangs and drug trafficking.

President Obama cuts his trip short due to ongoing economic policies in Washington.  He’s ending America’s involvement in Libya leaving it up to our allies fighting Gadhafi.

Some foreign leaders want Obama to give the Nobel Peace Prize back since he ordered the Libyan attack.  Obama stated that America’s military action comes under an official mandate of the United Nations Security Council to save Libya not to invade their country from a dictator that wants to kill his own people.

President Obama sets his re-election slogan campaign into motion, “It  Begins With Us.”  Can the American people trust Obama’s policies to lead the country out of a sluggish economy?

Obama appears at Facebook Town Hall and other meetings across the country promoting his re-election for the presidency. Hollywood celebrities are rallying for Obama’s re-election.  Meanwhile Obama disagrees with the GOP’s Medicare plan saying it is radical and unfair.  Most Americans oppose Medicare cuts even if it would balance the budget.

White House administration sets up fraudulent task force for Attorney General’s office to probe gas gouging.  Obama wants to end tax breaks for oil companies.

President Obama fundraising in NYC.  He’s preparing to appoint a new security team.

Senate and House questioning Apple’s ipad and iphone hidden tracking privacy policies.

Can Trump steal Bachman’s appeal from the smarty tea party?  The Donald a top pick on polled voter list skipping Mike Huckabee is second in line to former Gov. Mitt Romney.  Meanwhile Trump and Sarah Palin head to Tea Party rallies around the country.  In New Hampshire when Donald Trump speaks the crowd listens as he vows to save America stating if he runs he will win and make this country great again, rich again, respected again.

This time around Obama is the winner as he throws zingers at Donald Trump during White House Correspondents’ annual dinner.  Obama shows his “live birth” video.  Trump was poked by Obama and Seth Meyers of “SNL” (Saturday Night Live) by a stream of jokes.

Hooray for the USA!  The dreaded one (Osama bin Laden) is dead. U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six shot him in the chest and head.  Will this end the war in Afghanistan? Pakistan intelligence agency admits its failure to catch al-Qaeda leader.

Senator John McCain says there was no “Gitmo” torture.

President’s grandma, 88-year-old Sarah Hussein Obama who lives in Kenya is threatened by African Al-Qaeda.  As a precautionary measure the government has provided her with police security.

The Obama administration wants to give more than $30 billion of Gadhafi’s frozen assets to the rebels.

President Obama greets “Wounded Warriors” at White House with a special speech.

Obama stands strong on immigration reform, but Republicans warn Democrats it’s not the right time due to border security issues.

House Republicans are still fighting to stop funding health care reform bill.  Three Democratic judge panel for the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals chosen at random could rule that Congress has the power over people’s decision to avoid purchasing health insurance policies and requiring most Americans to obtain insurance or pay a penalty.  One judge raised the issue that Congress has been involved for decades in Medicare and Medicaid.  Congress’ power over regulated interstate commerce could be resolved by this summer as well as an appeal from the losing side could be heard sometime in October.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney defends his “Romneycare vs. Obamacare” stating there’s a difference between his mandatory Massachusetts state plan and Obama’s national health insurance across the land.  Critics are still pessimistic.  Some states claim health care reform is wrong and are opting out of the mandate.  Sarah Palin and other conservative contenders for the presidency slam former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Obama administration after huge numbers of state waivers on healthcare reform law come from businesses in Pelosi’s northern California district.

At a Senate hearing oil execs defend price hikes and suggest tax credits.

In response to America’s frustration on rising gas prices Obama is plugging for more domestic oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

Delegation from the Libyan National Council fighting Gadhafi will visit the White House and meet with President Obama’s administration.

The Donald might have taken some lumps from Obama, but he’s far from being stumped.  Trump has decided not to pursue the Republican presidency, but instead he’ll be hosting two more seasons of Celebrity Apprentice.  His relentless passion is business.  Donald Trump will be supporting the candidate most qualified to help tackle the utmost important issues and challenges of the oval office to get our country back on track.

Democrats and GOP not backing energy policies or oil drilling.

New York Representative/Homeland Security Chairman Peter King leaving the door open on possibly he’ll be running for the “2012″ presidency.

Multimillionaire businessman Herman Cain, the CEO man who ran Godfather’s Pizza, a political activist, columnist, former radio talk show host from the great State of Georgia and tea party favorite throws his hat into the “2012″ GOP arena.  Tim Pawlenty Minnesota’s former governor says he will make America a better country for you and me is now running for the Republican presidency.

On May 22nd, President Obama and wife Michelle board Air Force One heading for a six-day, four-nation delegation (from Ireland, England, France to Poland) European tour stopping in the little rural town of Moneygall, Ireland where his great-grandfather, Fulmouth Kearney lived before immigrating to America in 1850.  Then on Sunday, May 29th the President pays his respects at a memorial service in tornado stricken Joplin, Missouri.

On Sunday, May 29th Saudi Arabia’s Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal in a CNN news statement tries to convince the U.S. and Europe not to look for new or cheaper oil supplies.  He would like to see a barrel of oil between $70 and $80 instead of the current price of more than $100.  The Saudi Prince refers to the continuing mideast uprisings and disruption of supplies as the reason for soaring crude prices.

Sarah Palin begins the Memorial Day weekend with a bus tour along the east coast to historical sites which might be a step in the right direction for the 2012 GOP presidential election.

Palin and Trump meet at a famous pizzeria in midtown and sit down for a political pow-wow.

Sarah Palin touring some more historical sites in Romney’s hometown criticized his Massachusetts health care law as the former governor announced he’ll be running for the 2012 GOP presidency.  While Americans fear an economic meltdown and Wall Street’s warning of a double-dip recession with high unemployment and a gloomy housing industry it looks like Mitt Romney will be the best candidate to beat Obama for the presidency.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee says he is still open for the presidential run.  Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania announces he’s running for the “2012″ presidency.

It’s bad news for Newt Gingrich as his dream team gives him the boot after he returns from a two-week Mediterranean cruise.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani considering running for the “2012″ GOP presidency.

Leader of the Tea Party Michele Bachmann appoints Ed Rollins as her campaign consultant.

Over “Father’s Day” weekend President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner will be relaxing and golfing in Washington, D.C. Is this a “golf” or “debit” summit?

On Monday, June 13th New Hampshire political debate between seven Republican presidential candidates.  Voters polled throughout the country show Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann as their favorite nominees to win the presidency.

Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty who was not that great in the debate tried to insinuate that Romney’s Massachusetts health plan compared to Obamacare phrasing “ObamneyCare” determined to undermine Mitt Romney’s candidacy.  CNN commentator John King asks Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum his view on abortion.  He discusses the issue, but misses the perfect opportunity t0 take a stand against Mitt Romney.  A few days later Santorum puts on his punching gloves attacking Romney for not signing an anti-abortion pledge while referring to Rep. Michelle Bachmann and presidential candidates Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich who did.  Romney strikes back at Santorum’s attack stating he is for the pro-abortion cause, but did not want to sign the pledge because if elected President there might be some controversy.

On Tuesday, June 14th “Flag Day” Tea Party Representative Michele Bachmann says she will be running for the presidency.  Jon Huntsman a former Utah governor and Obama’s first Ambassador to China announced on Tuesday, June 21st that he’s running for the presidency and the only candidate with experience in foreign policy.

Is Sarah Palin a two-time loser?  Republicans think so.  After McCain losing “2008″ with Palin as his VP candidate to Barack Obama, Republicans don’t think she can beat him in the “2012″ presidential election.

Palin follows Bachmann’s tea party trail to Iowa while plugging her new documentary.  Is her film “The Undefeated” a platform campaign as a potential candidate for the GOP presidency?

Fellow constituents criticize Texas Gov. Rick Perry for scheduling a special “Prayer Breakfast” on August 6th.  They say it’s a political presidential move, but all the governor wants to do is devote the day for prayer and fasting for a nation that is suffering.

After pressure from Republican and Democrat congressional members Anthony Weiner a representative of New York’s Queens district making a salary of $174,000 a year resigns over “lewd” naked pics he posted on the Internet.

The U.S. economy seems to be tanking as unemployment rises to 9.1%, retail sales are lagging and the housing industry is tugging along, but President Obama sees America’s businesses growing with more job opportunities.  It’s hard to convince people with food and gas prices going up who are still looking for jobs.

Obama visiting a Toledo, Ohio jeep plant says auto industry helped to grow the economy claims victory for his presidential re-election.  Meanwhile after praising saving jobs at this auto plant and Chet’s local Restaurant, the eatery goes out of business after 70 years.  Fear of economic recovery is going nowhere with people not spending and the lousy job market including bank foreclosures, nationwide businesses are closing.

McDonald’s fast-food chain gained half of all new USA jobs in May even though their employees make low-income salaries.

Congressional house leaders voting to stop funding ending Obama’s Libyan mission while the President does not intend to ax “killer ops” and “drone attacks.”  Obama not complying with “War Powers Act.”

Crowds cheer as President Obama lands on the island making history since JFK visited Puerto Rico some 50 years ago.  Obama is hoping to woo American Hispanic “2012″ voters as unemployment is at 16.5% in the U.S. territory.  The president does not have plans for a suntan or going swimming.

Gallup polls shows any GOP challenger can beat Obama for the presidency.

United States officials, President Karzai, the Taliban and other tribesmen meet in Afghanistan for a remedy to peace.

On Monday, June 20th it’s a six-day trip for Michelle Obama, her family and relatives for an African safari.  She will be meeting with women’s groups addressing the importance of education and youth leadership in today’s environment.  The First Lady will also be honoring the legacy of Nelson Mandela.  This is her first diplomatic visit to stress democracy and a U.S.- South African partnership in spite of their differences regarding foreign policy.

Obama goes which way the wind blows.  With President Obama attending a gay fundraiser in NYC and holding a June 29th Gay Pride reception at the White House he’s now considering endorsing same-sex marriage unions for his re-election.

Speaking of “straw polls” can Texas presidential candidate Ron Paul win them all?  Are his chances slim for the general election?

Democrats do not agree with Obama’s Afghan troop withdrawal strategy.  Presidential GOP candidate Mitt Romney says Obama’s decision should not be based on his political agenda.  Former Massachusetts governor relies on the testimony of our military commanders.

On June 23rd President Obama releases 30 million barrels of oil from U.S. reserves hoping to lower spiking gas prices.

Obama’s clumsy “Medal of Honor” error speaking to troops at upstate New York’s Fort Drum.  The president said winner of the medal was coming home alive when in fact Sgt. 1st Class Jared Monti was killed in action.  Obama’s spokesman did not say whether or not the president’s misspoken comments were conveyed to Monti’s family in an apology.

Michele Bachmann vows to clean up Washington’s corruption.  The tea party leader who will announce her candidacy on Monday, June 28th is now soaring in the presidential polls with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.  If elected Bachmann says she would support a federal constitutional amendment to define marriage between a man and a woman, overturning the State of New York gay marriage law.

Michele Bachmann’s rise has taken the nation and Washington by surprise.

President Obama meets with House congressional leaders on raising government debt ceiling limit in a painfully economic environment.  Obama pitches raising taxes on the rich.

Republicans and independent voters are against raising the debt ceiling.

Timothy Geithner mulling over leaving his post as Secretary of the Treasury.  His decision will be based on resolving debt ceiling.

Two republican senators suggest that the only way to save Medicare is raising the age by two years and for wealthy Americans to pay more as funds will run dry in 2024.  As a matter of a fact citizens should be aware that Obamacare has taken $500 billion out of Medicare.

Leon Panetta takes charge of Pentagon while outgoing Defense Secretary Robert Gates is honored at ceremony by President Obama giving him “Medal of Freedom” for serving his country.

Michigan Senator & guitarist 45-year-old Thaddeus McCotter enters his name on the GOP presidential roster.

Capitol Hill disputes economic report that Stimulus bill cost every taxpayer $278,000 per job creation or saved.  White House says study only based on partial information.

Hiring slows – Unemployment woes!  June’s weak jobs report could mean no tax hikes, but lead to a spike in interest rates that would hurt the economy.  Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says over the next few years we will see strong economic activity.

Airports alarmed by newest threat that terrorists are being surgically implanted with body bombs.

Obama tops GOP contenders by raising $86 million in fundraising campaigning.

Senator John McCain says he’s more qualified than Michele Bachmann.  So why isn’t McCain running for GOP presidency?

Gay conservative group wants to meet with Bachmann.  Could it be her husband’s controversial clinic?

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of California announces her plan to repeal federal marriage law.  This bill would take government out of the picture by allowing states from rejecting legal same sex marriage from other states.  It would also give same type benefits to married couples as same sex couples.  Will congressional bill raise a ruckus?

GOP together with Tea Party backing its plan approves legislation for a $2.4 trillion dollar increase in nation’s borrowing, but Dems aren’t buying.  What’s next for “Gang of Six” after Senate rejects Republican bill for a balanced budget?  House Speaker Boehner and Obama go back and forth with debt talks.  Stock markets shiver over debt jitters.  House Republicans rally round Boehner’s debt limit plan while democrats chill out.  Are our politicians endangering America’s credit rating?

House approves debt bill increasing borrowing, but Senate might reject.  The nation frets while the House objects to yet another debt-limit bill by Senate Democrats on Capitol Hill.  Latest news is that debt-limit bill must include defense and entitlement cuts.  Republicans and Democrats reach an agreement on debt-limit to cut $2.2 trillion from spending over the next decade (voting 269-161).  Obama and Boehner say this time the deal is for real.  Tea Party Victory – Hiking taxes on the rich gets nixed.  President Obama signs into law $2.4 trillion increasing debt ceiling (bipartisan Senate support 74-26).  Donald Trump pokes fun at the President and congressional leaders that debt deal is a joke.  This country is suffering from lack of leadership.

Trump says he bought some hot stocks in this cloudy economy.  Just to name a few “Caterpillar, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor and Gamble.   For years he’s been watching these growing companies.

Scary economy as “Q2″ GDP expected to be 1.8 percent averaging only 1.3 for the Spring leaves Wall Street worrying.

In spite of S&P credit rating dropping from AAA to AA+ the next day Wall Street was rallying as investors go on buying spree.  Federal Reserve keeping interest rates low until 2013 due to sluggish economy with unemployment slowly recovering.  President Obama gets back at S&P with an investigation by the SEC.

Nancy Pelosi selects super duper 12-member committee in charge of recommending another $1.5 trillion in an effort to balance the budget by Thanksgiving.

General Petraeus last tour of army forces in Afghanistan before he takes over office of CIA Director.

Louisiana Senator Buddy Roemer throws his hat into the presidential ring while Texas Governor Rick Perry is still deciding.  Former Governor of Utah and Ambassador of China Jon Huntsman makes announcement that he will be running for the presidency.

Jobs and the weak economy have GOP candidates sparring.

Sarah at Iowa Fair Republican Straw Poll still undecided whether or not she’s running for the “2012″ presidency.  Representative Michele Bachmann from Minnesota wins first place in Ames, Iowa Fair Republican presidential race.  Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty after receiving poor Iowa Straw Poll results makes an about face and drops out of presidential race.

On Friday, August 12, 2011 Federal Court of Appeals rule Obamacare as unconstitutional for all Americans to purchase health insurance or face IRS penalties.  This clause exceeds congressional commerce power.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry makes announcement in South Carolina that he’s running for the “2012″ presidency.

Obama heading for mid-west three-day campaigning “Economic Bus Tour.”

Former New York Governor and New York Peekskill Mayor George Pataki is thinking of running for the presidency.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry takes overwhelming 12-point lead surpassing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the race for “2012″ GOP.

Palin faces the nation as 74% of voters say no to her running in presidential race.

Sarah’s new documentary “You Betcha!” debuts on Sunday, September 11, 2011 on Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 at the Toronto Film Festival.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann changes campaign strategy with the departure of GOP Strategist, Chief Staff Manager/Consultant Ed Rollins and her deputy.  She needs some catching up to do as Perry and Romney are leading.

In this weak economy who would expect car manufacturing to be recovering with the opening of new plants in the mid-west and hiring workers to keep up with the growing demand across the country.

Obama wants to set new car fuel efficiency standards by 54.5 MPG by 2025 reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil from mid-east countries.

Should U.S. fret as economic growth slows China might stop buying our debt?

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke not recommending any boost to economy.  White House expects slower job growth.  65% disapprove of Obama’s economic policies.  Will you be buying gold till you’re gray and old?

Job growth comes to halt as July and August 2011 figures show 9.1% remains the same.

President Obama will address the nation on his “Job Creation” speech of the week.

Obama says his $447 billion economic “American Jobs Act” package will create new jobs when in fact the money mainly goes to payroll tax credits, unemployment benefits, education and construction.  Is this another political trick?  Now the Prez says he’ll be changing the way unemployed workers get benefits.  Most Americans think Obama’s job plan is just another stimulus scam.

Should millionaires’ surtax be axed?  Screw the “Buffet Rule.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney presents his 59-point plan for creating jobs, saving the economy by cutting corporate taxes, regulating the size of government and China’s trade policies with our country.

Businessman Herman Cain presents his “999 Plan” which he says will reduce corporate taxes, individual taxes and create a flat tax can help business, the economy and for people struggling across the country.

GOP candidates debate at Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.  Romney and Perry confront each other over job creation and Social Security.

Israeli Prime Minister says embassy attack in Cairo may infringe upon peace pact.  Should Israel oppose Palestinian statehood when they go before U.N.?

New terror threat on “9/11 Tenth Anniversary” for Washington, D.C. and NYC.

On September 12th rate eight GOP contenders at Tampa, Florida Tea Party rally debate.  Candidates rap the crap out of Obama as Romney and Perry spar over social security.  Bachmann might of thought her remarks were smart when she attacked  Perry on HPV Vaccine, but turned out to be extremely tart.

Obama’s charm has bombed.  Voters pick Republican for New York district.  It just shows how Obama’s policies are not working says Trump the blonde charmer.  Even the Jews are not happy with Obama’s views.

Hollywood gives Obama the “cold shoulder” as he grows old and gray from all the political torture.

The former middle class becomes America’s soaring poverty. Nearly 48 million people are suffering desperately including children.

Treasury Secretary Geithner hopes he gets the U.S. out of this $1.3 trillion debt mess.

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s “Riots in our Streets” states it’s a bleak resolution to our economic problems.

President Obama signs patent reform bill on Capitol Hill.

Solar panel company (Solyndra) goes into bankruptcy after Obama administration gave them $535 million of taxpayers’ “2009″ economic stimulus money.  Company execs stand behind their “Fifth Amendment” rights under congressional investigation.  Emails show Obama fundraiser went to Solyndra loans.  White House council gets and rejects Solyndra subpoenas.

On September 15, 2011 President Obama awards “Medal of Honor” to Iraq and Afghanistan war hero U.S. Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyers who saved many lives wants to join the FDNY.

This time it’s the real deal.  On September 20, 2011 “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is repealed as gay and lesbians are accepted in the military to serve and fight for their country.

Obama at United Nations making “kosher speech” showing his solidarity for Israel wants Palestinian statehood only if they do not ignore the Jewish state’s issues. Palestine asks for statehood even though U.S. is against it.  UNESCO approves Palestinian bid for membership and Obama stops funding agency pressuring the international community to do the same thing.  Obama expresses disappointment in Israel’s building of additional settlements. Iran says it will strike back if Israel attacks.

It’s about time Afghanistan Pres. Karzai changed his mind for talks with Pakistan not the Taliban.

GOP takes a stand against a Palin run.  Trashing Sarah!  A controversial new book “The Rogue” a review of Sarah Palin’s intimate life and rise to fame from small Alaskan town mayor to United States Senator McCain’s “2008″ VP losing the election.  Levi Johnston’s “tell-it-all” book on Sarah the Cougar and his dirty little Palin family secrets.  Palin is thinking of suing “The Rogue” author for defamation of character.  Now the “National Enquirer” says Sarah and Todd Palin are heading to divorce court.

On September 22nd Fox News-Google GOP Presidential Primary Debate from Orlando see Bachmann and Cain trailing behind other candidates.  Does Ron Paul need an overhaul?

Businessman Cain reigns!  In the end it’s Herman Cain’s surprising Florida Straw Poll victory.  So far Perry is slipping and Romney holds the national lead.  Former two-term New Mexico Libertarian Governor Gary Johnson gets on board for the Presidential Primary Debate, but according to a recent poll Johnson is not considered to be a great candidate.

Cain wins Straw Poll in Minnesota, but Washington, D.C. loves Texas Congressman Ron Paul and makes him the winner of new “Values Voter Summit Straw Poll” while Herman Cain came in second place and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum trails third in GOP Presidential race.

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie decides he’s not running and tells New Jersey “You’re stuck with me” until 2016.  So who will the late night comedians toy around with now after having a barrel of fun cracking jokes about the fat boy?

Governor Christie endorses former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for GOP’s Presidential nominee and says he would consider running for VP.  Former Republican Senate candidate and Tea Party’s choice Christine O’Donnell donates small amount toward Romney’s campaign fundraising.

Tea Party forming their own special committee as Democrats scratch their heads wondering what the heck is Obama doing to this country.

While taxpayers are footing White House bill for Obama the charmer’s hotel and travel expenses to West Coast there’s some “fun raising” $10,000 per plate campaigning.

The NBA has come to the aid of Obama funding him with campaign money.

On Thursday, September 29th four Republican Senators, John McCain, Mark Kirk, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio travel to Mid-East for a meeting with new Libyan leaders who believe Gadhafi is most likely inside African desert hiding

People standing on unemployment line slightly declines as economy continues sagging behind.

Gov. Rick Perry’s racial camp rant is dampening the path to his winning the nomination for presidency.

President Obama tells gay community he stands for equality, but still believes marriage is between a man and woman.

Obama gets an “A+” for getting rid of the nuts and protecting us.

ESPN lets Hank Williams, Jr. go after he hits a sour note commenting that “Obama is like Hitler.”  Country singer apologized after making the nasty wisecrack, but ESPN owned by Disney and ABC won’t take him back.  Hank says “that’s bullshit, he quit.”  One way or another the big mouth is out.  Williams’ powerful defiant song had 150,000 downloads in 24 hours.

The average worker will get a minimum wage raise in eight states.  This means there will be $500 in every pocket for spending and boosting the economy.

Dems have a fight on their hands calling for 5.6% millionaires’ surtax hike while the GOP is knocking Obama’s stimulus job plan.

Sarah Palin makes official statement that due to family and other commitments she will not be running for the “2012″ GOP presidency.  Florida Senator Marco Rubio announces that he’s not interested in being VP.

Latest poll sees Romney better than Obama for improving the economy.  Romney sets up special team to prepare him for the “2012″ presidency with international policies. Dallas, Texas Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress insults Romney’s Mormon religion by saying “it’s a cult.”  Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman who is a Mormon disagrees with Baptist Pastor’s harsh religious cult remarks.  Romney wants Perry to repudiate Pastor’s statement.  Perry takes back any comments.

New Perry ads tie Romney to Obama’s policies.  So go the polls as the Texas governor is lagging behind Cain and Romney.

Some people feel Candidate Cain’s “racism” remarks are harsh.  Cain says he’s not a racist just addressing economic white and black issues.  Herman Cain makes another sharp remark on Mexico’s border security stating “fence should be electrified” but GOP candidate says “Folks I was just poking a joke.”

House Speaker John Boehner says Obama is concentrating on campaigning than leading the country.

President Obama avoids Washington shutdown by signing bill on Tuesday, October 4th keeping government employees on the payroll for six more weeks.

As of October 7, 2011 the unemployment rate still stands at 9.1% despite 103,000 job hike which includes unionized workers put back on the payroll by Verizon.

Millions of Americans will not be collecting unemployment benefits if Obama’s American Jobs Act bill isn’t approved on Capitol Hill.

Senate Republicans vote on October 11th to kill Obama’s $447 billion America Jobs Act slamming certain parts of the bill.

On October 11th at the New Hampshire GOP primary candidates Perry, Cain and Romney debate on the economy.  Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman speaks on scaling back the military and cutting spending while Michelle Bachmann is looking for a comeback.

Tickets for CNN’s Western Republican Seven Candidate Debate to be held on Tuesday, October 18th at Venetian Hotel on the Vegas strip.  Candidates meet and greet while Santorum and Perry try to defeat Romney by bickering.  Cain addresses his “999″ plan which he has now changed to “909″ (for families living in poverty) and still insists it’s the best.  Conservative candidate Newt Gingrich makes a good pitch on jobs, the economy and hot issue of illegal immigration that face the nation.  Ron Paul says once and for all we need to cut defense spending and aid to foreign countries.  Bachmann lashed out on Obama’s poll ratings as failing economic policies.  Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman slams Romney’s leadership flip-flopping.  Romney says I’m not a “flip-flop.”  I’ve been consistent on every policy issue.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry unveils his optional “Flat 20% Tax” plan which he says will greatly reduce taxes across this great land.

The latest Western Straw Poll shows Herman Cain leading most candidates in the race for the “2012″ presidency, but former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is leading in 4 states.

On October 21st Candidate Cain at Iowa Caucus says he supports abortion, but then states it should be a family decision.  Perry and Bachmann see Cain “flip-flopping.”

Shame on Herman Cain.  Republican candidate hires and fires Kristian Otto Herzog who says he quit as a security guard after a few debates.  Herzog who was a convicted felon having impersonated a police officer allegedly also guarded Actor Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend and singer Oksana.  Cain says he was not aware of this, but Kristian wrote a book on “His True Hollywood Story.”  Now Herman Cain is being blasted for sexual harassment allegations on four female employees which two accusers cite numerous advances as candidate denies taking place back in the days of his connection as CEO for National Restaurant Association.  55-year-old Karen Kraushaar former journalist one of the three women is presently working as Communications Director under Obama administration.  Fourth accuser Sharon Bialek goes public with her famous daytime TV show “We the People” attorney, Gloria Allred at a press conference.  Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh slams the media for ugly stereotype attack on black conservative.  One woman who received $45,000 in compensation is also speaking out through her attorney.  Cain wants Texas Gov. Rick Perry to apologize for breaking news story of alleged sexual harassment by his campaign adviser who denies it.  Texas Congressman Ron Paul says it’s enough of this sexual harassment stuff.  Let’s get back to business presenting our republican economic policies for the nation’s prosperity.  Newt Gingrich praises Cain for his steadfast in light of sexual scandal.  Cain’s wife, Gloria of 43 years who stands beside her man says her husband “totally respects women.”  Accuser’s ex-boyfriend Victor Zuckerman, a pediatrician says he believes Bialek’s story that Cain allegedly touched her in an inappropriate manner.  Fifth accuser, Ginger White comes forward claiming to news media she had a sexual affair with Cain for 13 years.  “Georgia on my Mind” or “Women on my mind all the time?”  Herman Cain debating should he stay in the presidential race while accusing news media of “character assassination.”  Candidate Cain says he is fighting for his integrity, but won’t make any decisions to drop out of race until he speaks with his wife.  On Saturday, December 3rd, Cain announced he suspends his campaign.  Ginger White says she is not a “hooker” but took money from other men besides Herman.

Cain’s poll ratings have been dropping after the sexual harassment allegations became public and his foreign policy gaffe.

Herman Cain who recently received threats gets Secret Service protection.

Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher whose business is fixing leaky pipes has now decided to run for congressman of the great Ohio buckeye state.

Former Mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani says he’s decided not to run for the “2012″ Republican presidency.  Steve Forbes endorses  Rick Perry while former New Hampshire governor and Chief White House Staffer backs Romney.

While Candidate Herman Cain travels around the country promoting his book and funny campaign his Chief of Staff did a smoking advertisement for the “2012″ election while late night hosts are cracking jokes.

Tea Party asks Candidate Bachmann to quit the Presidential race.  Perry is deciding whether or not he’ll be in the upcoming debates as his numbers are sinking.  It looks like it’s a “slim win.”  Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania is struggling to keep his head above water.

House members demand action to ending Afghanistan operations that began on October 7, 2001 marking the tenth anniversary.  By ending the war it would cut the $1.3 trillion deficit while most agree that we need to fix China’s trade policies and stop buying oil from mid-east countries.

New trade bills with South Korea, Columbia and Panama will give $15 billion for creating jobs and boosting U.S. economy.

President Obama pulls in more fundraising money than Perry, Cain or Romney.  Perry and Romney have raised more money than any other GOP candidate in the presidential race.

AARP advertising scaring retirees that there could be cuts in Social Security benefits.  Meanwhile beginning January 1st, 2012 the government okays Social Security recipients 3.6% pay raise and Medicare premium will be a lower monthly fee of $3.50 instead of $10.20.

On October 12th Hollywood actress and U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie visits Libya in support of refugees that have suffered under Gadhafi regime.

On Thursday, October 20th Secretary of State Hillary Rodman Clinton makes unannounced visit to Tripoli supporting the people of Libya in their fight for democracy.  She also stops in Pakistan to discuss Afghanistan and the Haqqani terror network.

On October 20th, 69-year-old dictator Moammar Gadhafi is captured and assassinated.  Shot in the neck, back and pronounced dead from bullet wound to head at Misrata Hospital.  (gruesome video)

On October 21st President Obama announces that the United States will be supporting the Libyan people in their quest for democracy.  Obama could win “2012″ election for his war on terror, but some say it will be a one-term presidency.

Mid-east countries discussing suspending Syria from Arab League.  Israelis and Palestinians celebrating prisoner swapping, but some people are not happy. Israel also swapped a prisoner with Egypt.

Prosecution in the trial of former dictator Hosni Mubarak will be in December.  Syrian and Yemen uprisings replacing dictators for democracy.

On Sunday, October 16, 2011 President Obama makes a speech honoring the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream” stone memorial dedication in Washington.

Obama says children should not be watching Reality TV about the Kardashians.  The celebrity family is not pleased with President’s comments.  Kim allegedly ditched Kris on grounds of “not enough dick.”  Next time you’re looking for fame Kim don’t marry a guy with your mother’s first name.  Disgruntled moviegoers are not happy Kim is starring in Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor.”

President Obama traveling to high-unemployment states to raise campaign money.  His 3-day bus tour with wife Michelle is to push employers toward hiring military veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Some firms say they pledge to hire 25,000 veterans.

Obama promotes his new mortgage plan “Aid to Save Homeowners and help for Student Loans.”  Economists believe Obama’s program is going nowhere as banks have no intention on lending any money especially to foreclosures in this failing economy.  Former House Speaker and “2012″ Presidential Republican Candidate Newt Gingrich sees Obama’s new plan for student loans as a “ponzi scheme.”  Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh agrees.

As of October 20, 2011 unemployment claims rise to over 400,000 as more people stand on lines.

As of October 27, 2011 new unemployment claims fall while GDP climbs for first time to a seasonably high 2.5% as economists were expecting 2.4% in 3rd quarter.

Dow soars 3% over European debt deal and assistance in helping weak Greece economy.  Obama attends G-20 economic summit.  Greek Prime Minister George Papadreau resigns, but happy country will be bailed out on brink of bankruptcy.  Next in line is Italy’s failing economy having nominated Economist Mario Monti to replace ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi after he resigned serving 17 years dominating his country with lies and sex scandals. The world hinges upon European financial stability.  Investors say European debt is a “train wreck.”

Super Committee has until November 23rd to come up with a real good “cut the nation’s $1.2 trillion deficit deal.”  12-Member Panel face between a rock and a hard place.  AARP organization targets Super Committee.

Obama unveils new proposal plan for student loans which might put taxpayers’ money at risk while Radio Talk Show Host Limbaugh says Obama’s plan would only save college graduates less than $10.00 a month quoting a magazine article.

On October 31, 2011 Obama issues an Executive Order addressing FDA on drug prescription shortage crisis.

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac execs got fat bonuses in 2010 on backs of taxpayers while homeowners suffer foreclosures.  Senator John McCain of Arizona addressing executives who got million dollar bonuses says they should be fired immediately.  Former House Speaker, Reagan staffer and Conservative Republican Candidate Newt Gingrich says “I was hired as an historian not a lobbyist for the housing company” flip-flops over $1.6 million and $1.8 million he got in fees from Freddie Mac as a consultant.  Gingrich was also paid enormous amounts of money for consulting drug and health care companies.  CEOs with large bonuses from the giant mortgage company go before House of Representatives’ hearing.

In new November 2nd poll Cain is seen leading Romney 30% to 23%.

On November 2nd, the nation’s motto “In God We Trust” is reaffirmed by Congress.

MF Global Fund tumbles as its former CEO once upon a time New Jersey Senator Jon Corzine resigns after $1.2 billion in missing investors’ money is now under investigation.  MF Global is accused of co-mingling funds.  Jon Corzine is under scrutiny.  C0mpany fired all of its employees who are suing for back pay they did not receive.  Corzine who was also a former CEO of Goldman Sachs goes before a congressional hearing and states “He does not know what happened to the missing money.”  Judge approves $2.2 billion of bankrupt MF Global transfer to customers.

Calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation in light of “Fast and Furious” investigation on Capitol Hill for hearing.

Customers leaving Bank of America and other institutions that were planning $5.00 debit card fees and $30.00 overdraft charges have transferred their money into credit unions.

On Friday, November 4th five GOP candidates debate on at Des Moines, Iowa Reagan dinner.  They praised Ronald Reagan, but lashed out at Obama’s failed policies.  Texas Gov. Rick Perry said if he were elected President the first thing on his calendar would be to freeze Congress and government employees’ salaries.  Former House Speaker and GOP Conservative candidate Newt Gingrich catching up to Romney.

On Wednesday, November 9th eight GOP candidates debate in Rochester, Michigan for lower taxes and less government regulations.  Rick Perry gets an “F” for his bad memory when he fumbles having difficulty remembering name of a government agency.  The evening ends with Romney leading, Bach rocks, Newt gets a boost and Cain’s “999″ plan becomes a pain.  Audience was not happy with former NYC hatcheck girl now CNBC’s news commentator Maria Bartiromo confronting Herman Cain on sexual harassment allegations.  Twitter followers respond to Cain’s nickname of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi when stating that she stalled health care reform plan by sending it to a committee he referred to her as “Princess Pelosi.”

Ohio takes a stand and repeals collective bargaining ban.

On Friday, November 11th Obama goes to Island of Hawaii to meet with APEC leaders before taking off on nine day summit to Australia and Asia-Pacific to promote trade policies for creating U.S. jobs and businesses.  Obama seals $25 billion Asian deal.

President Obama praises Arab League’s leadership for suspending Syria’s membership and sanctions for anti-demonstrations.  Thousands of Syrians attack international embassies after Arab League suspends country’s membership.

Egyptians take to the streets of Tahrir Square fighting and willing to die for democracy. Egypt apologizes for death of Cairo protester.

On Saturday, November 12th eight candidates debate as guests of CBS in South Carolina on the mid-east, national security and foreign policy.  Tough talking Romney says he’s got a plan to ban Iran’s nuclear program while Santorum and Perry speak about funding countries like Pakistan.  Perry tries to make comeback after gaffe.  Cain, Huntsman and Bachmann agree that waterboarding is not torture and should be reinstated.  Bachmann’s polls are sliding while Newt Gingrich is still climbing trying to get ahead of Romney.  Bachmann has been very displeased with an email from CBS stating because of low ratings they may limit her discussions.  Protesters at a rally before Saturday’s tenth debate were shouting at Bachmann as she tried to reply.

On Saturday, November 19th six GOP candidates debate before moderator, Frank Luntz at First Federated Church in Des Moines, Iowa as they sat around a table for Thanksgiving Dinner Family Forum from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.  Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman decided not to attend after receiving invitations.  The water server girl Michele Bachmann, Astute Newt Gingrich, Determined Herman Cain, Loyal Ron Paul, Merry Rick Perry, and Quick Rick Santorum gave their views on social issues, morality, God and personal responsibility.  There were tears in the candidates eyes as they discussed their religious faiths before an audience of social conservatives.  Newt Gingrich spoke on his inner demons, Rick Santorum talked about not loving his disabled daughter and Herman Cain finding out he had Cancer.  When Cain covered his face the audience applauded the candidate.  Michele Bachmann described the anguish she experienced over her parents’ divorce.  Of course Rick Perry and Ron Paul were less personal when it came to family details.  Santorum the most aggressive candidate at the forum said President Obama must push for Judeo-Christian values across this country.  Ron Paul disagreed saying it is not government’s role to mold society, but to preserve liberty.

So go the polls as Gingrich is leading in Iowa and Romney in New Hampshire.  Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman are now celebrities making appearances on the Today Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and SNL.  NBC apologizes to Bachmann for playing wrong song “Lyin’ Bitch Ass” by Fishbone a member of Jimmy Fallon’s band who was severely reprimanded.

On Tuesday, November 22nd eight candidates debate at Constitution Hall on National Security and Foreign policy in Washington, D.C. before moderator Wolf Blitzer of CNN starting 8:00 p.m.   Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who is now leading Romney in national polls makes a stand on illegal immigration why people with families living here for 25 years should stay in this country.  Romney and Bachmann disagree while Newt says, “It’s the humane thing to do.”  Bachmann says Gingrich is too liberal.  Candidates slammed Obama’s defense budget cuts while sparring over Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

Iowa social conservative groups see Romney as a “flip-flopper” and are secretly meeting before the January caucus for another candidate that can beat him in Iowa, New Hampshire and other voting states across the country.  In the interim New Hampshire’s “Union Leader” newspaper roots for Newt while Romney gets Miami’s American Cuban approval.

Obama is in the New Hampshire region promoting his payroll tax and jobless benefits extension plan.  Conservative Republicans will not back a millionaire tax.

Newt Gingrich at Iowa Town Hall for a “Pizza Deficit Party” while Ron Paul is promoting his new “cook book.”

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey says GOP candidates have an uphill battle against Obama for the presidency.  He slams Obama for being a “bystander” not a “leader.”

On Wednesday, November 30th banks roar as Dow soars on Euro rescue.

Donald Trump rips into Obama for being inconsiderate by holding a fundraiser dinner on the eve of celebrating lighting up Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Obama pledges additional $50 million for Aids virus treatment to medical facilities across the country.

President Obama’s “We Can’t Wait” executive order and former President Clinton initiate a new $4 billion “energy efficiency program” with the federal government and private sector investment creating thousands of jobs for the construction industry.

Unemployment rate goes down to 8.6% from 9.0% as of December 2nd the first time in more than two years which means 120,000 jobs were filled probably due to hiring by retail chains for the holidays.  At the same time 316,000 people have given up looking for work in this rough economy.

On Saturday, December 5th five Republican Presidential hopefuls Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum sit down and debate from immigration, Obama’s health care law to the Constitution before co-host Mike Huckabee and a panel of three forum.  Herman Cain who suspended his campaign and Jon Huntsman did not attend.

On Wednesday, December 7th GOP candidates debate at Republican Jewish Forum in Washington.  Libertarian Ron Paul was banned from the debate discussing his extreme views on Iranian nuclear issues.

On Saturday, December 10th six GOP candidates 11th debate starting 8:00 p.m. at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa before ABC News Moderators, George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer.  Bachmann lets loose on Romney-Newt with their views of individual health mandate issue.  Romney makes a $10,000 bet with Perry which the Texas Governor rejects regarding the Massachusetts mandate for one State.  Then Gingrich attacked Romney stating why he was never a “career politician” as Mitt lost to Ted Kennedy.  Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is a “no show.”

On Thursday, December 15th starting at 9:00 p.m. sponsored by Fox News, seven Republican candidates once again debate from Sioux City, Iowa: Gingrich, Bachmann, Paul, Romney, Santorum, Huntsman and Perry.

Donald J. Trump who is still considering running for the Presidency as an Independent after “Celebrity Apprentice” finale says he’s definitely backing GOP Presidential Candidate and will not be moderating Des Moines, Iowa Republican Debate on Newsmax ION Network Tuesday, December 27th at 8:00.  Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said he would be busy campaigning and U.S. Representative of Minnesota Michele Bachmann had no intentions on participating.

On Thursday, December 22nd President Obama signs and praises Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill for their approval of two-month payroll tax extension and jobless benefits bill.

Former VP Dan Quayle, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Delaware candidate Christine O’Donnell, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the U.S., Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota, influential newspaper Des Moines Register, Actress and Model Cindy Crawford who previously backed Obama, including Michael Grimm, NY Congressman are all endorsing Mitt Romney while Iowa polls show Gingrich sinking.

Dow starts the new year on a positive note with markets slightly rising 1.5% on some global market growth.  Jobless rate declines from 8.6 percent to 8.5 since 2009 showing the economy is recovering slowly.  Higher gas prices at the pump will crunch consumer’s pockets into the summer months.

On Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 Mitt Romney grabs the top spot at Iowa Caucus narrowly beating Rick Santorum by just eight votes who comes in second with Libertarian Ron Paul coming in third, Newt Gingrich fourth, Rick Perry fifth and Michele Bachmann in sixth place while candidate Jon Huntsman trails last for the Republican presidential race.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann decides to suspend her campaign after receiving poor voting returns and having exhausted funding.  Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman will go on to New Hampshire battling to be the presidential nominee.

Gingrich says he’s a true “conservative” which the Tea Party favors while Mitt is “too moderate.”  Santorum charms Iowan voters with “Game On.”  Fox News Host Mike Huckabee says Santorum can win the GOP nomination.  How bout Rick in the White House instead of Romney?  Huckabee disagrees on a comeback for Perry.

Arizona Senator John McCain not only wants Romney to be GOP nominee but is endorsing him at New Hampshire rally.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be at New Hampshire debate backing Romney.

Mitt Romney’s hometown newspaper the New Hampshire Boston Globe endorses Jon Huntsman.  Influential paper states that Romney and Huntsman are the best candidates to be considered for GOP nominees.

Newt Gingrich leader of the Republican pack says he will ax capital gains tax.  Gingrich proposes individual accounts for young people changing the entire social security system.

President Obama addresses the nation after one million soldiers have served our country while sadly 4,500 have lost their lives, all troops in Iraq will finally be coming back home by the end of 2011 in time to celebrate the holidays.  Some troops have already started to leave.  Remainder of troops in Afghanistan should be out of that country by end of 2014.  Some congressional members are pleased with Obama’s foreign policy as it would cut defense spending adding money to a failing economy.  Talks between the U.S. and Iraq to have some training people left behind fell through the cracks leaving the country vulnerable to Iran and Al-Qaeda attacks.  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton agree that leaving Iraq is an open door for terror attacks from Iran.  President Obama approves new sanctions on Iran after meeting with Russia and China.

Pres. Karzai of Afghanistan who’s received billions of U.S. dollars and troops fighting terror in his country vents harsh comment that he will back Pakistan if U.S. attacks.  Karzai says he won’t go into a partnership with the U.S. unless they agree with NATO to stop carrying out night raids in his country.

NATO drones kill 24 of Pakistan’s troops.  They want to boot the U.S. out of their country.  The Obama administration is holding an investigation.  VP Biden says U.S. will back Iraq.

President Obama at Ft. Bragg welcoming the troops back from Iraq.

President Obama and family vacation in Hawaii where he signs defense bill on New Year’s eve stating his reservations on terrorist interrogations, Iranian sanctions and Russia-U.S. relations.

Obama faces Constitutional questions over using his executive power on recess appointments naming new Chiefs to head Labor Relations Board and Consumer Protection Bureau.

On Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 he visits the battleground State of Ohio with his new “We Can’t Wait” motto.

On January 5th Obama tells the nation he is cutting $489 billion in military spending.  Some Congressional leaders question whether this is a good idea for our country.

President Obama may change the rules on some immigration with people facing deportation.

U.S. Navy ship intervenes in the Arabian Sea saving thankful Iranian fishermen from pirates.

Starting January 7th weekend six candidates hold hot debates in New Hampshire slamming each other.  Mitt Romney is still leading.  Paul, Santorum, Huntsman are in the upper tier with Gingrich and Perry trailing.  Candidates are mad about the ugly ads.  Libertarian Ron Paul and former Utah Gov. and Ambassador to China under Obama administration Jon Huntsman are seeking independent supporters.

Billionaire casino executive of the Las Vegas Sands and long time friend of Newt Gingrich backs him with $5 million contribution to Super Pac committee for candidate’s presidency.

GOP and DNC attacking Romney’s Bain gain while Rick Santorum sells sweater vests hoping to impress voters.  Paul and Santorum do not think it’s good politics to attack Romney’s Bain Capital Investment Company.

Surprise endorsement by Todd Palin for Newt Gingrich, but wife Sarah former Alaska governor has not made up her mind who she’s endorsing.

On January 8th Obama says skidoo to Chief of Staff Bill Daley and hires former Budget Director Jack Lew as new Chief of Staff to head the top brass.  Democrats not happy with administration’s selection.

On Tuesday, January 10th the granite state primary voters put Mitt Romney in first place, Ron Paul in second and Jon Huntsman in third while Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry find themselves trailing behind.  All candidates are heading to South Carolina and Florida.

Recount of votes in Iowa shows Santorum beating Romney.  Mitt Romney appeals to some voters, but they feel he needs Ron Paul’s strategy.

Obama planning on rebuilding the economy with tax breaks for businesses bringing jobs to this country.

On Wednesday, January 11th John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador under President George W. Bush endorses Mitt Romney.

George Romney born in Mexico makes son Mitt half Latino should go over big with voters in Puerto Rico.

Rick Perry key backer leaves presidential race due to governor attacking Romney as a “Vulture Capitalist” for Bain Investment Company.  Dogs Against “Mitt is Mean” for traveling with pooch on car roof.

Federal Judge rules since Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, John Huntsman and Rick Perry failed to get 10,000 voter signatures they will not be on Virginia’s March primary.  Does it really matter as candidate Mitt Romney is winning voters across the country?

Unemployment applications rose sharply to 399,000 for January while mortgage foreclosures are increasing.

Obama wants to increase the debt ceiling which most Republicans do not agree.  President Obama’s new campaign strategy is seeking authority to streamline government agencies.  The President’s tactics are backwards.  Let’s face it this guy’s change never came when stimulus money went down the drain.

Huntsman quits the race and endorses Romney while Gingrich is booed on Fox News attacking Mitt’s “Bain” company.  Rick Perry drops out of the race and endorses Newt Gingrich.

All that’s left is four Republican candidates, Santorum, Romney, Gingrich and Paul debating in South Carolina’s presidential primary.  Newt Gingrich who says he’s got nothing to hide reveals his tax return online and “2006″ Fannie/Freddie Mac contract.  Newt insists he was a “consultant” not a “lobbyist.”

Mitt Romney still hasn’t disclosed his tax return which former Massachusetts governor says he intends to show sometime in April.  Newt Gingrich put on a good show this time attacking President Obama and his administration on how many more people were on food stamp program.

Just in case you didn’t know while Gingrich was married, Callista was his former mistress.  Could this effect family values or his conservative candidacy?  Guess it hasn’t since South Carolina voters told Romney to scoot as they “Rooted for Newt.”  Four candidates are now off to sunny Florida for the primary.

On January 21st Michael Reagan and Sarah Palin make statements endorsing Newt Gingrich for the presidential nominee.

Mitt Romney reveals his “2010″ tax return online showing he made millions tucked away in the Cayman Islands and Sweden.  Romney married into money besides his family fortune.  This guy has more dollars and cents than some Americans in the 1%.

The U.S. Navy uses dolphins as a secret weapon tracking Iran’s blocking Strait of Hormuz.

GOP slams Obama administration for not approving Canadian Keystone pipeline which would have created thousands of jobs across the nation.

Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson endorses Newt Gingrich on Fox’s “Hannity.”

Santorum is pleased to receive millions for his campaign from benefactor Foster and Lynn Friess Family Foundation.

On Thursday, January 26th CNN’s Wolf Blitzer sole moderator of Florida debate with Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul four remaining candidates in the race.  Newt gets into the ring attacking Romney on religion, health care reform, immigration and investments, but former Massachusetts governor comes back swinging after losing to former House Speaker in South Carolina he’s now winning Hispanic voters in Florida.

Some voters feel Obama can beat Romney, but who’s the better singer?  Romney can carry a tune as he serenades Florida voters while campaigning with “America the Beautiful.”  Obama who is far from a leader can always “wing it” as a singer.  First Lady  Michelle Obama a guest on Jay Leno Show jokes about Romney’s charming singing, but can Obama sing for his supper like little Tommy Tucker?

Who can stump Newt the “Grump?”  Once he gets into the ring there’s no stopping Gingrich.

Herman Cain endorsing Newt Gingrich ahead of Florida primary.

Actor Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie’s daddy) Tampa Bay Times and Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi supporting Mitt Romney.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum who won Iowa temporarily drops out of the race as his 3-year-old daughter, Bella has a rare genetic disease and was hospitalized with pneumonia.  The eldest daughter and a reality star will be pitching in for him.  Great news for Bella as she’s now on the road to recovery.

Gov. Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico and Nevada’s largest newspaper endorsing Mitt Romney.

Nevada Tea Party Activist Sharron Angle endorses Rick Santorum.

Mighty Newt lawsuit over using “Eye of the Tiger” music while campaigning.

Mitt Romney winner of the Florida primary selects “poor” choice of words has everyone in a uproar including Gingrich who questions his comment.  Texas Libertarian Ron Paul says people just took Romney’s remark out of context.  Romney admits his “poor” misstatement over blitz of media attention.

Looks like the Tea Party is getting used to Romney as they do not see a comparable nominee.

Due to huge crowds Mitt Romney gets Secret Service protection.

Florida race sees Newt Gingrich in second place, Rick Santorum third and Ron Paul fourth.  So what’s in store for the candidates as they head to the States of Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado?

Ron Paul speaking to voters in Minnesota tells them that he delivered 4,000 babies and was in the military.

It’s a blockbuster for Rick Santorum as he’s the winner of Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado primaries.  Romney downplays Santorum’s win as he prepares for new strategy.  Santorum is attacking Romney and bringing in a lot of Super Pac money.

Colorado student charged with misdemeanor flinging “glitter” on Mitt Romney.

Catholic and Jewish groups angry with Obama administration that new health care law is for abortion.  Gingrich calls Obama administration health care law on “contraception” an outright “War Against Religion.”  Holy Cross vs. Blue Cross.

First lawsuit by Catholic network to stop “contraception” mandate by Obama administration.  With all the criticism Obama reverses mandate on contraception.

Obama wants to turn foreclosures into rentals.  He’ll fight for “Homeowners’ Bill of Rights.”  Ten million people are under water to pay mortgages.  President Obama is also preparing new jobs program for veterans.

Obama approves $25 billion mortgage settlement with lenders not only helping, but acknowledging wrongdoing.  Housing problem could affect recovering economy.  Foreclosures at five-year low.

You’re Hired – You’re Fired!  Trump bumps Gingrich then endorses Romney for the Republican nominee stating “He’s tough, smart and sharp.”

Gingrich comes in second, Paul third and Santorum forth with Romney claiming victory in Nevada primary, but the polls see Obama leading across the country.

Goldman Sachs investment banking and securities firm who received $10 billion bailout from Obama administration is backing Romney.

Some bad stuff for Newt Gingrich as Florida man is suing former Speaker of the House claiming his security team roughed him up.

Boom Bam!  Is Israel getting ready to bomb Iran’s nuclear facility?  The United States thinks Iran may be attacking our country.  Obama administration puts new sanctions on Iran’s central banking system and tells Israel to rethink military action against Iran.

Donald Trump on candidates and the election.  Trump says Jon Huntsman former Ambassador to China gave away a big chunk of our country.  Rick Santorum former Pennsylvania Senator lost by a huge margin so nobody really wanted him.  I can’t see Santorum winning the presidency.   Pres. Obama’s stand on “contraception” has a lot of Catholics angry.  It’s no way to run this country.  Speaking of the Iran controversy Trump believes Obama could win another term by pressuring America’s power and sanctions.

Meanwhile Santorum is leading in Tennessee.  Former Pennsylvania Senator makes remark that he does not agree with gays in the military and opposition to women in combat.  Santorum says he was referring to “men’s emotions” wben women get in harm’s way.  He believes that gays are a “social issue” regarding close quarters with other soldiers.

Romney says he’s no Washington insider like Santorum.  Are the Republican candidates losing it as they battle one another when they should be fighting Obama?  Gingrich’s wife Callista speaks at D.C. CPAC.  Is this Newt’s new strategy?  Only Romney, Gingrich and Santorum attended the conference.  Ron Paul hopped a plane to Maine.

After Santorum’s surge Romney tells CPAC conservatives I was “severely conservative” as a Republican governor.  Santorum speaks at CPAC on Obamacare, economy, liberty and freedom.

On Thursday, February 9th Obama meets with Democratic gay donors at Washington, D.C. dinner and raises a whopping $1.4 million for his campaign.

Mitt Romney wins over conservatives at D.C. CPAC and claims victory in Maine.  Santorum marches on edging out Romney in Michigan.  Newt Gingrich asks God to save him from Santorum and Romney.  Santorum attacks Romney with “machine gun” ad tactics.  Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Detroit News, Arizona Republican Newspaper and Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona endorse Mitt Romney.  Arizona Sheriff resigns after Romney allegations.

Ohio’s Attorney General switches from Romney endorsing Santorum.  Gingrich woos Arizona Latino voters.

Republican candidates hold sit-down heated CNN debate as they wait results from Michigan and Arizona voters.

U.N. Security Council resolution to sanction Syria for crimes against their people vetoed by Russia and China.  Obama urges President Assad to step down due to the violence and killings in his country.  Billions at stake as Russia backs Syria.

U.S. tells Israel to hold off on military action against Iran.

Romney blasts Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for early withdrawal from Afghanistan from 2014 to 2013.

Wall Street cuts contributions to Democrats that could hurt their election.

Dow gains after Greece okays austerity budget even though government workers are not happy.

Obama’s “2013″ Budget Proposal will stifle the economy.

During 3-day West Coast trip Obama expects to raise millions for his campaign.

$143 billion payroll tax cut and jobless benefits extension package is passed till end of 2012 by Senate and House leaders Friday, February 17th on Capitol Hill goes to President Obama for signature.  The average worker making $50,000 will get $750 to $1,000 more in their paycheck.

Starbucks CEO says Washington has failed on job creation.

Rep. Bachmann defends her Tea Party on attacks she’s anti-women.

Obama serenades his wife and the rest of the crowd with “Sweet Home Chicago” a Blues Concert held at the White House.

President Obama apologizes to Afghanistan for burning the Quran.  GOP slams Obama for apology.

Mitt Romney wants to save Medicare by raising the age.  Rick Santorum, a loving devoted father has gained momentum with voters.

Jane Lynch of “Glee” says Romney does not know how to relate to people.  Are you comparing him to Obama’s singing?

Romney tells voters in Michigan the economy and job creation will always be the foundation for his election.  Seattle Times supporting Mitt Romney.

Santorum switches his strategy to economic policy after Romney wins the Arizona, Michigan and Wyoming primaries.  Voters still “leary” of Romney.

Romney and Paul projected winners in State of Washington.  And the winner is Mitt  Romney Washington primary.  More Tea Partiers are backing Romney.

“Fools Rush In” – Advertisers are damn mad and pulled their ads off Conservative Rush Limbaugh’s Radio Talk Show in spite of his apology regarding  contraception to 30-year-old Sandra Fluke, activist and law student at Georgetown University for “slut” and “prostitute” rant.  Three were other media commentators like Glenn Beck who also made “harsh remarks.”  President Obama called law student offering his concerns and support.   Sandra Fluke a guest on “The View” spoke to Barbara Walters and other host ladies that she and other students from Georgetown University have “private insurance” which would not affect taxpayer money.  Despite all the “contraception” controversy Fluke says she would do it all over again excluding the ranting.  What about the panting?

Rush (the band) and Peter Gabriel are no fan of Limbaugh since his crude spat with Fluke.  Hey rude dude you played Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” while calling the Georgetown law student a “prostitute.”  Limbaugh has been slapped with cease-and-desist letters ordering him not to play their music.

Rush Limbaugh after losing over 100 advertisers, brassy radio host talker opens “Twitter” account posting his first two tweets responding to Fluke scandal hoping to mobilize supporters.

John Boehner, Representative from Ohio and Speaker of United States House of Representatives,  Virginia Representative Eric Cantor, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and former President George W. Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft endorse Romney.

Sarah Palin wants Florida Congressman Allen West another singer to be GOP VP nominee.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke declares U.S. economy could be heading for a “cold” recovery.  Unless growth accelerates, unemployment rate would not be falling.

With gas prices going “through the roof” Donald Trump says OPEC is just laughing at us.  Mid-East unrest and U.S. refinery closures we can’t seem to get out of this mess.

Obama tells Americans the government buys “fuel efficient” trucks and cars to save on gasoline.  Is this his idea of the American dream?  Why isn’t he trying to bring down gas prices with an energy policy?

Former President Bill Clinton says “Build an alternate route to Keystone Pipeline.”

President Obama campaigning in NYC hoping to raise $5 million for his re-election.

Tough re-election awaits Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  Conservative donors seem to be tiring of her asking them for money.  She’s left with a $1 million presidential campaign debt.

Newt a potential nominee for the presidency falls asleep while on camera giving a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.  Is this what we can expect?  A man who day dreams protecting our country.

Foul or fool remark made by Mitt Romney about his wife, Ann introducing her as the “Heavyweight” of the family.  Mitt admits he didn’t mean it.  Ouch!  He certainly was not referring to Ann’s weight, but did put foot in his mouth.

Romney tells media he loves cold cereal.  His favorite is Honey Nut Cheerios or anything sugary and sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly.

March 6th “Super Tuesday” in ten states see candidates in a tight race for the Republican primary election.  Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum win three states a piece gaining more delegates.  “Tortoise” Gingrich wins his State of Georgia.  Sarah Palin voted for Newt Gingrich in Alaska.

Santorum tells Newt it’s time to drop out of the presidential race since “Super Tuesday” shows very low voter polls.

Joe “the plumber” Samuel Wurzelbacher is running in Toledo, Ohio for Ninth Congressional District GOP primary.

Romney lays it on thick with Southern grits.  Mitt Romney’s chances of winning are slim as he struggles with religious primary voters in Southern states heading into Mississippi and Alabama trailing behind either Gingrich or Santorum.  The question is, will Romney a moderate land enough white Evangelical voters to make a difference for his candidacy?

Romney and Gingrich skip Kansas as it looks like Santorum wins it.  Rick Santorum says economic recovery is “anemic.”

Since candidates can’t be everywhere they’re sending their daughters or sons to campaign for them.  Mitt Romney wins Guam American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands and Hawaii.

Rick Santorum overwhelming wins Kansas caucuses while Romney is the winner in the State of Wyoming.

Republican candidates looking to win 60 delegates in the Alabama Mississippi and Hawaii primaries.  Obama infomercial killing Romney.

Redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy helping Romney with Southern hospitality, but what Mitt needs is to improve his personality.

“Sweet Home Alabama” Governor endorses Santorum.  Guys in the slammer got to vote in Alabama.  Conservative Rick “Deep in the Heart of Dixie” wins Alabama and Mississippi while voters are not too happy with “moderate” Romney.  Gingrich says he’s not quitting.

Santorum is seen in Puerto Rico wooing Latinos.  His chief staffers think Gingrich should step aside as he’s taking conservative votes from Santorum.  Rick thinks Mitt should easily be winning considering his financial advantage.  The race now turns to caucuses in Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois and Puerto Rico primary. Mitt Romney says he certainly would support Puerto Rico statehood.

Two guys kissing at Santorum rally are escorted out of the building.  Go Gays!

In his opinion, Ed Gillespie Political Strategist and Former White House Counselor to President George W. Bush, Mitt Romney has enough conservative support to win the presidential nomination.

Sparks are flying over Rick Santorum’s remark that Puerto Ricans should speak “English” if they want statehood.

Romney pouring tons of money into Illinois primary and sending in New Jersey “crony” Gov. Chris Christie.

Shutterbug catches Rick Santorum “shirtless” sunbathing at poolside in Puerto Rico.  Rick says “Sorry I don’t look trim and fit.”  Guess he wanted to take a break from all the political bullshit.

Go Romney!  The best candidate wins 20 delegates with Latino voters in Puerto Rico.  It looks like Santorum and Gingrich are licked.  Karen Santorum says Rick is not anti-women while Mitt says Obama is against freedom.

Romney wins more than 50% of the vote in Illinois primary with Santorum and Gingrich trailing.  Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, his father Bush #1, Senator Lee of Utah, Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Arizona Gov. Janice Brewer, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton,  House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Jr.Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Chairman of the House Budget Committee shows the Republican establishment overwhelmingly endorsing Mitt Romney as number one candidate for the GOP presidential nomination.

Louisiana Republican presidential primary polls show Rick leading by double digits over Mitt.  It does not look likely that former Pennsylvania Senator Santorum will gain much momentum even if he wins Louisiana’s popular vote by a wide margin.  Mitt Romney still leads in delegates for the presidential nomination.

Well Rick Santorum does win Louisiana GOP primary, and it’s here I come Pennsylvania right back where I started from.

Another “boo-boo” for Santorum who retracted comment “If Obama was re-elected for second term he would be no different than Romney.”

President Obama touting newly-produced somewhere around $345,000 Hollywood 17-minute documentary “The Road We Traveled” for his re-election campaign with movie star Tom Hanks narrating.  The film highlights “2007-2008″ economic collapse, auto industry bailout, May 2011 raid and killing in Pakistan of Osama bin Laden, the benefits of health care reform, withdrawal from Iraq, but no mention of the decision to withdraw troops by 2014 from Afghanistan.  Republican Chairman Reince Priebus says unfortunately Americans are living Obama’s accomplishments every day from high gas and food prices, health care costs, soaring unemployment and record debt.  Hollywood may not be able to find anything wrong with Obama’s first term, but Americans literally can’t afford to find out what another four years looks like under Obama’s administration.

President Obama pushing women supporting him for health care reform is now planning a solar energy tour with gas prices soaring.

Obama says in order to lower gas prices he will take away big oil companies tax breaks.  Of course it would have to be approved on Capitol Hill.

Democratic-controlled Senate rejects Republican bid for speedy approval of $7 billion Keystone pipeline from Canada to Texas.  President Obama felt Republicans did not give him enough time for a fair review before a deadline.  Pipeline supporters called it a job creator while more opponents claim it would transport “dirty oil” requiring producing huge amounts of energy.

Mobil Oil advertisement creation of 500,000 jobs are tied to Keystone pipeline.

Bipartisan Jobs Act bill promoting business growth approved on Capitol Hill.  President Obama unveils manufacturing plan.

White House planning expansion of its displaced worker program.

Obama administration funding an additional $80 million toward Alzheimer’s research work.

$25 billion settlement between five major banks for abusive practices will be filed in federal court against Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan,  Citigroup and Ally Financial agreement after 16 months of negotiations with Justice Department, Housing and Urban Development, State Attorneys General and federal agencies.

Stocks hit 14,000 mark, the first time since “2008″ when recession took its toll on the economy, although home sales have dropped in February.  Unemployment claims fall in 29 states to a four-year low.

Netenyau: Israel reserves the right to defend itself, but will the U.S. help?  Obama administration assures Israel’s protection against an attack from Iran.  President Obama issued a statement if the U.S. is attacked by Iran with a nuclear weapon it will strike back.

Iran gives U.N. permission to view their secret nuclear military facility.  U.S. Senate hearing on Syrian killings.  President Assad says it’s the terrorists killing Syrians.  Assad’s wife, Asma Syria’s “Marie Antoinette” and other relatives are under EU sanctions freezing their assets and travel bans.  Asma went on internet shopping spree with no regard for 9,000 civilian killings.  Some 89,000 people have fled the country.  Defection of Syria’s Minister as President Assad meets with former Secretary to the United Nations Kofi Annan for peace mission.  Assad has agreed with Kofi Annan that there will be no more killings.  Still many Syrians are losing their lives while Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton reminds President Assad of the sanctions.

Obama gives warning to North Korea and Iran on nuclear weapons.

Highly-decorated, but never receiving Purple Heart accused 38-year-old U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales married with two kids having previously served in Iraq was seen Sunday, March 11th by military officials drinking on Southern Afghanistan base crept away overnight from the military compound going on shooting spree in Kandahar villages killing and wounding 17 civilians of which nine were children, setting them on fire while they were sleeping.   Eleven belonged to one family.

Accused Staff Sgt. Robert Bales arrives stateside on Saturday, March 17th at the United States Military Penitentiary Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and placed in an isolated cell.  His attorney John Henry Browne of Seattle said he did not know if his client had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder at time of shootings, but could be an issue at trial if experts find it relevant.  The man went through hell injured twice in Iraq, once losing part of his foot obviously took a toll on the soldier.  Robert Bales remembered by classmates as “Bobby” the football player and neighbors from suburban Cincinnati, Ohio as a guy who was “happy-go-lucky.”  He took care of  “special needs” children and was a watchdog for neighborhood troublemakers.  Court records show the 10-year veteran had many commendations for good conduct after four years in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Wife Karilyn says he joined the Army after struggling with many financial blows which included a Florida investment job that went sour, Seattle home condemned, hardship making payments on another and about a year ago Bale’s failure to get a military promotion or a transfer.  His legal troubles include charges that he assaulted a girlfriend which he pleaded “guilty” and took anger management counseling, a hit-and run accident when he ran bleeding in military clothing into the woods, but told police “I fell asleep at the wheel” shows Bales just paid a fine to have charges dismissed.  In March, 1998 Bales was given a $65 citation for possessing alcohol in Daytona Beach, Fla. and he did not pay the fine an arrest warrant was issued for his arrest, but it expired.  In 2008 another incident arose involving alcohol of each person to the point of mumbling, slurring of speech then alleging Bales’s violence when he thrust a woman’s hand to his crotch and fought with her boyfriend outside a Tacoma, Washington bowling alley.  Deputy described Bales as “extremely intoxicated.”  Bales was also arrested in 2002 for a drunken assault on a security guard at a Tacoma casino, but that charge was dismissed after he completed 20 hours of anger management training.  More court documents show Bales owes $1.5 million from arbitration ruling a decade ago finding him “guilty” of securities fraud stemming from a complaint by Columbus, Ohio couple that Bales defrauded them while working as their stockbroker in 2003.  Soon thereafter Bales enlisted in the Army.

Former platoon leader says Bales was a “model soldier” inspired by 9/11 and in just two months after the attack, Bales enlisted to serve his country.  He saved many lives in firefights on three Iraq deployments while Army Capt. Chris Alexander says charges against Bales killing and burning many civilians in Afghanistan is out of character for him.

Accused U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales says he has “loss of memory” killing, burning and wounding 17 Afghan civilians.  His attorney, John Henry Browne will plea “diminished capacity.”

On Friday, March 23rd a senior United States official says the military will be charging accused Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales with 17 counts of premeditated murder plus other charges, including attempted murder in connection with the burnings, killings and wounding of Kandahar villagers.  Robert Bales could receive s life sentence or death penalty.

Bales’ wife and two children secluded on Army military base at Fort Lewis in Tacoma, Washington.  Karilyn Bales, her family and Robert Bales family are truly sad over this tragedy have extended their heartfelt sympathy to members of Afghan assassinated civilians.  With the support of Bales’ wife and extended members of his family “Staff Sgt. Robert Bales Defense Fund” was set up regarding March 11th Afghan massacre.  Bales’ wife says she can’t believe her husband would ever do such a thing.

This assassination comes on top of U.S. marines urinating on dead bodies and the apology from President Obama for Quran burning that left 30 dead further straining America’s relationship with Afghanistan.  Taliban vow revenge from Afghan civilian killings.  President Hamid Karzai makes surprise request to pull American troops out of Kandahar villages after massacre.

When Defense Secretary Panetta arrived in Afghanistan on March 14th a stolen pickup truck crashed into a ditch while driver emerged and vehicle burst into flames killing him alongside runway where Panetta’s plane was landing.  Was Defense Secretary the target of a terrorist suicide attack?

Attorney for Sgt. Robert Bales says his client is taking “Fifth Amendment” as he will not participate before Army review board as to his mental state at the time of March 11th pre-dawn massacre in two southern Afghan villages.

VP Joe Biden at a fundraiser says “Bin Laden Mission” to kill Osama was a turning point for President Obama’s re-election.

American flag with Obama’s image in place of traditional “stars” is taken down at Florida Democratic headquarters due to veterans’ outrage.

Image of Obama campaign logo purporting to show a kind of racist anti-Obama bumper sticker which reads “Don’t ReNig in 2012″ and below it “Stop Repeat Offender – Don’t Elect Obama” on back of vehicle has a lot of Facebook onlookers.

On Wednesday, March 14th, The President with First Lady Michelle Obama wearing $6,000 Marchesa strapless gown, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife guests at the White House for discussions and a State dinner.  President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron held a joint news conference in the Rose Garden on Afghanistan war strategy, Iran and the global economy.

On Friday, March 16th, Actor/Activist George Clooney, his dad, NAACP President Ben Jealous and others are handcuffed and arrested outside Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C.  during planned protest of Sudan violence against men, women and children.

On Saturday, March 17th, President Obama who loves his Irish heritage celebrates “St. Pat’s Day” at a Washington pub.

On Sunday, March 18th Afghan Ambassador says the country trusts U.S. probe into massacre.

On Monday, March 19th First Lady Michelle Obama appears on David Letterman showing clip when she went on disguised shopping trip to Target.  A woman asked her to get an item off the shelf, but never recognized it was Michelle.  Then down to NYC Chelsea Piers owned by two close friends of George W.  Bush for bowling presidential campaign fundraiser co-hosted by Super Bowl NFL Victor Cruz with tickets going from $150 to $250 includes bowling shoes and $5,000 per VIP and shoes for five including photo reception.  68-year-old actor Robert DeNiro who introduced Michelle Obama at fundraiser has since apologized for making joking remark “Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?” referring to Callista Gingrich, Karen Santorum and Ann Romney.  Michelle Obama’s press secretary said it was “inappropriate” while Ann Romney thought it was “funny” telling Piers Morgan on his talk show we should not take everyone seriously.

Obama a Harvard graduate needs a history lesson since he screwed up previous presidents and inventors.

U.S. Secret Service issue warning “No Anti-Obama Rallies.”

Argument for ObamaCare goes before Supreme Court on Monday, March 26th in which the States are fighting against “Commerce Clause” that gives Congress power mandating Americans to purchase health coverage.  Tea Party protesters rally in Washington, D.C.  Obama and his outrageous politics tries to sway Federal justices.  Health care reform will add $540 billion to deficit.

GOP candidates head to Wisconsin (a swing state) Maryland and D.C. primaries.  Obama leading in swing states with more women supporters than Santorum and Romney.

Rick Santorum lashes out at NY Times reporter stating “You misinterpreted what I was saying” when attending a Wisconsin rally.

Mitt Romney’s poke-a-joke at Michigan folks that his dad moved production to Wisconsin sparks Democratic criticism.  Romney is leading in Wisconsin.

Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson who gave millions toward Gingrich campaign says it’s time for Newt to go.

On Tuesday, April 3rd Mitt Romney wins three states and more delegates in Wisconsin, Maryland and D.C. primaries.  It’s about time for the other guys, Santorum and Gingrich to get off the band wagon ’cause man you’re just lagging.

Canada doing away with the penny.  United States wondering if  it should do away with the annoying currency.

On April 3rd Sarah Palin gets a shot at co-hosting the “Today” show.  Gal power takes over Matt Lauer.  Matt signed another long-term contract with NBC confirming he’s staying with the “Today” family.  On April 4th Katie Couric filled in for “Good Morning America” plugging away scoring higher ratings than “Today.”

On April 4th Army criminal investigators completed their first visit to the outpost where Sgt. Robert Bales served and the two villages where he allegedly killed 17 Afghan civilians.  Officials are not identifying or discussing the evidence they gathered due to the extreme sensitivity of this investigation nor say when they will be returning due to their safety in the vicinity.

On April 4th and 5th, President Obama will be holding bill-signing ceremonies on small business financing (Jobs Act) and insider trading laws at the White House for legislation in public and in the presence of lawmakers who helped pass it.

U.S. manufacturing continues to rebound as the economy is still in recovery.  Figures for March, 2012 shows slow employment growth at 8.2% with job woes as people have stopped searching for work.

Bill Clinton joining President Obama for campaign fundraiser.

Rick Santorum taking Easter break before he returns to campaigning.  He’s meeting with GOP conservative leaders on Newt Gingrich strategy how they can convince him on quitting.

Health Care “Think Tank” founded by Newt Gingrich files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Liabilities are between $1 million and $10 million with only $100,000 in business assets.

Ed Gillespie, a political strategist has been hired as Mitt Romney’s campaign senior adviser.  Three GOP Texas Congressmen back Romney.

The writing is on the wall that it’s time for Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich to plan their exit strategy.

Rick Santorum takes an Easter break from campaigning and to see his 3-year-old daughter, Isabella who has been hospitalized for chronic genetic condition.

“SNL” celebrates the Easter weekend making fun at Romney.

On Monday, April 9th the First Family will host 134th Annual “Easter Roll at the White House.”  There will be singing, dancing, games, stories and bunnies.

Pope gives Easter message to Syrian leader to stop massacre.

On Tuesday, April 10th with the odds against Rick Santorum, his family beside him, announced suspending presidential campaign and the good news that hospital released daughter, Bella who is doing much better.

Mitt Romney could steal Santorum’s social appeal.  Romney plans to campaign with Santorum.   Indian-American Louisiana Governor supports Romney for presidential nominee.  Newt Gingrich’s $500 check bounces as candidate tried to get on Utah primary.

Romney trying to woo young and older women voters while Hilary Rosen, Democratic strategist slams Mitt’s wife, Ann Romney for being a “stay-at-home mom”  and “actually never had to work a day in her life.”  Hilary Rosen apologizes to Ann Romney for insulting her.  First Lady Michelle Obama sticks up for Ann Romney.  Democrats are ashamed of being connected to the Hilary Rosen name.

Veep Joe Biden puts his “two cents in” slamming Romney’s tax plan.

Romney says never again “Pooch on car Roof.”  “Doggies won’t be voting for Romney.”

On Thursday, April 5th State of Connecticut overwhelming  repeals death penalty.  It is now the “17th” state to abolish this capital punishment.

Real Estate Magnate Donald Trump tells Fox News that Obama’s lack of leadership and unreasonable push for alternative energy sources with reluctance to drill as there’s plenty of natural resources in our own country instead of beholding to foreign interests, we are now seeing high gas prices killing the U.S. economy.

The United States government paid $50,000 in compensation to each Afghan civilian killed during shooting spree by Staff Sgt. Robert Bales Army soldier.  Families of the dead received the money on Saturday, March 24th at the governor’s office said Kandahar official.  Each wounded person received $11,000 and community elder confirmed the same figures.  Families were told money came from Barack Obama, President of the United States of America.

U.S. sanctions Iran’s exporting oil and any foreign country aiding Syria while Canada sanctions Assad’s wife Asma and family.  President Assad agrees to cease firing, but so far nothing is happening says Kofi Annan, Secretary-General to United Nations  on peace mission.  Kofi Annan now says cease firing is holding and steps up pressure on Iran.  There are still pockets of fighting and killing in Syria.

North Korea set to launch three-stage rocket has been condemned by the international community.  Rocket falls apart and lands in the sea.  Fear draws near whether next rocket blast off will be nuclear.and hit the northern hemisphere.

On the weekend of April 15th, Obama investigating “hanky-panky” by 12 secret service agents and 12 U.S. military men who were put on paid administrative leave, stripped of their equipment and sent back to U.S. after alleged misconduct over sex parties with prostitutes at a hotel in Columbia just before president’s arrival to an important summit.  Guys were interested in screwing than working.  Congressional leaders wonder how “sexual activity”  affected national security.

Obama administration wants Congress to act calling for tougher penalties on oil market manipulation.

Photo of two U.S. airborne men along with Afghan police holding  mangled body of a suicide bomber is extremely distressing to U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta who calls it foolish while Pres. Karzai says it’s disgusting.

Speaker of the House John Boehner and Arizona Senator Jon Kyl endorses Romney as presidential nominee while Senator Marc Rubio will be campaigning for Romney.  John MCain joins forces with Romney to unite GOP party.

Santorum is $2 million in campaign debt while Gingrich is $4.3 in the red.  Ron Paul will hold on until GOP convention.

Romney leading Obama with independent voters.  Obama faces a tight race.  Senator Marc Rubio of Florida looks like the chosen one for VP nominee.

On Monday, April 23rd President Obama pays visit to Holocaust Museum for “Holocaust Remembrance Day.”

On Tuesday, April 24th Mitt Romney wins “Northeast” primary.  Newt Gingrich quits presidential race and says he will endorse Mitt Romney.

Strategic agreement to be signed by President Barack Obama and Hamid Karzai between U.S. and Afghanistan outlining their partnership for withdrawing combat troops from their country.

Supreme Court favors Arizona immigration law.  Senate passes “fix-it” plan for Postal Service operations.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sees U.S. economy slowly recovering, but job market is far from normal.  More Americans are seeing their dream of home ownership fading.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry who is thinking of running for the presidency in “2016″ switches endorsement from Newt Gingrich to Mitt Romney the presidential nominee.

VP Biden slams Romney’s foreign policy on Iran.  He says the President has a “big stick.”  Has Biden seen Obama’s pr**k?

Rick Santorum will be socializing with Jay Leno while Romney is debating hosting “SNL” as a celebrity or just do what he does best, be his plain old “wealthy” self.

Obama playing up death of “Bin Laden” anniversary taking you into the White House Situation Room.  He criticizes Mitt Romney for saying “It’s too much money to kill one person.”

Looks like Trump “The Grump” is at it again this time stomping all over Scotland’s renewable energy turbine wind farm to be built right next door to his golf course.  They (Former and Present Ministers of Scotland) gave their word that the windfarm project would never happen.   Trump is threatening to sue Scottish government.

Rush Limbaugh is always mocking somebody – This time it’s Hillary.  He says she’s “Secretary of State” – She’s still a “secretary.”  Well Rush, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State gets to negotiate our foreign relations.  Limbaugh that’s more powerful than your spreading sexist hate on your radio show.

U.S. stepping up drone attacks in Yemen to combat al-Qaeda growing threat.

Obama might be in “dog house” after some sharp remarks at White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but neither Trump nor New Jersey Gov.  Chris Christie are angry at Obama and late night host Jimmy Kimmel joking comments.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani and Mitt Romney getting together for a “Better America” as a GOP team.  NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg having private meeting with Romney.

President Obama’s new campaign slogan “Forward” certainly looks like he stole title from CNN’s “Lean Forward.”  It actually should be titled “Backward” in view of the declining economy.

On Tuesday, May 1st the death anniversary of Osama bin Laden, President Obama makes “unannounced” trip arriving in the darkness at Afghanistan airport meeting with President Karzai to sign long-term strategic partnership.  Just a few hours after Obama left secretly three suicide attackers struck a heavily guarded housing complex in Kabul claiming seven lives, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid sent message by cellphone stating responsibility.

Blind Chinese activist who escaped from house arrest wants to kiss Hillary arranging a deal for his safety at U.S. Embassy, but is now asking Obama to help him come to America.  Clinton applauds China for allowing blind activist Chen Guangcheng the opportunity for applying to study in U.S.  Chen was offered fellowship from NYU law school.

Keeping up with Michelle Obama, Ann Romney’s new $1,000 designer blouse.  Looks like she’s ready to become First Lady of the White House.

Newt Gingrich officially announces ending presidential campaign, but still has “moon colony” vision.  Romney not expecting Santorum supporting him.

Michele Bachmann Minnesota Congresswoman says she’s “honored” to be backing Romney as presidential nominee after saying she was the conservative favorite of the Tea Party.

Latino actress Rosario Dawson says Romney looks appealing as GOP nominee.

Catching Mitt joking making fun of Obama’s new campaign slogan “Forward” – What over the cliff?  “Progress” would be a better fit says Mitt.

April jobs report suggests the economy is slowing as employers hired less workers than expected.  Although jobless rate stands at 8.1 percent Romney says there will be no celebration until it drops to 4 percent unemployment.

Former President Bill Clinton becomes Obama’s cheerleader.

President Obama and wife Michelle on campaign trail in battleground swing-states of Ohio and Virginia.  Obama talks “jobs and economy” at high-tech college in Albany.

Things you should know about the White House and its construction beginning in 1792 where John Adams was first president to take residence on November 1, 1800, a grand mansion in neo-classical federal style with details of Greek architecture and modeled after the Leinster House in Dublin, Ireland is constantly being renovated (contains three floors) faces north and sits opposite Lafayette Square Park honoring Marquis de Lafayette, hero of the American Revolution is valued at $110 million with 20 acres of land surrounded by gardens, a putting green, tennis and basketball courts, swimming pool, bowling alley, family dining room, state dining room, pastry kitchen, butler’s pantry, red, blue, green and east rooms, calligraphy office, first lady’s office, advisers’ offices, cabinet room, underground bunker, press room, situation room, family theater. game room, top floor includes a music room, billiards, workout room and solarium.  There are 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 28 fireplaces and 3 elevators.

Veep Biden speaks on “Meet the Press” and says he supports marriage equality while President Obama still stands for a “Man and Woman” in matrimony.

On May 19th First Lady will put out White House welcome mat for spouses of foreign leaders and a visit to Michelle Obama’s hometown of Chicago while the President invites G-8 leaders to Camp David.

Romney and Obama now face-to-face in tight presidential race.

There’s no stalling Ron Paul as he’s still in the presidential race until the convention.  Paul once and for all it’s time for you to exit as your winning streak has peaked!

Santorum sends “nighty-night” email endorsing Mitt Romney.  It’s too late for debates – I lost to the best candidate!

Romney wins three more primaries in Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia securing close to 65 percent of the vote getting closer to landing 1,144 delegates for the presidential candidate.

Voters in North Carolina approve constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships.  It’s a political hot issue across the country with at least 50% of voters recognizing gay marriage, but so far there are 38 states that have banned same-sex marriage.

On Wednesday, May 9th Obama makes a landmark announcement as the first president supporting same-sex marriage which he says Michelle played a role in his decision.  He was under pressure from gay rights advocates who are definitely fundraisers.  The President says it’s still up to the States for voters to approve a constitutional amendment, but I believe every American has the right to equality.  Conservative religious groups and Cardinal Timothy Dolan disagree on same-sex marriage as the church believes matrimony is between a man and a woman.  VP Joe Biden “beating Obama to the punch” gives apology for same-sex marriage controversy.

Celebrities like Jane Lynch, Tyra Banks, Josh Groban, Rachel Zoe, Susie Orman and Ellen DeGeneres were tweeting thanking Barack Obama for supporting gay marriage equality.

Mitt Romney says he does not acknowledge “same-sex marriage” but does not see anything wrong in gay couples adopting.  Speaking at Liberty University in Virginia an evangelical college Romney tells graduates he believes that “Marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman.”

Romney accused of “high school bullying” in his young heydays says he doesn’t remember, apologizes for any wrongdoing while his colleagues didn’t have to refresh their memories.

Newt Gingrich campaigning with Romney, but we don’t know if Rick will be joining the dynamic duo.

On May 10th actor George Clooney holds fundraiser dinner at his Hollywood Hills home for Obama’s re-election netting close to $15 million.  Obama will be attending “LGBT” fundraiser dinner.

First Lady gives commencement speech at Virginia Tech to more than 5,000 graduates trying to set aside the school tragedy.

President Obama’s new $25 million dollar ad campaign is promoting economic policies in Spanish and English swaying the Latino voter.

On May 14th singer Ricky Martin at the Rubin Museum of Art in NYC hosting $5,000 to $35,000.00 tickets for Obama fundraiser “LGBT” dinner.  The Prez says “I want everybody treated fairly.”

In the midst of national controversy the Governor of Rhode Island signs executive order recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states entitling both partners to health and life insurance benefits.

Marvel Comics gets physical with same-sex engagement.

“I’m a proud American” says Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who is giving up her Swiss citizenship.  Guess Michele wasn’t a chocolate lover.

President Karzai says he does not see Afghanistan as a safe country by signing strategic agreement with the United States.

Confidential U.N. report reveals Iran shipping arms to the Syrian government in violation of weapon sales ban.

Unemployment benefits will end for about 200,000 Americans who were hoping for an extension.

JP Morgan Chase is a disgrace.  The largest bank in the United States lost $3 billion in just two months and now their stock has plunged.  They were invested in hedge funds.  FBI investigates Chase.  As voter anger still surrounds those big bank bailouts including greedy Wall Street, Obama administration waging war on tougher regulations.

Obama has a lot of nerve calling Romney a “job-killer vampire” when in fact the President wants to change America’s sexual behavior labeling himself as our “savior.”  Lesser of two evils – Romney the vampire or Obama’s empire?

Romney easily wins Nebraska and Oregon primaries edging closer to the GOP presidential nominee.

Mitt Romney and the RNC raised $40.1 million in April nearly tying Obama’s $46.3 million in campaign fundraisers.

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain once the CEO of “Godfather’s Pizzeria” endorses Mitt Romney.

President Obama proposes 10 percent tax credit for small businesses to promote hiring and bring back jobs from overseas.

Catholic colleges are not pleased with Obamacare law and are waging a war.

With the popularity of e-mail and online bill paying 30,000 jobs are at stake as post offices close throughout the United States offering employees not letter carriers $15,000 to leave.

Blind Chinese activist looking extremely happy arriving in NYC with his family.  Who wouldn’t be?  He will be attending New York University and living in a democratic country.

Former VP Cheney who underwent heart transplant surgery will be fundraising for Romney along with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

On Friday, May 18th G8 leaders meet with President Obama at Camp David, Maryland for international summit to discuss Greece and the world economy.

Newark’s Democrat Mayor Cory Booker slamming shame on Obama campaign ad for criticizing Romney’s Bain Capital private equity company.  It’s what this country should be focused on.  I’m sick of destructive politics.

Obama would love to say “Bain, Bain, go away, don’t come back another day.”  Barack Obama is here to stay.

President Obama met with NATO world leaders in his hometown of Chicago focusing on leaving Afghanistan by 2014 and national security amongst marching protesters’ demonstrations.

Gingrich and Trump will hold a fundraiser in Las Vegas on Tuesday, May 29th. These two giants campaigning for Romney should bring in a ton of money.  While Romney will be focusing on the economy, Trump will be speaking on Obama’s birthing.  He still believes Obama was born in the another country.

Mitt predicts if elected he’ll bring down unemployment to 6% by 2016.  Can Americans live off of “promises, promises?”  Only if you believe in Romney’s honesty that he can bring back the economy.

On Saturday, May 26th VP Joe Biden tells 1,000 graduates at New York’s West Point Military Academy the war is over in Iraq and that Afghanistan is coming to an end the U.S. must focus on new foreign policies to combat cyber threats and China’s rising economy.

Celebrating the Memorial Day weekend First Lady and her two daughters spend Saturday night at Revel Resorts in Atlantic City attending Beyonce’ concert.

President Obama honors U.S. Troops on Memorial Day by wreath-laying ceremony at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

On Tuesday, May 29th 13 civilians receive nation’s highest honor awards with Presidential Medal of Freedom” presented by President Barack Obama at White House ceremony.

On Tuesday, May 29th Romney wins “Deep in the Heart of Texas” primary getting 88 delegates surpassing  the 1,144 needed for the Republican nomination.  President Obama calls Romney to congratulate him and his family including looking forward to healthy campaign debates.  Romney thanked the President for his congratulations and wished his family well is also looking forward to debating on America’s future.  Will it be Mickey or Mighty Mouse in the White House?

Obama is leading in California while Wall Street backs Romney.

On Wednesday, May 30th an international criminal court in The Hague sentenced former Liberian President 64-year-old Charles Taylor who was responsible for killing 50,000 people in Sierra Leone one of the worst war crimes in history to 50 years in prison.

U.S. blames Syrian government for massacre of 100 men, women and children in City of Houla, but opposes military action while the U.N. says it will investigate the Syrian massacre.

President Obama presents former President Geo. W. Bush and wife Laura returning to the White House with friends and family members on Thursday, May 31st in the East Room for a ceremonial unveiling of their official portraits.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan endorses Mitt Romney.

On Saturday June 2nd, ailing 84-year-old former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is sentenced to life in prison.  Some demonstrators want his execution.   In the midst of all this Mubarak’s two sons were charged Wednesday to stand trial before the international criminal court for insider trading.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales faces new charges by military prosecutors for drinking and taking steroids before going on a killing  spree in Afghan village.

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney gives Obama a big “F” for the U.S. economy saying a weak May jobs report is devastating to American workers and their families.  Obama takes a stand blaming a weak jobs report on Congressional leaders for not passing provisions of his job plan.

Former President Bill Clinton with Obama at fundraisers in the Big Apple hitting the bright lights of Broadway pulls in a hefty $3.5 million.

Bill Clinton blasts Mitt Romney as a “calamity for U.S. politics” after complimenting him for his “sterling accomplishments at Bain Capital.”  Exactly what has Obama done for this nation but run it into debt because of his poor leadership.

Obama gets the endorsement of Cuba’s President Raul Castro’s daughter who wants a better relationship between the two countries.

On Tuesday, June 5th Romney wins Republican 5-state primaries in California, New Jersey, South Dakota, New Mexico and Montana while Republican Gov. Scott Walker is the winner in Wisconsin recall election.  Tea Party celebrating!

Secret Service investigating Romney’s personal email hacking.

President Obama pulling high numbers in Pennsylvania.  Despite some polls it still shows Obama more popular in electoral votes than Romney with the overall economy looking better, but the unemployment rate could decide Obama’s fate.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemns latest Syrian massacre as Obama administration warns Syria of United Nations sanctions.

On Thursday, June 7th leaders and members of congress prepared a surprised tribute to Nancy Pelosi Minority Speaker of the House honoring her 25 years of service in the House of Representatives.

New Obama advertisement calls for Congressional jobs action after president’s stimulus money did absolutely nothing for the economy.

Romney’s new ad criticizes Obama for “economy is doing fine” when unemployment is 8.2.

President Obama denies White House leaks on classified national security information has appointed two U.S. attorneys to lead a criminal investigation.

Stocks slip as Spain’s bad economy becomes one big pain.

Jamie Dimon CEO of Chase testifying before Senate Banking Committee gives his apology and at the same time defends the bank’s $2 billion loss that it cost investors.

On Wednesday, June 13th President Obama hosts Israeli’s Shimon Peres at the White House presenting him with “Medal of Freedom.”

On Thursday, June 14th “Flag Day” Obama and Romney compete with speeches in the battleground State of Ohio on the not so great economy.  Later in the day President Obama and First Lady will arrive in NYC along with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg  for a tour of World Trade Center meeting with construction workers.  Obama signs beam of One World Trade Center inscribing “We Remember, We Rebuild, We Come Back Stronger!  In the evening the President and First Lady will be attending a fundraiser held at the Manhattan townhome of “Sex & The City” actress Sarah Jessica Parker and husband actor Matthew Broderick at $40,000-per-person.  Then they will head to another celebrity fundraiser with a performance by Mariah Carey.  If Obama doesn’t win the election he can always count on an acting career in the movies.

Rick Santorum former Republican presidential candidate sticks up for Romney’s politics.

On June 20th “World Refugee Day” Oscar winning actress and United Nations special enjoy Angelina Jolie donated $100,000 to Syrian refugees

Actor Matthew Broderick, country singer, Josh Turner and famous composer John Williams with a dozen U.S. Olympic athletes will be at July 4th “Stars & Stripes” celebration on the National Mall in Washington.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta set to honor gay and lesbian troops at the Pentagon marking June “Gay Pride Month” as it has other racial or ethnic celebrations.

President Obama uses his executive power for new temporary immigration policy to help certain young illegal people from deportation.  GOP says it is just a ploy for his election.  Romney has no comment, but says the President is weak on nuclear Iran.

U.N. Syrian observers end peace mission as violence  continues it does not look like President Assad is willing to uphold his commitment.

Congressional committee finds United States Attorney General “Pull a Fast One” bold Eric Holder in contempt after President Obama once again uses his executive power to withhold documents.  Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida calls for Holder’s resignation.

Federal Reserve will pump $267 billion into sagging economy.  Chairman Ben Bernanke tells the country that unemployment will remain over 8 percent after the election.

Gas prices have decreased due to more fuel efficient vehicles and less traveling, but Americans are not happy with the way things are going and believe whoever wins won’t affect the economy.

Fifteen of the world’s largest banks debt rating which include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley have been downgraded by Moody’s.

There’s more to be said about 17-year-old Bristol Palin who became pregnant and unwed.  The new Reality TV series starring her baby boy and Mommy Sarah titled “Life’s a Tripp” is more like a “Hit and Miss.”  Between politics and wanting to be famous can be shameless.

On Tuesday, June 26th U.S. Supreme Court upholds Arizona immigration law stopping persons who look suspicious requesting documents.  President Obama and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer seem to be happy with certain aspects of the law, but Latinos feel it is profiling and wonder what Mitt Romney will do to improve immigration for illegals.

On Thursday, June 28th U.S. Supreme Court Justices upheld Obama Health Care law with the exception of Chief Justice John Roberts who ruled the mandate is constitutional as a tax not a penalty.  President Obama claims victory stating mandate is not a tax but a penalty which makes it even more confusing for individuals and families across the country.

GOP nominee Mitt Romney says if elected President he will repeal the health care bill.  Close to 50,000 online donors contributed over $4 million to finance Romney’s campaign for his presidency.

Former Senator from Pennsylvania and a previous presidential candidate Rick Santorum who has endorsed Romney for president says Mitt’s Massachusetts Health Plan never worked with a number of problems with people who decided to take the tax, fine or fee instead of purchasing insurance because it’s cheaper.  Of course Romney has learned from those mistakes.  Mitt will be a great president for our country restoring jobs and the economy.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he will not abide by Federal Health Care Mandate in his state.

GOP leaders will vote July 11th to repeal HealthCare bill.

Justice Department will not prosecute United States Attorney General Eric Holder for refusing to turn over “Fast and Furious” operation documents which President Obama says Republican-led House of Representatives vote was more like scoring points in the public arena.  This comes on the one-year anniversary death of border patrol agent Brian Terry.  His family has never learned what happened to him thanks to President Obama and his administration.

On Friday, June 29th U.S. stocks rally and world markets cheer Euro deal erasing investors’ financial fears.

GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney pulls in $100 million in June campaign fundraising.

July 4th White House outing – President Obama hosting military barbeque after naturalization ceremony for service members.

On Thursday, July 5th Obama heads off on bus tour campaigning in swing and battleground States of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida while Romney takes a New Hampshire vacation.

On Friday, July 6th jobs report still shows unemployment at 8.2% lagging behind a sluggish economy.

Obama slams Romney for outsourcing while GOP nominee strikes back at Obama’s failed policies.

On Friday, July 6th President Obama takes federal action to gain voter satisfaction hoping to spur job creation for construction workers in a fragile housing economy including supporting education by signing college student loan rate extension and transportation bill on Capitol Hill.

For the month of June, President Obama pulled in $71 million while Mitt Romney has topped $106 million in campaign fundraising.

Mitt Romney will travel to London, Israel and Poland in July while his advisers are planning stops in other foreign countries.

On Wednesday, July 11th Romney gives pitch to black voters at NAACP convention.

It looks like Condi may be Romney’s VP selection.  This would certainly turn the tide for Obama/Biden election.

Rick sticking with Mitt.  Santorum will be stumping for Romney. Mitt + Dick Cheney = political maneuvering.

Romney wants an apology from Obama campaign team for staining his “Bain” name.  No apologies from Obama team.

Is Obama running out of steam?  After 100 fundraisers around the country Obama can’t be paying much attention to his presidential duties and responsibilities.  Polls show Romney ahead of Obama when it comes to the economy.

Barclays Bank employees have raised over $1 million for Romney’s election.

GOP “2012″ Tampa Bay, Florida National Convention from August 27th – 30th will be welcoming more than 50,000 attendees.

U.N. observers investigating latest Syrian village massacre.  Syrian opposition army kill three of President Assad’s top officials. The world watches the massacres as Syria may be heading for a civil war.

President Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney extend their heartfelt sympathy to the families and victims of Aurora, Colorado shooting.

While Romney and Obama vie for the Jewish folks vote, President Obama signs an official bill for U.S. – Israel Security pact and additional military aid by $70 million on the eve of Romney’s visit to the Jewish country.

Romney pulls in $1 million at a fundraiser on his trip to Israel while he faces Palestinian criticism for his remarks about Jerusalem.

GOP and Democrats are stymied over tax cuts for the wealthy.

Former VP Dick Cheney comments on Arizona Senator John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his “2008″ running mate which was a mistake.  Palin only had two year’s experience as  Governor of Alaska.  This does not mean I don’t like her.

Bill Clinton will be keynote speaker at Democratic Convention in September a great asset for Obama.

Mitt Romney to announce who he picked for his VP running mate via smartphone application.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich campaigning for Romney.

Obama campaigning and leading ahead of Romney in swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Speaking from Air Force One President Obama calls London to congratulate U.S. Olympic “Fab Five” women’s gymnastic team gold-winning medalists.

Romney hits Obama on the lousy economy with sluggish growth and a July jobs report at 8.3, the only President in American history that’s done so badly.  Mitt needs to hit on the rising deficit.

Polls show Obama not doing that great – Below 50% in 37 states.

Retired millionaire porn star Jenna Jameson one of the wealthiest in the industry endorses Mitt Romney.

Obama administration supports armed Syrian opposition while President Assad threatens chemical warfare against innocent civilians.

Romney surpasses Obama for the months of June and July in fundraising pulling in more than $200 million.

Not a good move for Obama having former President Jimmy Carter speak at Democratic National Convention when he ruined the economy in  1970s and President Reagan saved it.

President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney extend their condolences to the Sikh community for a senseless tragedy.  First Lady Michelle Obama visits with Sikh community.

On Saturday morning August 11th from Norfolk, Virginia a crucial swing state Mitt Romney announced his VP running mate Republican Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan Chairman of the House Budget Committee whose first job was flipping burgers for McDonald’s aka Mickey Dees.  New team with political steam is hoping this will establish support of the Tea Party.

Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin had her eye on war hero Florida Rep. Allen West, but she’s extremely happy with Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for his VP.

On Monday, August 27th in light of tropical storm Isaac only a fraction of 5,000 demonstrators showed up in Tampa with one arrest of some person waving a machette to protest the GOP’s economic and social policies.  There were state of emergency storm warnings by President Obama from Puerto Rico to Louisiana to Mississippi to Alabama.

Theme of Republican Party “We Build It” – Business owners take credit.  New Jersey Republican Senator chunky but spunky Chris Christie will be keynote speaker and rising star Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio speaking on immigration will introduce Romney at Thursday’s August 30th Republican convention.  Republican House Speaker John Boehner speaking at the convention and former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista will also be speaking.  Mitt’s wife Ann who has been assigned Secret Service protection will be speaking about her hubby at the convention on Tuesday evening.  There will be a special tribute to Republican Libertarian Texas Congressman Ron Paul who will not be speaking at the convention.  Former Republican Secretary of State Condi Rice under President George W. Bush will be speaking at the convention on Wednesday.  Tim Pawlenty former Gov. of Minnesota will speak his mind as well as John McCain Senator from Arizona and Gov. Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico.

Mitt Romney’s speech to delegates at the Republican National Convention will be focused on faith, family, jobs and the economy.

Guest speaker actor and film director Clint Eastwood thought he’d make his day speaking at the Republican National Convention staring at an empty chair.  Some felt it was awkward mocking and criticizing President Obama while delegates on the floor were laughing and cheering.  “Dirty Harry” sticks it to Obama for his bad politics.

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol and her baby are now Reality TV celebrities.  Charming Bristol who is now twenty-two is putting on her tapping shoes for another round of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann are not speakers at the Republican National Convention.

United States House Republicans filing federal lawsuit against Attorney General Eric Holder for withholding “Fast and Furious” documents.

Super Pacs continue their distasteful attack to discredit Mitt Romney while VP Joe Biden always puts that foot in his mouth saying something stupid or embarrassing.  James Madison, fourth President of the United States said “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.”

VP Republican candidate Paul Ryan brings his 78-year-old mommy Betty to “The Villages” largest senior community in Florida for Medicare debate.

Musician Kid Rock once married to Pamela Anderson introduces VP candidate Paul Ryan at a fundraiser in his home State of Michigan singing “Born Free” on Friday, August 24th at the Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Township where the Romney family moved in 1953.  The Oak Ridge Boys, Lynyrd Synyrd and Lee Greenwood are also scheduled entertainers at the RNC.  American Idol upbeat singer Taylor Hicks plays his harmonica to one of his new album songs “Taking it to the Streets.”

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum who was a strong Romney opponent will be speaking on welfare reform and giving more than 200 delegates to Mitt Romney at the Tampa GOP National Convention.

Navy Seal’s book “No Easy Day” on Osama bin Laden contradicts Obama administration as Pentagon is threatening him with legal action for giving away military secrets.

Is Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona getting too old for the job when she makes a mistake and endorses President Obama as Brewer previously endorsed Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney?

Judge rules on Brewer’s Arizona immigration law giving police the right to check any person’s papers if they believe he or she is suspected of being in the country illegally.  Latinos denounce ruling.

Romney gains 1 million Twitter friends over Labor Day weekend.  Nicki Minaj says she’s not endorsing the Republican nominee just rapping Romney.

Democratic National “2012″ Convention will be in Charlotte, North Carolina starting Tuesday, September 4th to September 6th Thursday.  There’s a lot of new faces and rising stars that are Latinos from across the nation.  Barack needs Bill Clinton for his good will vital to win the Democratic election.  Clinton is pushing the President’s new programs for the Middle Class on job training and education, but is this just more government stuff?  First Lady Michelle Obama in sexy stylish attire and nail polish to die for will try to woo voters speaking about her husband Barack at the DNC and what he’s done for the country.  Meanwhile over 50% of voters feel President Obama deserves a “D” for a failing economy with jobs and the deficit trailing miserably.

Clinton’s top adviser switches positions to Romney.  With 23 million people not working or underemployed, this more than hurts.   Obama gives himself an “incomplete” grade for the economy.  Mr. President you’ll soon be history.  Talk is cheap just like Clinton’s speech.

Celebrities like Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington and Scarlett Johansson speak at the DNC.  Foo Fighters and Mary J. Blige performing.  JFK’s daughter Caroline Kennedy will be speaking.  Former Congresswoman from Arizona Gabby Giffords recovering from shooting attack is back delivering an emotional “Pledge of Allegiance” at the Democratic National Convention.  U.S. Olympics gymnastic champion sweet Gabby Douglas leads Wednesday’s delegation with “Pledge of Allegiance.”  Dr. Jill Biden wife of VP Joe Biden speaks about her wonderful husband.  Joe Biden takes the stage, raps Mitt Romney’s economic policies and congratulates Obama on the killing of Osama bin Laden and bailing out the car companies.  At last President Obama enters with a big splash.  The President’s speech was mostly a “2008″ repeat.

Latest August jobs report shows growth cooled down to 8.1% from 8.3% in July because many Americans stopped searching for work.  August figures also show U.S. manufacturing shrinking.  Federal Reserve may have to pump more money into a sluggish economy which is bad news for President Obama’s re-election says Republican House Speaker John Boehner.  Presidential nominee Mitt Romney says job numbers are “disheartening.”  Romney at a campaign rally said he would never take the word “God” out of our national motto or “In God We Trust” off coined money.  It will always be part of the Republican Party platform not like DNC controversy taking “God” and “Jerusalem” out of their platform by removing and then re-inserting.  Mickey Mouse in the White House.

Candidates rally in Virginia and Florida, a few of eight key swing and battleground states before the October 3rd debate.  Obama and Romney face a close race.  More Florida seniors are scared of Obamacare than VP Paul Ryan’s plan for healthcare.  Housing crisis is blamed on Clinton administration who dictated to mortgage lenders and high-risk subprime loans that infected Wall Street institutions.

Larry Flynt “Hustler” magazine founder, editor and publisher offering $1 million for anyone having information on Mitt Romney’s tax records.  What one magazine won’t do for publicity.

Figures now show Obama outspending Romney in fundraising.

VP candidate Paul Ryan will be on Capitol Hill to vote on the spending bill.

Boycotting over bear-hugging.  Scott Van Duzer owner of Big Apple Pasta & Pizzeria in Ft. Pierce, Florida says people are boycotting his restaurant because he lifted Obama.  The Prez needs a lift with more Americans out of work and pissed.  President Obama visited Duzer’s pizza restaurant because he’s promoting blood donations.  A good citizen deserves commendations.

Mexico arrests suspect in killing of “Fast and Furious” U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Over 100,000 Syrian refugees are fleeing to nearby countries avoiding President Assad’s killing spree of 30,000 people.

U.S. envoy Angelina Jolie visits displaced worn-torn Syrian refugees in Jordan and Iraq listening to their horror stories.

On Monday, September 10th former President Bill Clinton who created “The Clinton Foundation” asks Republican nominee Mitt Romney and President Obama to speak at Clinton Global Initiative held September 23-25, joining other world leaders addressing our greatest global challenges.

In the wake of 9/11 marking its “11th anniversary” outrage over murder of U.S. Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens who had fought for Libya’s people and their revolution including three employees two of which were former Navy Seals died at American embassy in Benghazi from severe smoke inhalation.  Video shows Libyan citizens trying to save the ambassador.  Stevens knew he was on terrorist hit list.  Angry protesters with rockets attacked over a YouTube film titled “Innocence of Muslims” they say insulted their Prophet Mohammad.  The anonymous filmmaker supposedly an Israeli-American is in hiding.  Libyan leader apologizes to the United States for senseless violence.  The Benghazi embassy was not protected by U.S. Marines, but guarded by Libyan and State Department security officers.  Embassy lacked bulletproof glass and reinforced doors.  In Egypt protesters, extreme conservative Islamists in Cairo climbed U.S. embassy wall spray painting in Arabic graffiti, tearing and burning an American flag shredding it like a rag replacing with their own black Salafist flag.  Marines sent to Libya and other embassies throughout the mid-east for enhanced security at all U.S. facilities.  State Department warns Americans of their safety by avoiding traveling to Pakistan.

President Obama speaking in the Rose Garden with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton beside him vow justice will be done as they condemn embassy killings.  President says “We will not turn our back on Libya because of this attack” then Obama takes off to Sin City for more campaigning and perhaps some gambling.

There are more violent attacks in Yemen,Tunisia, Sudan, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and 30 other mid-east countries as well as Indonesia and Asia.  Protesters torch fast food restaurants “Hardees” and “KFC” which closed its doors in Tripoli.  The CIA and FBI believe these attacks were pre-planned by an al-Qaeda group using the movie as a distraction.  Homeland Security warns of violence in America due to anti-Islam movie.  Yemen Al-Qaeda group claims responsibility and praises attack on U.S. Embassy in Libya.  Four U.S. servicemen were killed in Afghanistan by a man posing as a police officer.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney speaking at a press conference criticized Obama for sympathizing with an apology to those who carried out the attacks at U.S. embassies in Egypt and Benghazi because of an obscure film insulting their Prophet Mohammad.

55-year-old American Egyptian born Californian filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is a Coptic Christian (growing minority living in Egypt) linked to “Innocence of Muslims” that sparked violence across many mid-east countries on five-year probation for bank “credit card” fraud and drugs was banned from using the Internet or computers is questioned, taken to police station, but not arrested.  A review is underway whether or not he violated the terms of his probation, a judge could send him back to prison.

On Wednesday, September 12th the parent company of YouTube “Google” banned accessibility to a 14-minute trailer video from mid-east countries Egypt and Libya after inciting violence mocking Muslim faith of film “innocence of Muslims.”  White House is still requesting Google remove video.  Internet search engine company says YouTube video is within the guidelines and terms of their policy and judge agrees.

Actress and pastor of church Cindy Lee Garcia emotionally disturbed said her family has been threatened and career damaged after starring in anti-Muslim film trailer which she was told supposed to be about desert warriors took legal action suing director/producer and Google over invasion of privacy, fraud, including slander issues appeared on “The View.”  At least 30 people and Libyan U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens were killed.  Los Angeles Judge Lewis Lavin rejected actress’ lawsuit because man/defendant responsible for movie trailer was not served with a copy of the complaint.

President Obama tells Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he will be unable to personally meet with him when the U.N. assembly convenes in New York because of his tight schedule.  White House officials say Obama is not snubbing Netanyahu, but it does rub Jewish voters the wrong way.

On Thursday, September 13th Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announces he’s planning more stimulus to juice up U.S. economy.  At the same time congressional leaders on Capitol Hill before taking two-month vacation returning after General Election approve six-month $524 billion spending bill which funds government agencies from defense to national parks with VP nominee Paul Ryan attending taking a break from campaigning.  The bill goes to President Obama for signature.

Egan-Jones an independent credit research firm downgrades U.S. government debt to “AA- from AA” on statement of Federal Reserve plans on purchasing mortgage bonds will likely hurt than help sluggish economy weakening value of the dollar.

While CEO Jon Corzine of MF Global may not face criminal charges due to the disappearance of $1.6 billion in investors funds, prosecutors say he could face civil cases.  What a disgrace!

On September 17th there will be a preliminary military court hearing for U.S.  Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales Afghan massacre.

On Tuesday morning, September 18th the lovely Ann Romney with her husband Mitt will appear on “Live with Kelly Ripa and Michael.”  The following week “celebrity couple” Barack and Michelle Obama charming first lady are coming to talk with ladies of “The View.”  It shows you Obama has time to talk on “The View” rather than speaking to Netanyahu.  After showtime President Obama will address delegates at the United Nations on violence in Muslim world, nuclear threat and Iran with beginning of Jewish holiday Yom Kippur.

On Tuesday September 25th Ann Romney stops by Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” dressed to kill and talks about her emergency landing including Mitt’s odd comment why airplane windows don’t open.  Mrs. Romney said he didn’t mean it seriously, was just worried showing just how much he cares about me.  Then Mrs. Romney emphasized how much Mitt cares about America and the 100 percent in light of his “47 percent comment.”

Former first lady Laura Bush hosted a women’s luncheon at the ranch in Texas for presidential nominee Mitt Romney with his wife Ann attending.

As tensions are still rising throughout the mideast, President Obama is attending a celebrity fundraiser given by Beyonce’ and Jay-Z at a NYC nightclub in Chelsea.

Looks like a French magazine which their government has asked not to print, has the audacity to ridicule Prophet Muhammed portraying him naked in cartoons that only threatens to incite anger in millions of Muslims around the world who are already incensed by 14-minute film that depicts Prophet as a womanizing buffoon.  The French ministry has announced it will close 20 of its embassies in Muslim countries fearing backlash from cartoons in magazine.

Clint Eastwood 82-year-old Oscar winner has got a lot to say nowadays especially on his RNC performance stating “Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American folks.”  Obama likes to laugh and joke.  He needs to take the economy seriously.  Clint Eastwood’s daughter is not a Romney supporter.

Spain and Greece angry protesters take to the streets in light of austerity budget cuts.  Hopefully the USA will not be like these foreign countries.

Trial for Ft. Hood shooter has been delayed.  Judge wants him shaved.  Accused military psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan who went on shooting spree killing 13 people at an army base has been hospitalized in Texas for an undisclosed condition.  After spending four days in the hospital, Nidal Hasan has been released to face a life sentencing or death penalty.  Hasan is still unshaved at his hearing.  Judge signs order to forcibly shave the accused military Major.  While President Obama called the massacre a workplace incident and victims say he has ignored them, they call it “terrorism.”  Judge denies Hasan’s defense for Taliban militants.

Unemployment rate for August rose in key swing (battleground) states and Q2 GDP revised to 1.3.  Polls show President Obama leading Romney with Catholics, but it’s never too late for Mitt to pitch his political shtick.  He’s a great debater against Obama an inspiring orator.

Romney’s effective federal tax rate for 2011 shows he paid 14.1% on nearly $14 million on investment dividends which does not include $2.25 million in charitable contributions.  While middle-class people earn their money from working are taxed up to 35% is a big advantage for Romney who pays 50% less than those millionaires earning the majority from their paycheck.

Bill Clinton will be campaigning for President Obama in New Hampshire.

White House finally admits Libyan act was planned terrorism after hiding it from the public.  So what is the president going to do about it?  Advertising on Pakistani television costing $70,000 of taxpayers’ money President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking that America had nothing to do with anti-Muslim movie when in fact they were informed it was a terrorist attack.  Why was there lax security at consulate? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Pakistani president regarding protesters.  Libyan troops attacking militia groups trying to control violence in their country while there are insider attacks on American troops in Afghanistan.

Brazilian police arrest Google CEO for anti-Muslim video.

Republic of Iranian pain President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gives hate speech to United Nations delegation. The iron hand of Iran takes a stand warning it will strike U.S. bases in region if Israel declares war against their nation.  Iranian cameraman who came with him deflected during his visit seeks U.S. asylum for safety reasons.

Iran slams Western and European nations over sanctions for their nuclear program which is significantly impacting its economy.  President Obama signs an “Executive Order” with additional sanctions and penalties against the Iranian government including any other countries providing goods, services, infrastructure or technology.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to United Nations draws “red line” showing when Iran will strike and harm the world with a nuclear bomb.

Tehran moves to block You Tube and Google over 14-minute anti-Prophet Muhammed video  for cyber security.  Iranians say it’s government’s way of controlling access to the Internet.  Even Facebook was banned from Iran.  In the meantime Iran is planning on replacing Google search engine with “Fakhr” (Pride) and the “Fajr” (Dawn) email for their services.

On Friday, September 28th President Obama and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney talk to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu via telephone about Iran and its nuclear weapons.

Speaking of celebrities, Hall of Famer John Elway Denver Broncos legend throws his hat into the ring supporting GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

New York Rep. Peter King Chairman of Homeland Security Committee together with Democrats and Republicans call for resignation of U.S. Ambassador to United Nations Susan Rice misleading comment on Libyan attack that murdered three Americans and Ambassador Christopher Stevens at U.S. consulate was about anti-Muslim video posted on Google.  State Department stands by Rice rejecting resignation over her Libyan statement.

Economist Ben Stein calls for the resignation of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for her misleading statement that U.S. consulate Libyan attack was due to 14-minute anti-Muslim film.  U.S..Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens knew he was on terror hit list sent an email requesting the State Department send extra security.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, Egyptian born U.S. citizen allegedly behind anti-Muslim You Tube video is now being held at a Los Angeles detention facility under heavy security due to threats and determining if he violated probation restrictions.

On October 3rd first presidential formal debate, Romney a great debater “figures” it out for Obama whose got his head is in the clouds.  “Barack Wake the F**k Up!”   Next debate is October 11th “One Night Stand” between VP Republican candidate Paul Ryan and “Joe know it all” Vice President Biden.

On Friday, October 5th head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano travels to Arizona for a visit with slain U.S. border agent’s family.

On Wednesday, October 10th charming Ann Romney is hosting “Good Morning America” while New Jersey Governor Chris Christie campaigns with her hubby, Mitt Romney.

Second presidential town-hall debate will be held on Tuesday, October 16th in Hempstead, Long Island at Hofstra University, Nassau County moderated by CNN’s fatty Candy Crowley.

“Mean Street Girl”  Dipsy Lindsay and “Clueless” actress Stacey Dash endorse Mitt Romney with a “thumbs up” victory.  Wait a second!  We hear Missy Dipsy is switching her support for the “Commander-in-Chief” but she’s not a registered voter.  Hey girl! Remember Obama stands for change which you can’t maintain.

The lousy economy prompts billionaire businessman and two-time independent former presidential candidate Ross Perot to support Romney.

Mitt Romney will not be appearing on “The View” due to a tight schedule.  Instead his son Josh appears in studio audience and lovely wife Ann of 43 years sits down and chit chats about Mitt with ladies of “Red White & View” who take pot shots on religion, military and abortion.

Private sector slows down in September even though companies are hiring holiday workers.  Some “key swing states” are not only seeing September unemployment dropping to 7.3%, but Mitt Romney is gaining voter popularity.

“Put the blame on mame” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton takes full responsibility for not having extra security before Benghazi terrorist attack at U.S. consulate.  New U.S. envoy veteran diplomat Lawrence Pope sent to Tripoli pledges his support following the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

On Tuesday, October 16th a public memorial is held at San Francisco’s City Hall for U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens who was killed along with three other dedicated Americans attacked on September 11th at U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

Obama accuses Romney of dishonesty while the President’s administration is a calamity from the economy to foreign policy.

On Thursday evening, October 18th Obama and Romney take a break from campaign fundraising to roasting each other for a charity white-tie lobster dinner benefiting needy children at New York City’s ritzy Waldorf Astoria Hotel organized by the Catholic Archdiocese.

On Sunday, October 21st a number of publications in key battleground states including the senior citizen State of Florida newspapers Tampa Bay Times and Orlando Sentinel endorsed Mitt Romney.  Michigan’s (Home of Ford Motor Company) Detroit News supports Mitt.

Rocker and sometimes actor “Meatloaf” Who’d Do Anything For Love at Ohio Rally endorses Mitt Romney.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell supports President Obama for re-election.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says “No” to the presidency in 2016.

On Monday, October 22nd the final “3rd” presidential sitdown debate will be held at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida between Obama and Romney strictly on foreign policy with main topics on Libya, China and Iran.

President Obama is the winner of “3rd” debate, but has he really won on foreign policy, jobs and the economy?

Romney pulled in a whopping $361 million in fundraising.  Still accepting online contributions.  Team Romney announced the GOP nominee will be watching election night returns at the Boston Convention Center.  It’s likely to be a long evening as President Obama and Mitt Romney opinion polls show the candidates face a tight race.

Trump takes some lumps from President Obama who appeared Wednesday night, October 24th on “Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.”  Obama will give an “MTV” interview targeting the young-at-heart.

Mitt Romney’s wife Ann was on the “Rachel Ray Show” with her list of groceries from Costco.  For roughly $137.50 Romney feeds 30 people which includes her five sons and their families.

The “Journey of Ann Romney” Saturday, October 27th at 7:30 PM ET on CNN.

It’s still a sluggish economy with slower housing construction in September.  America needs 4% GDP to spur the economy.

White House denies planned meeting with Iranian government over nuclear weapons program and sanctions.

Obama and Romney amazing $1.8 billion in campaign fundraising history.

28-year-old Tunisian nationalist Ani-al Harzi linked to Benghazi “Sept. 11th” attack on American consulate, U.S. Intelligence have tracked him down after fleeing from Libya to Turkey has been arrested by the Tunisia government.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie welcomes President Obama’s Hurricane Sandy Federal assistance to Jersey Shore residents.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorses President Obama after devastation from Monster Storm Sandy.

October jobs report shows 171,000 new people on the payroll, but an increase of 7.9% unemployed is still a slow recovery.

On Monday, November 5th a military hearing begins for American soldier U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales accused of killing 16 Afghans villagers in a raging shooting spree.

President Obama and Mitt Romney make their last rounds vying for voters in key swing states.  Candidates face a tight race.  Will Obama be singing the blues if he loses?  He can always wing it as a singer.

Barack no longer has to sing the blues ’cause he didn’t lose.  On November 2nd a tearful but cheerful President Barack Obama wins re-election with an overwhelming majority of liberal whites, Latinos, Black African and Asian Americans, including women, young voters in key battleground states supporting him in a disappointing economic recovery.  “Fat Cat Mitt” loses to the Democrats.  His campaign adviser says candidate made many mistakes.  For Rich Mitt it’s back to business with Paul Ryan heading to Washington as Chairman of the House Budget Committee over soaring $600 billion U.S. deficit.

Social media, Twitter and Facebook unliking Romney.  GOP and Fox News Host Sean Hannity seeing a strong Latino vote suddenly change their views on immigration reform.

Former Republican candidate and House Speaker Newt Gingrich says Romney is “nuts” especially with his “gift comments.”

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Press Secretary Jay Carney and Defense Secretary Panetta are planning on leaving and possibly Attorney General Eric Holder.  Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts is a possible contender for replacing Hillary who will not be testifying at Benghazi hearing due to conflicting schedule.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praises and honors “fallen hero” Ambassador Christopher Stevens who understood the required risks of his office.

President Obama thinking of replacing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if she leaves with Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.  GOP not happy with this selection ever since Rice made a statement that Benghazi attack was because of anti-Muslim film.

Palm Beach County, Florida Republican Representative Allen West who lost his bid for re-election to Democrat Patrick Murphy files court motion against election board to have paper ballots recounted and voting machines impounded.  Judge denies West’s request.

Puerto Ricans voted for statehood marking first time in history.  California keeps death penalty while marijuana legalization passes in Colorado and Washington.

Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio “GOP team set for 2016.”

The latest chatter from social network “Media Matters” calls for a petition to have Macy’s dump bully Trump.  Will this wise guy be able to sell his shirts and ties?

On November 8th anti-Muslim filmmaker sentenced to one-year in federal prison for violating his probation.

Havoc wreaks in Greece over austerity budget as activists fight police in the streets while 20,000 to 30,000 Syrians lose their lives everyday fleeing across the border to Turkey and other neighboring mid-east countries.  Israel defends itself with rocket attacks.  Egyptian President Morsi says air strikes on Gaza Strip is unacceptable while five Israelis were killed, the Palestinian death toll rose to 145 with at least 40 civilians, including 19 minors and 10 women.

Now the country has to abide by the iron hand of “Obamacare” law of the land which taxpayers will be paying for.  Florida Governor Rick Scott says no to health care law.

President Obama invites Democrats and Republicans including top business leaders for a bipartisan meeting at the White House to resolve looming fiscal crisis.  CEOs are optimistic, but surely Obama has his political tricks.

On Thursday, November 8th two days after the election, President Obama announces the once famous General David Petraeus who led two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has resigned as Director of the CIA after FBI investigation into extramarital affair when he allegedly sexually fell for mistress biographer Paula “Broad”well soldier turned Harvard graduate and fitness champion led to appointing new interim CIA director.  Possibly more “hanky panky” as General John Allen, Commander of International Security in Afghanistan is under federal investigation for alleged sexual relations with another woman, socialite Jill Kelley a close friend of Petraeus family.  Then a “shirtless” FBI agent sends his photo to socialite Jill Kelley after she complained of harassing emails allegedly from Paula Broadwell.

Former CIA Director David Petraeus testifies behind closed doors on Friday, November 16th before a Senate and House Intelligence Committee hearing on Benghazi U.S. consulate attack.  President Obama hiding behind the skirt-tails of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, says she will testify in December on Benghazi.

Warren Edward Buffett an American business magnate says he’s for Hillary Rodham Clinton as President in 2016.

Barack Obama first U.S. president to visit Asian nation as he begins his tour in Myanmar once known as Burma.  This will be Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s last journey overseas as she is planning on leaving the Obama administration.

President Obama lets turkey off the hook, a Thanksgiving tradition.  Panic-stricken chicken awaits its fate.

Mitt Romney seen pumping gas.  What’s next?  Picking up his own trash!

Romney, wife and family take off to Disneyland to live his fantasy since losing the presidency.

19-foot Fraser Fir Christmas tree from the North Carolina mountains is making its way to the Blue Room of the White House for the holidays.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s crucial Mid-East trip to negotiate peace talks between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

On Wednesday, November 21st with eight days of rocket attacks, Israel and Hamas reach peace pact to cease-fire after Egyptian President Morsi intervened.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum throws his hat into the ring for 2016.  What about Senator Marco Rubio and Gov. Chris Christie?

GOP still questioning U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s comments on Benghazi.  The GOP is rooting for senior U.S. Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts as next Secretary of State when Hillary Rodham Clinton leaves.

On Monday, November 26th the U.S. government finally approves a $3.4 billion settlement with thousands of American Indians over lands and accounts mismanagement.

It’s a “Boston Market” Thanksgiving treat for Mitt Romney and family.

Mitt gets Christmas wish by rejoining Marriott Hotel chain Board of Directors.  Romney must be pleased with hotel “freebies” on dining and sleeping.

On Thursday, November 29th President Obama invites Mitt Romney to the White House for a lunch meeting.  It’s certainly more than “chit-chat.”  Obama could be looking for Mitt’s input on the fiscal cliff.  Man arrested for interfering with motorcade carrying Mitt Romney.

Third quarter results shows the U.S. economy grew by 2.7% faster than previously reported.

Ho Ho Ho Obama’s “Christmas Wish List” is not to go over the fiscal cliff while GOP says No No No to any new stimulus.

Palestinian President gets U.N. endorsement.  Could there finally be Palestinian Statehood?

On Tuesday, December 4th thousands of protesters hit the streets of Tahir Square and march toward Palace gates angry over Egyptian President Morsi’s expanded powers.

On Thursday, December 6th an evening of rejoicing President Barack Obama and First Lady accompanied by their two daughters, Sasha and Malia with mother-in-law Marian Robinson flip the switch lighting National Christmas tree celebrating 90th annual ceremony.  The presidential family will be vacationing this Christmas on the beautiful island of Hawaii.

President Obama’s approval rating is certainly far from fading, it’s now at 57% highest since his re-election as more Americans are pleased that our nation is heading in the right direction.

November unemployment rate drops to 7.7% down from 7.9 in October, the lowest since December, 2008 while factoring in jobs of people that have stopped looking for work and those jobs lost from tsunami Sandy.  It’s not a pretty picture of the economy.

As former presidential candidate Mitt Romney attends Las Vegas welterweight boxing match we have to scratch our heads with his losing comments about the “47 percent” and “binders of women.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cancels her trip to Morocco and the Mid-east as she suffered fainting spell causing a concussion after coming down with stomach virus.  Clinton has cancelled testifying at House Foreign Relations Committee on Benghazi hearings.

President Obama finally acknowledges Syrian opposition as rebels continue fighting to save their country from Assad’s tyranny.

Obama will sit down for TV interviews in the near future.  In the meantime President Obama and the rest of the nation mourn Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.

New York Stock Exchange and Congress take a moment of silence for Sandy Hook Elementary School victims.

President Obama asks Congress to set new policies on assault weapons by January “2013.”  VP Joe Biden in charge of task force on gun control.  Wal-Mart by invitation who sells semi-automatic rifles at their stores along with other gun groups including National Rifle Association will be attending a meeting at the White House with VP Biden’s Gun Violence Task Force.

On Friday, December 21st at 9:30 am the nation will take a moment of silence for the Sandy Hook Elementary principal, teachers and children who lost their lives in a senseless tragedy.

Hillary Clinton at home recuperating from fainting, concussion and stomach virus says she will be available to testify in January at Benghazi hearing.

President Obama and family vacationing for Christmas holiday in beautiful Hawaii.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton still not feeling so hot after suffering a concussion admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital with blood clot.

Congress still dealing with fiscal cliffmess.  Bells are ringing for New Year’s Day as the 113th Congress finally approves a fiscal deal on President Obama’s plan to boost taxes on the rich, extend expiring jobless benefits, preventing cuts in Medicare reimbursements to doctors and delaying cuts in defense and domestic programs.  Obama demands congressional action on Hurricane Sandy Aid Relief money.  Congress approves $9.7 billion on Sandy Aid Relief for suffering victims.  The President returns to Hawaii continuing Christmas/New Year’s holiday vacation with his family.

On Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 a black limousine carrying Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton leaves Milstein Hospital Building in New York City taking her back to residence in Chappaqua.

Ohio lawmaker John Boehner re-elected for second term on January 3rd as House Speaker.  Private sector added 215,000 jobs in December with more new workers than expected.  Unemployment rate unchanged at 7.8%  Job recovery favors highly-skilled employees.

President Obama expected to nominate Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts as Secretary of State as Hillary Clinton is planning on leaving.  The President has his eye on former Senator Chuck Hagel from Nebraska as Defense Secretary while there’s Democratic and Republican opposition.  Obama has also nominated John Brennan as the new CIA Director replacing Petraeus after he screwed up royally.  White House Advisor Jacob “Jack” Lew is expected to replace Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary.  There’s much ado about Lew’s loopy “John Hancock” signature on green money.  In addition to the other nominees, President Obama will be naming new “Chief of Staff” Denis McDonough for his role as deputy national security adviser.

Iran is hoping that a new defense secretary will improve their nation’s relations.

On Thursday, January 3rd Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann files Obamacare Repeal bill with the new 113th Congressional session.

On Sunday, January 6th President Obama, his wife Michelle and family return to D.C. from winter vacation after sun and fun in Hawaii.

Monday, January 7th U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is happy to be back on the job.  January 23rd is when Hillary will be testifying before Senate Committee Benghazi hearing.  Then Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts will go before a Senate hearing for nomination as Secretary of State as Hillary Clinton will be leaving in February.

On Wednesday, January 9th National Father’s Day Council honors former President Bill Clinton as a “2013″ recipient “Father of the Year” adding to many awards he’s received over decades of public service for our country.

On Thursday, January 10th VP Joe Biden meets with faith leaders, the NRA and video gamer executives for gun control violence recommendations in wake of Newtown, Connecticut shooting massacre which prompts an Executive Order by President Obama to ban assault weapons.

After meeting with the National Rifle Association, faith group leaders, film, television and video gamer executives, Vice President Joe Biden will send gun control recommendations by Tuesday, January 14th to President Obama for approval.

On January 16th President Obama officially signs “23″ executive gun control actions which he hopes Congress will pass legislation.

On Saturday, January 19th the Obamas and Bidens participate in “National Day of Service” joining other organizers from around the country who are volunteering for local projects get down to the nitty-gritty.  Later in the evening Michelle Obama, Jill Biden and their families attend “Kids Inaugural Concert for Military Families” at the Washington Convention Center with an array of celebrities from Usher to Katy Perry.  On Tuesday January 22, 2013 Lady Gaga will be performing at an Inaugural Ball for White House Staffers.

On Sunday, January 20th a private inauguration in Blue Room of the White House, President Obama takes the oath of office with a family bible from his mother-in-law Marion Robinson official swearing-in by U.S. Supreme Chief Justice John Roberts and Vice President Biden swearing-in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  As a national tradition President Obama and VP Biden head to Tomb of the Unknowns dedicated to American servicemen whose remains have not been identified laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery.

The Obamas and The Bidens attend morning services at St. John’s Church in Washington known as the Church of Presidents.

Second-Term Inauguration ceremony for 44th President Barack Obama held on Monday, January 21st, 2013 proceeding by an evening ceremonial ball of festivities.  One million in donations wanted to help for Inauguration celebration.  President Obama will take the oath of office with Abraham Lincoln’s bible used at his inauguration in 1861 and Martin Luther King, Jr. inspirational traveling bible.  Pastor who was suppose to speak at inauguration withdraws due to anti-gay sermon.  A new pastor Rev. Luis Leon has been chosen for the “57th” Presidential Inauguration.  The two Bushes are not attending the second-term inauguration since one has health issues, but former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton will be in D.C. for Obama’s second inauguration including a cast of celebrities.  There will be a stream of heavy security with an expected crowd of some 800,000 people watching the ceremony from the National Mall in D.C.

President Obama gives Inaugural speech to the nation on debt ceiling, climate change, entitlement programs, foreign policy, gay equality and immigration.

The president attends an Inaugural Luncheon at historical National Statutory Hall in the U.S. Capitol with a social gathering of 225 invited guests consisting of a meat and fish dish including  dessert with other delicacies is over 3,00o calories and 142 grams of fat looking simply delicious!!  After lunch President Obama and VP Biden stop at Martin Luther King’s new statue in Capitol rotunda.

The Obama family and Biden family view Inaugural parade with bands and floats up Pennsylvania Avenue.

Obama and Biden families attend Inaugural prayer services at National Washington Cathedral.

Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg who gave $100 million to improve Jersey’s public schools in one of the toughest cities with wife Priscilla will be hosting fundraiser in their California Palo Alto home for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who is considering running for the presidency in 2016.

President Karzai met with Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta who are expected to leave their posts in February.  Obama is debating on whether to leave any troops in Afghanistan by 2014.  President Karzai also met with Obama at White House to discuss the course of ending a long drawn out war.

Egyptian court in Cairo orders ex-President Hosni Mubarak retrial appealing conviction of life sentence for failing to prevent the killing of protesters that toppled his regime.

On January 24th Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announces lifting ban on women in combat serving duty in military.

Bipartisan group of senators working on immigration reform.  President Obama says it must contain “citizenship.”

On Friday, January 25th Mitt and Ann Romney head to Washington for luncheon honoring them.

On January 25th Republican National Committee re-elects Reince Priebus as Chairman of GOP.

Sarah Palin will no longer be giving Fox News her views as contract was not renewed.

On Saturday, January 26th protesters and supporters mark the “40th” anniversary of “Roe v. Wade” decision with a march on Washington.

On Sunday, January 27th President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton do their first together “60 minutes” interview.

On Tuesday, January 29th Massachusetts Senator John F. Kerry wins confirmation by 94-3 replacing Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton who left her post on the 1st of February.  There was a swearing-in ceremony for Kerry.  The new Secretary of State has some big shoes to fill on Capitol Hill.

Former Nebraska Republican Senator Charles “Chuck” Hagel nominated by President Obama for Defense Secretary goes before Senate confirmation hearing.  U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina not happy with president’s selection.  President Obama nominates John Allen for top NATO position and John Brennan as CIA Director.  NATO nominee has not confirmed acceptance stating Petraeus email scandal.

On Tuesday, January 29th U.S. District Judge Sarah Vance ordered BP giant oil company who plead guilty to pay a hefty criminal fine of $4 billion for manslaughter charges in Gulf of Mexico the largest oil spill settlement.

Obama selects four women to top White House positions.

On Thursday, January 31st by a 64-34 vote Senate approved suspending the nation’s debt ceiling limit bill until May 18th, 2013 sending the legislation to President Obama for his signature.

On February 1st one of New York City’s greatest Mayors Ed Koch dies at 88.  Funeral services were held at Temple Eman-uel on the upper East Side of Manhattan with eulogies given by members of his family, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former President Bill Clinton.  Koch wished to buried in a non-Jewish cemetery.

On Monday, February 4th Senate passed $1.1 billion bill to improve security at U.S. overseas embassies.

On Monday, U.S. Postal Service honors Rosa Parks with new stamp on her “100th” birthday.  Rosa refused to give up her bus seat in Mobile, Alabama promoting the Civil Rights movement across the country.  On August 15th U.S. Postal Service will be ending Saturday delivery.

President Obama steps into the campaigning arena in Minnesota promoting new ban on assault weapons, background checks and gun control proposals is heading to other cities.

On Thursday, February 7th Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joints Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey will be giving their testimony on U.S. Consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya before Senate committee.

Obama planning to visit State of Israel since being elected President sitting down with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss Palestinian statehood situation.

Congress holding first hearing on immigration reform as they seek a solution for short path to citizenship on the millions of undocumented immigrants.  President says his administration immigration plan includes 8-year path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants and should include border security.  Three top Republican Senators McCain, Graham and Rubio will meet with the president on an immigration plan.

American Civil Liberties against drones spying on civilians.  CIA White House nominee John Brennan says setting a special court to oversee deadly drone strikes against Americans is worth considering, but presently decisions are made by the president.

Pentagon extends benefits to legally married same-sex couples in the military.  Feds approve veteran’s same-sex spouse to be buried in a national cemetery.

Iran’s space monkey business turns out to be either fake or will it be replaced by an ape?  President Ahmadinejad says he wants to be first Iranian in outer space replacing the ape’s face.

On February 6th Obama thanks and praises outgoing Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar while introducing Sally Jewell first woman Interior Secretary.

Former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney criticizes Obama’s selection for CIA Director and Defense Secretary calling them “second-rated candidates.”  How great of a VP was Cheney?

Candidate for Treasury Secretary Jacob “Jack” Lew faces tough Senate Committee nomination hearing.  Mr. Lew received $640,000 in compensation while employed at Citigroup who were bailed out by taxpayer money.

U.N. diplomats say Syrian opposition planning to open offices in New York and Washington.

Egyptian court blocks Google for 30 days punishing them over broadcasting a You Tube video that insulted Muslim world causing rioting.

Angry protesters line the streets of Cairo breaking through one palace gate on anniversary of Hosni Mubarak’s downfall demanding Islamic President Morsi his elected successor and Muslim Brotherhood reform a failing government.

On Tuesday evening February 12th President Obama’s “State of the Union” addresses reducing the deficit by more than $2.5 trillion mostly by spending cuts, additional tax hikes or tax reform, climate change, immigration, automatic cuts to the military, $9.00 federal wage raise, jobs and the economy while praising gun violence survivors who will be attending.  Obama is pushing for $2 billion in “green” spending.  The Prez says education and job training should not be part of government budget cuts.

Obamacare pre-existing medical condition funding running out of money.

Water, water everywhere Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio finds time to take a “Poland Spring” sip while criticizing President Obama’s State of the Union.  We have to praise the senator for a sensational idea offering a donation page “Get Your Marco Rubio Water Bottle Today” raising more than $100,000 for his Reclaim America Political Action Committee.  Way to go Rubio!

35,000 people from across the country rallied outside White House and National Mall in the freezing cold protesting Canadian Keystone XL Pipeline which environmentalist groups say would worsen climate change.

The U.N. Security Council is holding an emergency meeting condemning North Korea’s latest nuclear weapons testing and what further action will be taken.  President Obama says the world will not tolerate any nuclear threat from North Korea’s latest testing and if necessary will put sanctions on that country.  EU finance ministers impose trade and economic sanctions on North Korea.

China’s military accused of cyber-hacking.  Obama administration is considering strict fines and trade penalties against their government or any country guilty of cyber attacks.

President announced during “State of the Union” on Tuesday, February 12th that 34,000 half of the American troops will be leaving Afghanistan by February, 2014.  By the end of next year U.S. war will be over in that mid-east country.  President Karzai welcoming U.S. exiting Afghanistan region.

Arizona Senator John McCain and other Senate GOP members still mulling over nomination of former Republican Nebraska Senator “Chuck” Hagel for Defense Secretary and John Brennan for CIA Director as they want more answers on Benghazi.  Leon Panetta Defense Secretary says he plans to stay until Hagel’s nomination.

On Friday, February 16th Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio took week-long trip to visit Israel and Jordan as part of his official duties with Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committee focusing on Syrian civil war with 70,000 people killed and Israel-Palestinian peace process.

On Monday, February 18th the nation celebrates “Presidents Day” as Empire State Building lit up in true colors of red, white and blue.  It took over 200 years for George Washington Presidential Library to open in Northern Virginia come September.  Philanthropist George Rubenstein donating $10 million to build the library for first U.S. President’s books and papers.

U.S. Marine General John Allen who led NATO forces in Afghanistan and cleared of Petraeus scandal announced he is retiring due to wife’s illness is unable to accept President Obama’s nomination.

On Wednesday, February 20th Vice President Joe Biden with Attorney General Eric Holder at his side, drape “Medals of Valor” around necks of police officers, sheriffs, deputies, firefighters and public safety officers who save or protect others thanking them for standing on the front lines against crime, terrorism and threats to American communities.

In the spring of 2013 Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on “Defense of Marriage Act” which President Obama says is fundamentally unconstitutional because it violates “the guarantee of equal protection and benefits to all American citizens.”

International Human Rights group urge Yemeni government to crack down on violations in their country.

While America suffers from a lousy economy as groceries and gas prices continue to rise, President Obama thinks it’s okay to take a 3-day break going golfing with Tiger in sunny Florida.

BP oil spill company trial begins in late February, 2013 with a plan to pay $16 billion would limit the fines paid under Clean Air Act to $6 billion helping to reduce its tax liability and another $9 billion in penalties to cover damages.

Congressional Republicans stuck over budget cuts with just a few days left draft plan to land in Obama’s hands while president’s administration says it would do little to soften the blow to military and domestic programs.  Divided Democrats from states facing deepest cuts may have to go along with the National Republican Snub Club of Capitol Hill.

On February 26th Senate Finance Committee approves Jacob “Jack” Lew as Secretary of Treasury.

By 54-41 vote Charles “Chuck” Hagel is confirmed by Senate members as Secretary of Defense with swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, February 27th after bitter Republican battle.  Newly-appointed Defense Secretary Charles Hagel will meet Israeli Defense Minister Enud Barak face-to-face on Tuesday, March 5th at the Pentagon to discuss Iran.  The two diplomats have known each other for a decade.

On Tuesday, February 26th White House providing Senate Intelligence Committee panel gets access to Benghazi emails on that horrible attack of American embassy in Libya.  Following week Senate is expected to question John Brennan over drone strategy before he’s selected for CIA Director.

Jobless claims dip while GDP up by 3%.  Is this really helping U.S. economy when beginning Friday, March 1st at the stroke of midnight President Obama’s executive order for $85 billion in budget cuts will furlough and layoff thousands of federal workers from education to the military bringing a ripple-effect on the economy.  By March 27th there will be a total government shutdown across the country.  Fear hovers over millions of people as personal income is at its lowest in 20 years see their spending habits shifting from purchasing large retail items to necessities like gas and groceries.  Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke defends low-interest rate policies warning rate hikes could hurt the recovering economy.

Newly-appointed U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry drafting proposals in an effort to persuade Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to give up power as his time is running out against the opposition.  Kerry meets in Rome with Syrian coalition leaders.  U.S. giving $60 million in new aid with non-lethal supplies such as food and medicine to the rebels possibly including military weapons.  Syrian Foreign Minister says U.S. aid to rebels will only prolong conflict.  Kerry in Cairo meeting with Egyptian leaders announcing the millions U.S. is donating to that country as he takes off to Saudi Arabia.

Statue of Rosa Parks “Civil Rights Activist” unveiled at Statutory Hall in Washington as President Obama and other high officials paid special tribute.

Judge orders suspect accused of shooting spree on 13 people during 2009 attack at Ft. Hood Army base in Texas.  Psychiatrist Nadal Hasan is to be clean-shaven for court-martial trial beginning with jury selection on May 29th while testimony will begin July 1st charging him with premeditated and attempted murder.  Defense attorneys say Ft. Hood shooter may plead guilty.

On Thursday, February 28th President Obama says he will sign into law expansion of 1994 “Violence Against Women’s Act” after House vote 286-138 passed the bill on Capitol Hill.

President Obama releases list of top donors behind $1 billion re-election.  The glitzy-rich democrats!

On Friday, March 1st State Department says long-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline should be approved.  In reviewing XL pipeline it raised no objections since other options to receive oil from Canada down to the Gulf Coast refineries are much worse for climate change predictions.  Republican House Speaker John Boehner says there is no reason in blocking XL pipeline which is critical for jobs and our economy.  Pipeline would create thousands of jobs and reduce dependency on importing.

Miss Mitt or had enough of his political bullshit?  Mr. & Mrs. Romney first post-election interview at their San Diego home with host Chris Wallace Sunday, March 3rd on Fox news.  Mitt tells Chris Wallace the moment poor Florida results came in that’s when it was over for him.  Ann Romney had a positive feeling that her husband was going to win the presidency.  Mitt Romney questioned Obama’s sequester mess which he disagrees.  Obviously he’ll never be selected again by the GOP.

On Sunday, March 3rd Vice President Joe Biden walks in Selma march commemorating Black history month while apologizing for not being at the Alabama demonstration almost 50 years ago.

Hall of Famer retired basketball player Dennis Rodman and Harlem Globe Trotters team were embraced with open arms from North Korean leader Kim the “Rocket Man” who wants Obama to call him.  While Rodman loves to use his celebrity fame, White House is not into playing war games.  North Korea is now threatening its South Korean neighbor and the United States since United Nations has enforced new sanctions.

During an intense budget battle that rattled Republicans Obama nominates Walmart Foundation head 47-year-old Sylvia Mathews Burrell to direct the Office of Management and Budget.

Obama invites GOP leaders to dinner at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington for an economic pow-wow.  He’s also setup a luncheon to munch on some delicious fish and ragu at the White House with Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and top Democratic Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland a member of Budget Committee.

There will be no more White House tours as it is costing the Secret Service agency $74,000 per week which breaks down to $50.00 an hour for 40 hours each week.  Press Secretary Jay Carney said it was either furloughs or eliminating the tours.

On Wednesday, March 6th House passed funding bill averting another bipartisan tough budget battle with a possible government shutdown and to ease cuts on Pentagon by voting 267-251 passing a measure to fund government programs until end of fiscal year September 30th with a Democratic-controlled Senate expected to pass similar bill on Capitol Hill.

On Thursday, March 7th Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed John Brennan by an overwhelming majority as CIA Director to head key national security position lifting their delay after Obama administration clarified the torture and drone situation.  Vice President Joe Biden at White House Roosevelt Room held a private swearing-in ceremony for John Brennan.

On Friday, March 8th newly-appointed Defense Secretary Charles Hagel on his first official trip lands in Afghanistan.  Obama considering Susan Rice for Security Advisor.  Some Republicans are not happy with her especially after Benghazi.

President Obama will be giving commencement address in May at Annapolis U.S. Naval Academy.

Obama to meet with Russian President Putin in June to discuss what to do about Syria killing their people and Iran the country with a nuclear plan.

On March 14th Vice President Joe Biden confirms delegation to Rome for Pope Francis’ installation.  Republican House Speaker John Boehner declines invitation.

Boehner not swayed by Republican Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s stand on gay marriage.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton changes her views from civil unions to same-sex marriage for gays and lesbians.

New Senate bill wants to get Iran hostages, 52 of them imprisoned held for 444 days compensation.  Academy award-winning movie “Argo” got the ball running.

On March 17th President Obama nominates a Justice Dept. official Thomas E. Perez for next Secretary of Labor.

Tuesday, March 19th was only a grim reminder that most Americans will never forget the 10-year anniversary ending Iraq’s bitter war.

On March 20th U.S. Senate approves by a 73-26 vote huge spending bill to keep government running until the end of September still leaving in place automatic cuts which mean temporary unpaid leave for thousands of federal workers.  The measure will go to House Representatives which is expected to approve it by Thursday and send to President Obama for signature.

On March 20th President Obama notified Congress that the United States will launch talks for free trade with European Union to negotiate a proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

On March 20th as President Obama arrived in Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres rockets were fired lighting up the sky while Palestinians protested setting American flags ablaze shredding them into rags.  The president’s next stop will be King Abdullah II of Jordan with a discussion if there could ever be a Palestinian statehood solution.

On March 22nd House passes spending bill with deep cuts to Pentagon domestic programs.

In response to defense cuts newly-appointed Defense Secretary Charles Hagel orders review of budget strategy.

U.S. is set to expand missile defense against North Korea’s constant threats.  United Nations sanctions does not seem to stop this regime from firing nuclear and ballistic missiles on their neighbors.  Iran and North Korea attempt to block United Nations sanctions.  U.S. assisting South Korea with B-2’s for military drills

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Saturday, March 23rd in an effort to revive stalled peace talks following Obama’s visit to the Israeli nation and Palestinian territory.  Kerry then takes off for more talks with President Karzai in Afghanistan with an unannounced visit with Iraqi leaders for a discussion to halt Iranian overflights of weapons and fighters to Syria threatening stability after ten years of American invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein their dictator.

On Saturday, March 23rd Democratic-controlled Senate at an all- night session passes by a narrow vote of 50-49 its first federal budget in four years with nearly $3.7 trillion in new taxes for 2014 setting the ball rolling over to House-controlled Republicans who will probably snub this bill.

On Monday, March 25th marking the first night of Passover President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama host private kosher Seder dinner a Jewish ritual feast breaking matzoh at the table in Old Family Dining Room of White House for family, friends and staff members.

On March 26th President Obama selects Julia Pierson first woman for Secret Service Director.  Hey guys, you won’t be able to give this lady a hard time.

After hearing oral arguments Supreme Court Justices will rule on same-sex marriage for gays and lesbians by June.

President Obama is pretty confident that an immigration reform bill will pass through Congress before end of the summer.

Thursday, March 27th marks “40th” anniversary of Vietnam troop withdrawal with the fall of Saigon.

President Obama and family attend services at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington on Easter Sunday.

The President and First Lady host more than 50,000 people from all over the United States which included Newtown families of shooting victims who gathered on South Lawn of White House for the 135th annual Easter Egg Roll with food, games and activities.

Gang-of-Eight consisting of Senate Republican leaders preparing plan for immigration reform path toward U.S. citizenship.

Charmer President Obama wants another stimulus after first stimulus did nothing to boost U.S. economy.  Workers looking for jobs are not thrilled as only 88,000 jobs for the month of March were filled.

Secretary of State John Kerry visits Asia to ease tensions over fear tactics of North Korea leader.

Two explosions at Boston Marathon leaves three dead and close to 200 injured.  FBI looking for bomber.  President Obama promises swift justice for this nut.

Earthquake shakes Iran and Pakistan leaving countries in state of emergency.

Israelis celebrate “65th” anniversary of independence while Britain says farewell to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Dancing in the streets as New Zealand and France pass historic bill legalizing same-sex marriage!

On Thursday, April 18th starting 11:00 a.m. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama including former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick attend Interfaith Prayer Service honoring the victims of Boston Marathon at Cathedral of Holy Cross for “Healing our City” A “Defiance” of Terror.

April 20th marks “Tenth Anniversary” of Columbine school tragedy.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio says immigration bill will not offer amnesty while Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham want everyone to know Boston bombings will not slow reforming immigration.

Secretary of Defense Charles Hagel meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasizing dangerous and difficult times the U.S. and Israel must remain close allies.

On Wednesday, April 24th all U.S. living presidents will be at the George W. Bush Library Dedication.

On Thursday, April 25th President Barack and Michelle Obama attend memorial service in Waco, Texas for emergency first responders and victims killed in fertilizer plant explosion that felt like a nuclear bomb.  Law enforcement arrest first responder who had a pipe bomb trying to connect him to the deadly explosion.

President Obama believes Assad’s Syrian army used chemical weapons against the rebels.  93,000 innocent people have been killed.  Assad has crossed a fine “red line.”  Arizona Republican John McCain meeting secretly with Syrian opposition while U.S. special operations and CIA operatives have been providing rebels with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.

On April 27th it’s Saturday night live from Washington as the red carpet rolls out for award-winning celebrities and politicians at “2013″ White House Correspondents’ Annual Dinner.  It all boils down to who’s gonna poke the best jokes at the political folks.  Comedian Conan “Conqueror” O’Brien hosts the occasion by roasting President Obama, NRA’s gun-slinging Wayne LaPierre, weird news media and slick politicians.  President Obama tapped into rap poking fun at himself, republicans, celebrities and especially Jay-Z for being the nation’s #1 problem.

President Obama picks next Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina to be first African-American in his cabinet.  He bids adieu to Ray LaHood.

Republican Paul Ryan takes a stand supporting gay adoption, but still opposes same-sex marriage which gay couples never lose their spirit that one day things will change as more states across the nation approve same-sex marriage rather than civil unions.

After months of silence whistle-blowers are coming out of the woodwork with what they know Obama administration hasn’t told.  Sources say three al-Qaeda Yemeni terrorists participated in brutal Benghazi attack that killed U.S. Ambassador and murdered three others.

The nation’s unemployment for April, 2013 has fallen to 7.5, but Black unemployment rate still remains high.  So what does this mean in the scheme of things?  Jobs are coming back at a very slow pace and people are working for less with chosen careers that do not pay the best salaries.  The Prez says housing and auto industry are rebounding slowly.

On Wednesday, May 8th Benghazi terror hearings begin with House Intelligence Committee listening to whistle-blowers expose Obama administration and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton including Susan Rice U. S. Ambassador to United Nations telling America what happened the day of consulate 9/11 attack that killed four Americans was due to anti-Muslim film when in fact it was a Yemen terrorist attack.

Commander-in-Cheat President Barack Obama strikes back at White House news conference on Benghazi attack, IRS mess, phone records of Fox News and Associated Press.  Obama tries to fill in the gaps, but still lacks believability.  The heat is on with acting IRS Commissioner’s resignation as Budget Director takes over.  Woman in charge during conservative groups and Tea Party targeting is now running IRS Obamacare penalty.  U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder who says there will be justice, but do the American people trust a failing Obama administration?

Vermont is the third state to approve doctor-assisted suicide bill, the fourth state to end legal penalties for doctors who prescribe medication to terminally ill patients who decide they want to end their own lives.

Senate hopes bipartisan support will help the passage of a comprehensive immigration bill for illegal immigrants seeking permanent status and at the same time protecting the American worker and securing U.S. border.

President Obama returns to the Jersey Shore with Governor Chris Christie to see recovery efforts after Sandy.  They walked the boardwalk and talked to residents who were happy to see the governor and president.  Obama also visited Oklahoma City victims after tornadoes damaged homes and businesses.

White House expected to name James Furman as Chairman of  President’s Council of Economic Advisors and former Bush official James B. Comey, a native New Yorker from Yonkers and federal prosecutor as new FBI director replacing Robert Mueller who has headed the agency before 9/11 attacks is due to take over in September.

President Obama rewards U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice as White House Security Advisor even though some Republicans disagree with his selection.  She’s not exactly high on the list ever since Benghazi U.S. embassy got hit by Yemen terrorists.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann tells the nation she will not be running for re-election.  Don’t think anyone feels sorry that “Mrs. Tea Party” is leaving.

President speaks on homeland security, protecting the country,  the economy is improving, shutting Gitmo and our troops coming home from Afghanistan in 2014.  Still Americans fret thinking about the $17+ trillion debt.

Barack Obama meets with Chinese President on cyber-security regarding hackers stealing  designs for U.S. weapons system and 2008 Presidential campaign information.

Senate Finance Committee gives its approval to Michael Froman former law classmate of Pres. Barack Obama and senior White House Economic Advisor for the appointment of U.S. Trade Representative.

Since Sarah Palin can’t make it in politics she’ll have to stick with being a Fox News contributor and analyst.

Actors Bradley Cooper and Glenn Close join President Obama at a White House gathering for a conference on mental health awareness in response to last year’s Connecticut elementary school shooting massacre.

New Labor Department figures show unemployment jumped from 7.5% to 7.6% actually due to only jobs available are part-time and temporary.  While Obama says our economy is doing just fine growing slowly,  people are still suffering in a lousy economy even though the stock market has picked up steam.

Immigration reform bill has some procedural hurdles like more border security, but looks promising for passage by Senators sometime this summer.

Secretary of State John Kerry swearing-in ceremony for Debra Jones as new U.S. Ambassador to Libya.

President Obama supports weapons to Syrian opposition after confirming sarin nerve gas was used by Assad’s military killing 150 civilians in violation of crossing the red line of international community.

Egypt severs diplomatic relations with Syrian government.  Defense Secretary Hagel approved keeping Patriot defense batteries and F-16 warplanes in a move at shoring up support for the kingdom of Jordan and deterring Syria including Al-Qaeda.

On Monday, June 17th President Barack Obama, First Lady and their daughters arrived in Northern Ireland for G8 summit where the most powerful nations gathered with extensive security at a lakeside golf course to discuss trade, tax loopholes, economic growth and world peace.  In July talks begin between European Union and the United States on a new free trade agreement.  In addition, Michelle Obama and daughters will be visiting the Irish Republic then heading to see the sites of Germany which taxpayers are paying for.

President Obama says Taliban needs to denounce Al-Qaeda and commence peace talks with U.S. government.

Hopes are slim for ending Afghan war while President Hamid Karzai suspended security negotiations with U.S. officials.  Taliban militants open their new office in Qatar as a rival embassy celebrating ribbon-cutting ceremony and banner saying “Political Office of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”  Taliban rejects talks with Afghanistan as Britian’s prime minister tours the region.

Will the new Iranian president run a hostile government still supporting terrorist groups and their nuclear program?

On Tuesday, June 25th President Obama will speak at Georgetown University changing his strategy from scandalous topics to the green scene.  He’s laying out his vision for a national plan to reduce carbon pollution and limit greenhouse gas emissions which could affect coal industry.

President Obama nominates a new Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker whose personal worth is $1.5 billion was one of his biggest campaign fund raisers.  Senators overwhelming voted for her to head the Department of Commerce.

On June 25th President Obama congratulates Prop 8 restored for same-sex couples in California.  Now same-sex couples can tie the knot for one day it will be officially nationwide.  Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy rejects bid to halt same-sex marriage licenses as gay couples rally.

On June 25th Supreme Court delivered its ruling on Section 4 of Voting Rights Act written to protect minorities striking down by a vote of 5-4 as unconstitutional.

At a White House ceremony President Obama nominates James Comey, Jr. to serve as next FBI Director when Director Robert S. Mueller leaves in September.

On Wednesday, June 26th President Obama, First Lady and family will make an official visit to the African nation.  Will this include a Safari with taxpayers money?  Obama will not see former South African President 94-year-old Nelson Mandela who is still hospitalized in critical condition, but plans to meet with members of his family.  President and First Lady take a tour of where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island for 18 years.  Next stop for the Obamas and family is Tanzania where they will meet up with former President George Walker Bush and his wife Laura.

The Senate unanimously confirmed on Thursday, June 27th 42-year-old Anthony Foxx Charlotte, South Carolina mayor replacing Ray LaHood former Secretary of Transportation.

Former House Speaker talkative Newt Gingrich will be joining revival of CNN’s “Crossfire” coming this fall as a co-host with other righties and lefties.

On Thursday, June 27th the Senate passed a long-awaited immigration reform bill 68-32 which is still an uphill battle in the Republican-controlled house fighting for more border security.  President Obama wants immigration bill passed before August for millions of immigrants who want citizenship.

On Friday, June 28th federal regulators sue former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine over MF Global fiasco dipping into customers’ funds during a financial crisis in 2011.

Secretary of State John Kerry is closer to bringing Palestinian and Israeli leaders together for talks on Mideast peace.

Thousands of Egyptians rally in streets of Cairo to ouster President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government.

On Sunday, June 30th the small country of Croatia after some 20 years of winning independence marks a turning point in history celebrating its membership into the European Union.

On July 2nd an employer mandate delays disaster Obamacare according to administration and Treasury Department until 2015 as business owners loom over the fact of uncertainty to meet a January 2014 timeline with more than 50 employees facing an individual $3,000 tax penalty.

On Wednesday, July 3rd with U.S. Independence Day, military oust the first democratic president in Egyptian history Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government.  There are fireworks everywhere in Tahir Square with millions of Egyptian people cheering for democracy and freedom!  The Obama administration has not given their opinion on Egyptian situation with military overthrowing Morsi.  American taxpayers provide $1.6 billion to Egyptian military and $250 in economic funds which U.S. could stop aid to the new government.  Egypt issues travel ban for Morsi Muslim Brotherhood leader and his deputy relating to prison escape with more than 30 other Muslim Brotherhood during the 2011 uprising against former President Hosni Mubarak.  Morsi supporters protest his house arrest together with deputy as security officers rounded up a dozen top Muslim Brotherhood leaders.  President Obama expressed deep concern over military removal of Morsi and called for a quick resolution to leadership and review of U.S. law regarding vital aid to Mideast ally.  The Supreme Justice of Egypt’s Constitutional Court Adly Mansour was sworn in as nation’s interim president at an official ceremony.

While streets of bloody Cairo show 50 people killed and hundreds injured clashing with protesters and supporters of Morsi, White House press secretary Jay Carney says Obama administration will still continue giving aid to Egyptian military as army’s actions appear to have popular support of country.

Secretary of State John Kerry goes yachting while Egypt is burning!

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain’s surprise “4th of July” visit to Afghanistan.

On Saturday, July 5th former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appeared briefly in a courtroom as part of his retrial on charges he was connected to the deaths of more than 800 protesters.

On July 12th an announcement that Janet Napolitano U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and former Governor of Arizona is leaving for new position as President of University of California headed by a woman for the first time in its 145-year history.

On July 23rd Congress mulls over a series of first-time sanctions from mining to construction against Iran putting pressure on newly-elect President Hasan Rouhani who says he’s serious about halting some elements of Tehran’s uranium enrichment program.  Rouhani says former Iranian president mismanaged Iran’s economy.  New president praises Assad regime.

On July 24th JFK’s daughter Caroline Kennedy a strong supporter for Obama’s “2008″ election named Ambassador to Japan.

On July 26th House Ethics Committee is extending an investigation into Rep. Michele Bachmann leader of the Tea Party when she was running as a presidential candidate.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry negotiates peace talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders who will be meeting with President Obama on Monday, July 29th in Washington.  Israel agrees to release Palestinian prisoners.  Netanyhu says settlement construction will continue.

On August 1st former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice now White House Security Adviser opens the door for Senate confirmation of Samantha Power new U.N. Ambassador.

House Republicans preparing legislation to cut $4 billion for food stamp recipients annually and bill to repeal Obamacare.

GOP want to block IRS from implementing unfair Obamacare.

On Friday, August 2nd Secretary of State John Kerry will immediately begin issuing same-sex couple’s immigrant visa applications given the same consideration as heterosexual couples.  This is a society for equality!

Saturday, August 3rd 19 U.S. embassies will be closed for the week in Middle Eastern and African countries due to terrorist threats.  Travel warning goes out to Americans to take extra measures versus pleasure.  18 of the 19 embassies will be opening on Sunday.

President Barack “the charmer” Obama spending his August 4th birthday at Camp David, Maryland.  With age the Prez is turning gray, but folks love him anyway.  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says Benghazi and IRS are not scandals.  So why is this President such a hot item?

On Saturday, August 10th Obama and family take-off on a 9-day Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts island summer vacation.  The boss deserve time off!

Former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarek is freed on house arrest to military hospital.

On Saturday, August 24th march on Washington, D.C. celebrating “50th” anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “I have a dream.”

U.S. soldier Sgt. Robert Bales who killed 12 Afghan villagers was sentenced to life in prison with no parole.  Ft. Hood shooter convicted of 16 counts of murder gets the death penalty.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is hired by CNN’s “Cross Fire.”

U.S. Defense Department waiting presidential approval on Syrian chemical weapons.  U.N. inspectors return from Syria to analyze chemical residue after the killing of almost 1,500 people including 400 children.

President Obama on the verge of military action against Syrian regime awaits approval of congressional lawmakers returning for September 9th session.

The iron hand of Iran promises swift action against Israel if there is any missile attack on Syria by the U.S.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds hearings on Capitol Hill with Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and General Martin Dempsey making their case against Assad regime use of chemical weapons on the Syrian people.  Senators vote overwhelmingly in favor of using missiles with no boots on the ground.  It still has to pass in the House.

On September 4th President Obama takes off to Russia where he will meet with President Putin and other world leaders for an economic G20 summit and discussion on Syrian action.

President Obama meets with Russian Prime Minister who says Syrian regime will destroy chemical weapons in a timely fashion. Should Obama bet on Russian roulette?  Secretary of State John Kerry says if Syria crosses the U.S. we will use force.

USIS contract firm who hired Washington Navy Yard shooter now deceased Aaron Alexis and NSA leaker Edward Snowden is under investigation.

On September 20th the House passes short-term spending bill avoiding a government shutdown and defunds Obama’s poor healthcare law.  Food stamps will also be cut for millions of Americans depending on this freebie.

On Sunday, September 22nd President Obama and Michelle will be attending Washington, D.C. Navy Yard memorial services and visit with families of the victims.

Whether it’s the economy, tackling climate change, terrorism, closing Gitmo, relentless 11-year war in Afghanistan with over 2,000 American troops killed and post-war Iraq, most of us tend to look back over the years of death and tears.  Iran’s nuclear program is still Israel’s and our biggest fear.  Now America has to contend with North Korea.  Are Democrats and GOP candidates making their policies clear?

It’s important to listen to each candidate’s mission for we all have to go to the polls on November 6th and make the right decision.  Who will get the job done?  Soldiers came back from Iraq while McCain says the Afghan war can be won.  Iraqi civilians are still being killed.  Our soldiers have been fighting and dying in these foreign countries.  We also have to worry about the iron hand of Iran and their nuclear threat to American soil and the rest of the world.  Al-Qaeda plans worldwide suicide attacks during the Christmas holiday.  Watch out you sneaky rats the United States, Britain and Europe will strike back.  Now we have to worry about the North Korea regime preparing fiercely to target rockets at their neighbor South Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii and the United States of America.

On the home front Americans are wondering what’s going to happen with our Social Security system and health care?  Who’s looking after their welfare?  Will the Social Security age be raised?  Are we heading toward the prison of socialism with all these government programs?  Do politicians really give a damn?  Let’s make room for the next generation of baby boomers.

People still search for work and perks.  Due to outsourcing most manufacturing jobs have disappeared over the years.  Bailouts and stimulus money did absolutely nothing to move the economy.  It’s no surprise our deficit is on the rise.  American workers and corporations seek tax relief.  What’s your beef?

More women are elected to Democratic Senate as Republicans keep majority of the House of Representatives.  John Boehner renominated as House Speaker while Nancy Pelosi once the gavel lady calls for unity.

Remember!  An election is more than a personality contest.  The person you select must do his or her best.  The rest is up to you.  Choose the better candidate to keep this country great.

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