I've taken the pen name of Francke and then added the Yankee. Eventually I became Francke the Lyrical Yankee. My father named me Frances, my middle name, after his Uncle Frank. The only thing I know about Frank is that he lived in Pennsylvania and there he had a farm. Why I note my Uncle is a letter I found in which Frank wrote to my parents that he could not come to their "Wading," meaning "Wedding." It took me time to decipher his writing and cherish the letter to this day. As a poet who enjoys writing lyrical verse, I take great pride in my Uncle Frank for his English expressions. Wish I could have known him before he passed away.

My Dad and mother's brother were in the photography business with a store, Liberty Camera Shoppe on 80 Vesey Street (previously located on Liberty Street) in New York City before the World Trade Center was built. Most of the children were first cousins who worked in the camera shop during the summer months spending long hours from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. My Dad always loved to tell jokes, little ditty rhymes, and wrote love notes to my Mom. When I graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School in The Bronx, he wrote this note in my yearbook, "You cannot get the roses without the thorns, therefore do not expect life to be a pathway of sunshine and roses." My Dad's words are now a part of my poem, "Everyday Life."

I'm also known under the pen name of (referred to as a nom de plume, pseudonym - a fictitious name) The Jester from Westchester for my lyrical satire. There is quite a bit of witty humor in my writing.  Rap seems to be my writing style. Look for "Rap in the Sack" a sexy bedtime rhyme.

Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in The Bronx. During my teen years my parents moved to the Pelham Parkway section of The Bronx. When I got married my husband and I lived in Flushing, Queens, NY and then bought a home in Smithtown, Long Island. I divorced my husband due to domestic abuse and moved down south to West Palm Beach, FL to begin a new life. This is where my parents had retired. I have one daughter, Jackie who lives in Connecticut. She attended Westchester Community College for Phlebotomy and is now studying to be an Emergency Medical Technician.

I am a graduate of Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida (a private university) with a Bachelor of Business Administration and International Studies Degree. Dean's List Award 1996 for outstanding academic achievement. Attended Palm Beach Community College, Palm Beach Gardens, FL and Western Connecticut University (Westconn), Danbury, CT. Took evening courses at Hunter College in NYC for Business Law and Economics. I also attended the Stenotype Institute in NYC and Court Reporting Careers in Florida. I was employed as a Court Reporter in NYC, then for a Judge of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Court, and a Legal Assistant for the Office of the Public Defender in West Palm Beach, FL.

In the summer of 2000, I decided to move back to my hometown of New York never knowing what I was going to do with my life. Had no idea of becoming a writer or poet, especially rhyming. Then I got sick with Kidney Cancer, but with my perseverance I survived. The Iraq war started and my friends emailed me all sorts of jingles. I responded and that ís how I began to write and rhyme.  Eventually I widened my horizons and rhymed the Enron Trial, Martha Stewart's jail time, Arthur Anderson and other high-profile corporations involved in fraud.  The piece is titled "Corporate Malfeasance."

Soon thereafter I rhymed "The Relentless Apprentice Show starring Donald Trump, Ask the Trump Man." Then I set out to rhyme the "Natalee Holloway, Missing in Aruba" case, a variety of top celebrities and rap artists in the news.

There's a tribute to Christopher Reeve, our Superman hero. Superman will never die. He will always fly through the sky with his cape waving high. Is it a bird we heard or was it a plane flying over the rugged terrain? No, it's superman and everyone is a fan.

Read Miz Paris Hilton's Story, a satirical rhyme n sexy tyme with zany episodes from "The Simple Life" show with Paris and Nicole.  "Teacher's Sex Pet" and the "Runaway Bride" who had no pride.

The Kings of Bling-Bling.  Rapping the rappers n rhyme tyme.  Rap n Hip-Hop will never stop.  These are the superstars of the hip hop world.

There are more poems on tributes to our brave astronauts, war heroes, My Marine, Moments of Peace (start of Iraq war - the "shock and awe") and Baghdad Bob.  This is America, the USA, Republicans vs. Democrats.  A wide selection on just about anything in rhyme that you're looking for.  Free "sample rhymes" for everybody.

The famous "Relentless Apprentice TV Show starring Donald Trump, Ask the Trump Man." It's all in rhyme, a satirical amusing piece.  Find out if Mr. Trump gets stumped.

Some of my writing is devoted to people's lives on how to survive domestic abuse, violence, poverty, jealousy, family feuds with moods, suicide and alcoholism.  Love poems and teenage break up, he loves me, he loves me not, talk is cheap, who can you trust, born yesterday, who I am and what I am, sticks and stones, black is black and white is white.  There's also a rhyme on how to stop smoking, "Need a Cig Kid?"

Another piece of poetry in rhyme is on the Katrina Hurricane, titled, "Katrina, Katrina," a step-by-step reenactment of what happened during the storm.  If you purchase this piece the net proceeds will be donated to "Brad Pitt's Make it Right Foundation New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward" to help put families, victims of the hurricane back into their homes and so much more for what they have endured.

If you purchase the "Sexual Offenders" rhyming poem, net proceeds will be donated to the Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation (Missing and Exploited Children/Helping Children in Crisis). This is the little girl down in Florida that was murdered and raped by John Couey who got the death penalty.

You can purchase another one of my pieces, "Sex Crime in Rhyme" (In the City - For the Record).  This is about a young girl who was murdered and raped after her boyfriend took her out on a date.  Find out who murdered Linda Drake in thrilling episodes.

Purchase "God's Forbidden Fruit," (Sex and for All) in rhyme on the biblical story of Adam and Eve and how these two lovers conceived in the Garden of Eden including some facts on the sex act -- Sexual pleasure can never be measured.  The ending to this piece is a sexy treat!

If you're a band or solo musician, I write lyrics for music -- have an entire collection.

My passion is writing and rhyming on anything or anyone.  It's a lot of fun. The mind is a terrible thing to waste in haste.  Love what I do for the whole world to view.



The four tracks are in rhyme, created and narrated by me with music and sound effects recorded at Leslie Bloome of DTG Productions Studio, Cortlandt, N.Y.

My first track is "Bright City Lights." Hope you enjoy this piece on Times Square.  If you've never been there it will be even more exciting.

The next piece "Waitin" in Grand Central Station" is a trip through Grand Central about a girl and guy relationship.

"New York Bound" takes you for a walk down the streets of New York.

"A City that Never Sleeps will always Weep" is a tribute to the thousands of victims and heroes of September 11th, an unforgettable, unimaginable tragedy in U.S. history.  It's a new day in the Big Apple. People rise and yawn at the break of dawn.  Mobs of workers scurry to their jobs into office buildings through glass doors, then squeezing into elevators taking them to different floors.  This is an uplifting piece of a city that will never go down in defeat.

I have been a guest poet at Barnes & Noble in Cortlandt Town Center Mall Mohegan Lake, NY.  Auditioned at Broadcast Music (BMI) the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem and the Soul Cafe' on 42nd Street, NYC.

Mr. Brian J. Howard Entertainment Editor of the Westchester County Journal News interviewed me for my piece on "A City that Never Sleeps" (Tribute to 9/11 Victims and Heroes)

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